What do the Jacksonville Jaguars do with Trevor Lawrence and how can they help him?

Trevor Lawrence had a puzzling season

By: Tim Rodriguez

As recently as April, everything looked so promising for the Jacksonville Jaguars. They had a new coach, a boatload of draft picks, and Trevor Lawrence, the greatest quarterback prospect since Andrew Luck. Just 8 months later, everything appears to be in shambles. Urban Meyer was let go after numerous scandals and a 2-11 record through 13 games. Relative to expectations, Lawrence has struggled mightily thus far, with just one touchdown pass since Halloween. Through constant dysfunction, lack of offensive talent, and a rookie wall, Lawrence has not been able to lift up this franchise in disarray. Many have used this as an indictment against the young signal caller and called for questioning of his “once in a generation” draft billing. To me, that is misguided. Trevor Lawrence will be a great quarterback in due time. That is something that is so certain not even the Jaguars can stop it.

One and done?

There have been discussions about Lawrence’s rookie season being rough enough to justify moving on from him after just one year. Let’s get this out of the way quickly. There’s no corner of the universe (or multiverse) where getting rid of Trevor Lawrence after one season should be considered an option. It’s just not a realistic or viable option. He’s the number one overall pick, he carries a massive cap hit, and has as much potential as anyone we have ever seen at the position. Let’s put this dream to be while it’s still early.

A new man in charge

With the disastrous Urban Meyer era in the past, the Jacksonville Jaguars will now look for their third coach in as many seasons. Who should that be? This franchise is in such a sensitive spot right now that it may be the most important decision they have made in their entire history. It’s easy to just pick the best young coordinator, but this is a situation that feels like it needs stability and experience. Nathaniel Hackett (Green Bay Packers offensive coordinator) and Kellen Moore (Dallas Cowboys offensive coordinator) have been rumored for the job, but former Philadelphia Eagles head coach feels like the absolute best option for the job. He brings experience and multiple winning seasons, along with a super bowl to Duval.


This roster has less talent than even I would be comfortable with. The offensive line is an absolute disaster and the wide receiver room has been unable to catch the ball since training camp. They might finish with the number one overall pick, leaving them with the opportunity to add a high impact player, most likely on defense. There is also the option of adding an elite offensive lineman.

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