The new Jaguars head coach should be Dennis Allen

Dennis Allen deserves to the Jaguars head coach

By: Jake Rajala

The mythical tech figure Steve Jobs was fired from his start-up tech company Apple in 1985. The mystical icon gained more motivation, wisdom, and self-awareness in the years after his departure. He finally returned as a better version of his old self and earned the keys back to the juggernaut tech company in 1997. This classic rewind could be similar to a football teacher’s journey in the National Football League. 

An NFL coach by the name of Dennis Allen has seen his fair share of ups and downs. Allen, who is the well reputable defensive coordinator for the New Orleans Saints, was once hired by the then Oakland Raiders as the youngest head coach in the league. Unfortunately, Allen suffered a miserable two and a ¼ seasons with the “Black Hole” before meeting the chopping block. After getting yanked from a Raiders squad that had Terrelle Pryor starting at QB in 2013 and the rookie Derek Carr starting four games in 2014, he went back to his roots in the Big Easy (Saints assistant in 06-10) in 2015 as a defensive assistant. He would then be promoted to the defensive coordinator role in 2016 and never look back.

Allen has orchestrated an energetic, diverse, lethal defensive attack for the Saints. His defense has been Top 10 in points allowed three times. In addition to the PPG mark, his defense had the best run-stopping ability in the league (arguably one of the best run defenses ever) from 2018 to 2021. The Saints literally went three years without allowing a 100-yard rusher until Eagles RB Miles Sanders eclipsed the 100-yard mark in 2020. 

The highlights of Allen’s career unquestionably came in 2021 where his unit gave up three points to MVP candidate Aaron Rodgers in Week 1 and 0 points to seven-time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady in Week 15. It’s simple. Allen, who now has grey hair, has notably evolved his football knowledge and taste for winning in 2022. With that said, I confidently believe that he has earned another shot to be a head coach. And I couldn’t think of a better match for Allen, than that of the Jacksonville Jaguars

The potent offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell can continue to nicely grow with Trevor Lawrence on offense. It seems clear that they need a proven tone-setter at the “NFL level”, a winner in big moments, and a defensive guru at the helm. Allen clearly has a no BS approach engineered in him from his time with Sean Payton and even Gregg Williams in New Orleans. At the same time, he’s also created an intense and excitable atmosphere. His defense (particularly secondary) might have the most swagger in the league and they literally created one of the best football vibes with the “group celebration after a big play”. 

Allen can properly build a defense around staple pieces in Josh Allen and Myles Jackson. He could very likely use his connections to the Saints and lure players like Marcus Davenport, Marcus Williams, and Terron Armstead to Florida, as well. Allen would surely build up the defense, just as he did with the once “league-low Saints defense” many years ago. He can create a defense that can slow down RB Derrick Henry and cause chaos against the other three rangy QBs in the division. Allen would also clearly be the best coaching candidate in terms of intensity. There wouldn’t be an abundance of patience or a feeling with newcomers that Jacksonville is a “vacation home”. The answer to the empty Jaguars chair seems clear. Allen should get his second, higher quality, head coaching opportunity and he can then leave his mark on the league with Trevor Lawrence in the AFC South. 

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