Matt Corral to the Falcons? 3 best destinations

Is Matt Corral the replacement to Matt Ryan?

By: Jake Rajala

The NFL draft will welcome a gifted talent in Ole Miss quarterback Matt Corral in 2022. Corral has been phenomenal for his college squad in the past two years. Here is a brief overview of his collegiate stats:

*according to ESPN

  • 2021: 3,349 passing yards – 20 passing touchdowns, 5 interceptions –- 155.3 passer rating
  • 2020: 3,337 passing yards – 29 passing touchdowns, 14 interceptions — 177.6 passer rating 

Corral has clearly been productive, consistent, and efficient with the football.  Corral can honestly shine in any type of offense. He would be more likely to see himself as a Day 1 starter in a unit that utilizes intermediate passing, has heavy play-action plays and has RPO in its scheme.

With this said, where could we see Corrall in the NFL? Well, here are a few glorious destinations for the former Ole Miss signal-caller. 

  1. Atlanta Falcons 

I would very much love to see Corral in an Atlanta Falcons uniform next season. Matt Ryan could have the ropes for a season or two longer, while Corrall improves his pro football awareness and skills. The Falcons have a few holes to fill, but they are surely a few years away from being a serious playoff contender. The Falcons can fill holes in at WR and CB in free agency, while they can have their future QB taken in the draft to grow with the stud Kyle Pitts. The connection between Corral and Pitts down the seams would be like poetry.

If the Falcons decide to ditch the hefty paid QB amid an offense without Julio Jones and now Calvin Ridley, it would be wise to get a talented, starting caliber QB in the draft. 

  1. San Francisco 49ers

There is always many surprise draft picks in the NFL draft each year. I would not be surprised if Kyle Shanahan made a bold, unique selection at the QB position in 2022. 

We saw Shanny have RG3 and Kirk Cousins on the same roster earlier in his coaching career. It may be smart for the well-rounded 49ers squad to have a strong QB battle with Corral and Trey Lance. Corral has a very similar skillset to RG3 and Lance, too.

After all, a potentially more talented and NFL-ready Corral (over Lance) could make the 49ers a Super Bowl-caliber team with that insane roster again. They could still deal Lance for quality compensation down the line.

  1. Washington Football Team

The Washington Football Team would be a very exciting fit for the athletic freak of a QB. Corral would have favorable weaponry (Terry McLaurin, Curtis Samuel) and defense (Chase Young, Montez Sweat) on his side in the nation’s capital. 

The WFT may have to trade up to acquire Corral, but it might really be worth it. We’ve seen the difference in competition with the Washington Football Team when Taylor Heinicke is in and out of the huddle. If they can have an upgrade at QB1, the Washington Football team could be a wildcard squad in 2022. 

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