3 Young QBs To Target In Redraft

Young QBs to target in redraft

By Jesse Moeller (Twitter: JMoeller05)

As we head into the beginning of bye weeks, roster construction becomes that much more crucial for teams to navigate their way to the playoffs. Therefore, I am pinpointing three different first or second-year quarterbacks who help put your team over the top as it pushes for the playoffs. This article is for teams in need of an upgrade at the quarterback position. Those of you who have a struggling quarterback or are streaming the quarterback position weekly and yet have to find success.

Those of you who have a Patrick Mahomes, Josh Allen, Lamar Jackson, Justin Herbert type at the position, congrats! You chose to prioritize the position and are reaping the benefits of having an advantage over your league mates. I plan to highlight an argument that managers used against drafting each player this offseason and let you determine for yourself if those arguments were valid or made in bad faith.

Jalen Hurts QB7

Fantasy Cheat Code

Jalen Hurts the number one quarterback to acquire in redraft. An elite fantasy asset undervalued by the redraft community. It is time to get in before the rest of fantasy football views Hurts in that light. I do not know what else this player needs to do before we realize we have a bona fide fantasy star on our hands. If the tweet above did not seal the deal, well, then hopefully, I can add some context for you to be a Hurts believer.

Is He Inaccurate?

We saw this argument used countlessly against Hurts in the offseason.
The context behind this is Hurts only played four games last year. The situation was terrible for both Wentz and Hurts the previous year, as injuries decimated the offense. As a result, the players found themselves in a no-win dilemma. Remember Travis Fulgham? He was the top fantasy wide receiver from week 4-8 last season. Unfortunately, he was released by the Eagles this week. When the situation around you is as bad as it was for the offense last year, you end up playing hero ball and open yourself to more potential mistakes. Watching this last year was evident for Hurts.

However, back to the original tweet, did you know Kyler Murray currently has a completion percentage of 75.1% this year? The NFL record is 74.4% held by Drew Brees, so does that mean Kyler is the most accurate Q.B. in the league’s history? No, it certainly does not, as he is likely to regress as the season goes along. Rookie quarterbacks need time to develop, and Hurts was not allowed that time to progress last season. Though given the offseason to produce behind a healthy line and upgraded skill talent, Hurts has looked every part of the problem at Oklahoma and Alabama.

Pay the price to acquire Hurts before the cost becomes too steep, and he becomes unattainable.

Trevor Lawerence QB24

Rushing Upside

The Golden boy fantasy players have dreamed about for years has finally arrived and is starting to deliver on that progress for the Jaguars and your fantasy teams. While his price in dynasty is through the roof, in redraft, he is attainable. While his roster percentage has finally surpassed 50% on yahoo, the cost to acquire him will likely cost you a flex player in 1QB. Check out the teams with Lawerence rostered, and make them an offer of a RB/WR who improves their weakness. You will not miss that player in your lineup. Getting TLaw now locks in potential QB1 fantasy production at a position where elite play is a huge advantage.

Urban Freakin Meyer

Astounding how the tone around Lawrence has changed in 5 weeks of his rookie season. While more an NFL problem than a fantasy problem, as the Jaguars will win very few games this year. Darrell Bevell is a respected play-caller who succeeded with Brett Favre, Russell Wilson, and Matthew Stafford during his NFL tenure. He will put this young quarterback in a position to grow and develop moving forward. No matter the circus that currently surrounds Urban Meyer.

The Jaguars, even with season-ending injuries to D.J. Chark and Travis Etienne, have a core of talented skill players that will allow Lawrence to succeed. Despite the game scripts they face moving forward due to the subpar defense, Lawrence will use his least talked about fantasy ability managers all crave. The Konami Code that Lawrence presents is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Did you know he ran a faster 40-yard dash than Trey Lance and has outrushed Justin Fields 21 to 9 the last three games?

To sum it all up, you are getting an elite quarterback prospect who gives you rushing upside and will be in-game scripts ripe for passing this year? Sign me up all day at a discounted price.

Trey Lance QB31

Konami Code King

Trey Lance does things on a football field that make your jaw drop. The player oozes talent and has already shown how good he can be. He is third on my list because of a knee sprain that may keep him out a few weeks. If the 49ers clear Lance to start, I am all systems go in trying to get this player on your roster. The main reason is what you expect it to be, that Konami code. Among the first or second-year quarterbacks, only Jalen Hurts presents a similar upside. Since taking over for Jimmy G at halftime of the Seahawks game, Lance has rushed the ball 23 times. That is Lamar Jackson’s territory of rushing. You want that caliber of a quarterback on your roster.

The Path Was Blocked

The biggest issue facing Lance heading into the season was the presence of veteran Jimmy Garappolo on a team expected to compete for the playoffs. The thinking being that if Garoppolo performed well that Lance would never get a shot at the starting job in 2021. I disagreed, but I understood the argument as teams with Super Bowl aspirations do not want a rookie quarterback to crater the offense. Given that San Fransisco took Lance with the 3rd overall pick, it should have told us that Lance’s time was coming at some point this year. The upside Lance presents far outweighs the floor Garoppolo offers. It would be best if you always played to win, and while an injury to Garoppolo cleared the way for Lance, you cannot go back to the veteran at this point.

As Long as Lance is healthy, acquire him. Then, please sit back and enjoy the fantasy upside he presents to your team.

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