Top 3 free agent destinations for Cowboys Michael Gallup

Will Michael Gallup stay in Dallas?

The Dallas Cowboys offense has elite firepower across the board. Dak Prescott, Ezekiel Elliot, Amari Cooper, Ceedee Lamb, and Michael Gallup are all featured on Kellen Moore’s high-flying orchestrated attack.  

There’s no secret that each profile commands a lot of resources to be happy with their situation. Prescott and each weapon are talented and in the prime of their career, so it will be very hard for Jerry Jones to afford to keep each prospect long term. With that stated, it appears that wide receiver Michael Gallup will be the odd man out. Gallup will be a free agent in the offseason and all signs point to the WR taking his talents out of Dallas. 

So, where could Gallup land in 2022? Let’s take a look. 

  • New England Patriots 

The free-agent whisperer Bill Belichick could swoop in and sign the 25-year-old WR. Mac Jones has taken the league by storm and truly put on a clinic at the rookie QB spot. Jones has tossed 3,313 yards, 18 passing touchdowns, and he’s captured a 94.6 passer rating. The 9-6 Patriots are so close to taking the next step. If the emperor Belichick can sign a young and very talented wideout, Jones could be looking to put up monster points with Gallup, Henry, and Kendrick Bourne for years to come. 

  • Dallas Cowboys

Jerry Jones knows that he has a QB with hall of fame potential and a RB on the decline of his career. I’m not saying that Elliot will be ditched to open up cap space for Gallup, but the Cowboys identity lies with their passing attack. When Gallup is healthy, he is a big reason why Dak puts up league-leading numbers and helps the offense keep pace with any team in the league. The Cowboys could very likely toy with Zeke’s contract and Tyron Smith’s deal to help the “young and ascending WR” stay on the roster. 

Jones will want Dak to be a QB worthy of MVP consideration year in and year out and Gallup is a big reason why Dak can conquer that step. 

  • Green Bay Packers

The Aaron Rodgers-led team makes a lot of sense for Michael Gallup. Whether or not Davante Adams stays in Titletown long-term, Gallup would be a great asset to the Packers new direction. Gallup would be a tremendous number two WR for A-Rod across from Adams. If Adams hits the road, the Pack could have their franchise WR1 in the Cowboys stud. All in all, I believe that Rodgers will be around for another “last dance”, but he will be coming with more firepower the next time around. We witnessed Brady gifted with a dream team offense. It’s a strong possibility that Rodgers and his reunited GM load up for another Super Bowl run in 2022 (regardless of this season’s outcome).

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