The new starting Saints QB Taysom Hill will really revive the Saints season

Saints QB Taysom Hill is a talented profile

By: Jake Rajala

The New Orleans Saints have desperately needed Rx to Medicate their offense as of late. Since Jameis Winston suffered a season-ending leg injury against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Week 8, the Peyton Manning look-alike in Siemian has been a tale of two tales at the starting QB position. In the 4th quarter of each Saints contest he’s started, Trevor Siemian has looked like Peyton Manning on the field and he’s been a Top 5 signal-caller across the league. The glorious ailment of the scrappy QB from Northwestern has been his performance through 75% of each game’s sequence. Per PFF, Siemian has been graded as the worst starting QB from 1-3 quarters during his starting tenure.

After Sean Payton’s once 5-2 squad got obliterated by the Buffalo Bills in a 31-6 defeat on Thanksgiving night, the aggressive Bill Parcells disciple knew a QB change was needed. The Saints backup QB (?) and swiss army knife Taysom Hill has been standing on the sideline with a clipboard over the past couple of matchups watching his team get embarrassed in must-win games. Well, Hill may have been on the sideline hearing his crowd chant his name after his offense could get nothing starting on offense. Yet, Hill wasn’t getting involved and more so looking like a mysterious, potential, savior because he was battling a nagging (yet, utterly painful) plantar fascia injury.


The injury timeclock on the QB that has been compared to Steve Young has seen his health improve greatly. Hill went on to say Monday afternoon that he could play if the game were taking place that night. In fact, Hill’s status has impressed Payton so much that the Saints offensive whiz stated that Hill would be the Saints starting QB against the Dallas Cowboys on Thursday Night Football! Atlas, the tides are turning, and the Saints offense might just get a massive boost — then the Superdome inhibiting Who Dat nation can get back to one giant party for four hours. Well, Will Taysom Hill actually be a significant upgrade over Trevor Siemian, and can Hill lead the Saints back to the promised land of playoff royalty? I truly believe that Hill is a dynamic playmaker and Hill can bring hope to Saints nation.

After all, Saints fans are built on hope…

Taysom Hill was a profile that went toe to toe with Jameis Winston during training camp and preseason, but Winston (combined with Marquez Callaway) was largely impressive against the Jacksonville Jaguars in Week 2 of the pre-season. Hill is truly close to the same caliber of QB as Jameis Winston — if not better, when he puts it all together. Hill’s talent was evident in his first three games as a starting QB in 2020. In Hill’s first career start, the dual-threat QB recorded 284 total yards and two touchdowns. One of Hill’s touchdowns came on a rushing touchdown where none of his WRs managed to get open and the play broke down. Yet, leave it to Hill to make magic with his legs — where Hill broke the pocket, bolted to the corner of the endzone, and jumped in for the unplanned score.

Hill’s ability to run the ball via his 4.4 40 yard dash time truly creates an extra threat against NFL defenses. In the absence of Alvin Kamara, Hill’s ability to pick up extra yards with his legs will prove vital for the Saints offense. The Saints might have an offensive creative genius in Sean Payton as head coach. Although, Payton isn’t at his best when his offense is dropping four passing touchdowns on opposing defenses. Rather, Payton pulls out all of his tricks when his team is running the ball, winning the time of possession, and having his well-rested, scary defense beat down opposing offenses.

The new Saints starting QB will absolutely be efficient with his legs, keep his offense from an infinite “amount of third and long situations”, and he will be able to get the ball in his playmakers hands on screens and play-action passes. Expect Hill, the very underrated Deonte Harris, and returning Saints legend Mark Ingram to impose their will on defenses down the stretch. The team that spanked Tom Brady and the 8-3 Buccaneers on Halloween may not be that far away.

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