Odell Beckham Jr. will come to New Orleans when the time is ready

Odell Beckham Jr. should return home

By: Jake Rajala

Odell Beckham Jr. hasn’t quite found his true home in the National Football League. OBJ reached the Pro Bowl in each of his first three seasons, but he’s actually failed to return to the Pro Bowl since he found the door in his early New York Giants tenure. The polarizing 29-year-old may not have the same All-Star capability or intrigue that he once had, but he’s still a Top 8 WR that will be looking for a new home in free agency this offseason. 

It’s not clear if the Rams bold head coach Sean McVay will work out a contract for the savvy wideout to return, but it’s certainly a comfortable fit and potential option for OBJ in 2022. Although, I do believe that the Rams plan was to rent the former Browns playmaker, and it won’t be the best route for both sides when the free agency period kicks off. In particular, the Rams have many young studs who will need to be handed a golden ark in the next couple of years. With that said, I truly believe that the most appropriate road for OBJ to take is one that he’s been on before. 

From my perspective, I believe that OBJ and New Orleans are a match made in heaven. It also helps that there’s an emotional bonus for OBJ to return to the city where he played in college (LSU). 

There is no secret that OBJ has praised Sean Payton’s WR-friendly system and that he would love to return to the Big Easy at the same time. Matter, in fact, the Rams popular WR was almost a Saint as Sean Payton tried to lure him in when he was cut by the Browns. The Saints were a heavy favorite, but he ultimately chose to take the shiny and safe pick with the LA Rams. 

One of the big reasons why the Saints weren’t deemed attractive enough to ink OBJ was the fact that Jameis Winston was out for the season when OBJ was a free agent. It might have been smart that OBJ (just like Drew Brees) opted to stay away from the Saints aching offensive attack. Still, it’s a straight-up fact that the Saints will look to resign Winston or make a move for the likes of Russell Wilson come this offseason. 

Sean Payton has been aggressive with OBJ numerous times (first at the draft) and he’s made an effort to sign big-name free agents in the past like Josh Norman, Jadeveon Clowney, and Jarius Byrd (sigh). Payton knows that OBJ will likely be the best short-term fit at their badly needed WR position. Michael Thomas’s future also seems as uncertain as it ever has been, as he’s had injury issues and off-the-field problems. If Thomas isn’t in the building, It would seem almost obvious that the Saints would heavily target OBJ on a short-term deal and not overpay for a long-term contract with the likes of Michael Gallup.

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