Potential Odell Beckham Jr. landing spots in 2022

What is the top Odell Beckham Jr. landing spot?

By: Jake Rajala

The Los Angeles Rams polarizing wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. recorded his first 100-yard receiving game in the NFC Championship since Week 6 of the 2019 season. OBJ has clearly recaptured his magic under Matthew Stafford in the 2022 playoffs. It’s clear that the Rams elite wideout will be preparing for a Super Bowl showdown against the Cincinnati Bengals. Beckham Jr. truly has the golden opportunity to add a Super Bowl ring to his already top-tier resume.

Here is a look at how much Beckham Jr. has accomplished in his career thus far:

  • five 1,000+ yard seasons
  • 7,367 career receieving yards
  • 56 career receving touchdowns
  • Three time Pro Bowl selection
  • Recorded one of the best catches of all time in 2014
  • Offensive Rookie of The Year in 2014

Nonetheless, It’s unclear what will be OBJ’s fate in Sean McVay’s dream team after Super Bowl LVI eclipses. Odell is a gifted, 29-year-old WR that will be a free agent this offseason. It’s obvious that OBJ and the Rams are a high-quality match and they could have a fine opportunity to chase more Super Bowl rings if they remain together for years ahead.

The Rams may love to have OBJ catching passes from Stafford across from Cooper Kupp, but they know that they need to be extra wise with their cap space. The Rams General Manager Les Snead knows he has many superstars that need to be granted lucrative contracts. OBJ may also be tempted to head elsewhere in free agency, as it appears very likely that another NFL team will break the bank for the Rams WR. So, what exactly is the best landing spot for OBJ, and what are the potential landing spots for the talented profile? Well, I’m going to go under the microscope and untwine the potential landing spots for OBJ.

Los Angeles Rams

The Rams and OBJ could look to get the band back together and make a push for another Super Bowl appearance next season. Matter, in fact, OBJ has stated that he would take a contract below his value to remain a Los Angeles Ram. OBJ has expressed how it feels like home in LA. The former Browns wideout has been demolishing defenses as a Ram. He recorded 0 touchdowns with the Browns but knocked out five touchdowns with Sean McVay in California.

The combination of Cooper Kupp and OBJ for a full season in 2022 could cement Matthew Stafford as an MVP favorite and the Rams as the number one seed. I would expect the Rams to want OBJ back, but they could prioritize Von Miller over Beckham Jr. If the Rams feel very comfortable with Robert Woods returning and elect to target to target other free agents outside of the WR position, they could choose not to show OBJ the money. It doesn’t help McVay that the Rams are 28th in cap space.

Green Bay Packers

I fully expect Aaron Rodgers to roll into John Wick mode in 2022. Rodgers did say “there was a variety of realities he would consider” on the Pat MacAfee show, but I expect “A-Rod and Davante Adams” to remain intact with the Packers for another season. It should seem clear that the Packers have the upper leg to retain Rodgers, as he’s in a Packer uniform at the moment.

It would be wise for the Packers to finally add more firepower for Rodgers and Adams. The Pack could find their ace in the hole in Odell Beckham Jr. If the 2020 and 2021 MVP favorite Rodgers has Beckham and Tae, Rodgers might be able to pull off an astronomical season that surpasses the performance that Mahomes yielded in 2018 and Peyton Manning displayed in 2013.

If Beckham doesn’t return to the LA Rams, I fully expect him to be interested in joining A-Rod and Tae.

New Orleans Saints

The New Orleans Saints have been trying to bring Beckham Jr. home for quite a while now. Beckham Jr. was born in Baton Rouge, Lousiana and he of course played at Lousiana State University. There ought to be a strong emotional factor for OBJ wanting to play for the Saints given his roots reside in the Big Easy.

The Saints may not have Sean Payton, but they still have an offense featuring Alvin Kamara, 2019 Offensive Player of The Year Michael Thomas, an elite offensive line, and likely Jameis Winston or an elite veteran signal-caller like Russell Wilson. If the Saints absolutely re-sign Winston, OBJ has to be impressed by the situation and fit with New Orleans. If Beckham went to New Orleans to play alongside a healthy MT, Kamara, and Winston, the Saints would have a serious chance to pose a Top 5 offense on a team that featured the fourth-best scoring defense in 2021.

Cameron Jordan recently expressed his interest in wanting Aaron Rodgers to join the Saints. The Saints veterans may not be able to lure A-Rod to New Orleans, but they have the type of culture that would potentially open resources and welcome OBJ back home with open arms. It’s no secret that the Saints are ranked dead last in cap space, but if they have a shiny QB in the Big Easy, Beckham could take less money to come back to his roots.

Baltimore Ravens

The Baltimore Ravens need to help their dual-threat, greek god-like QB, who was once the youngest player to win an MVP award. Lamar Jackson, who is now 25 years old, desperately needs more help at the WR position. “Hollywood” Brown is talented, but he’s not a top-shelf WR that an elite QB deserves. Rashod Bateman was a step in the right direction, but he’s not quite a Justin Jefferson-like WR yet.

The addition of former Clemson stud Sammy Watkins brought little energy to Jon Harbaugh’s squad. Watkins actually had a career-low 394 receiving yards in his first season as a Raven. Mark Andrews is an elite tight end, but he needs a gifted WR across him to oust splash plays on defenses. Andrews led the team in receiving yards in 2021 with 1,361 yards.

The fourth place AFC North squad needs more cream of the crop juice at the WR position. Jackson threw for a lousy 16 passing touchdowns in 2021. If Aaron Rodgers lodges in Hawaii for the help he’s given, Jackson should contemplate backpacking Europe for the profiles he’s currently being accompanied with.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are not pulling the plug on their whole operation just yet. The seven-time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady retired, but Arians still wants to push for gold in 2022. Expect the 69-year-old head coach to lobby for another talented QB to replace TB12 and help the Bucs contend for a Super Bowl immediately. The Bucs may need to retool their weaponry in 2022, as Chris Godwin and Rob Gronkowski are free agents.

OBJ could be fascinated by the idea of playing alongside Mike Evans, Ronald Jones, potentially Chris Godwin, and a super defense led by Lavonte David and Todd Bowles. Bruce Arians orchestrates a system that is very WR friendly, to say the least. Godwin ousted 1,333 receiving yards in 2019, which was third in the NFL. OBJ could join another Super Bowl contending team in Tampa Bay and put up unearthly numbers for a season or two.

Honorable mentions:

Las Vegas Raiders

The Las Vegas Raiders were placing their hope on the speed veteran WR Desean Jackson to help the Raiders offense. It’s a fact that Derek Carr hasn’t had noticeable studs at the WR spot since the team broke up with Antonio Brown. Hunter Renfrow was a pleasant surprise with 1,038 yards and nine touchdowns, but the Carr needs more gasoline on the perimeter. Josh McDaniels, who was recently brought on as the Raiders head coach, could make a splash deal with OBJ. McDaniels really wanted Beckham as a Pat and he could finally get to bring him into his system as a Raider. The Raiders are 15th in cap space, so they could have an upper leg on some talented teams buried in cap debt.

New England Patriots

The New England Patriots were “close” to inking OBJ in 2022. The need for Beckham still exists in Foxborough, as NE is light at WR. Belichick has signed big-name wideouts before like Randy Moss, Antonio Brown, and Josh Gordan. He should look to hit a home run WR in the 2022 season for his highly coveted QB Mac Jones.

Beckham could be impressed by what he saw out of Mac Jones in the back end of 2021 to join Belichick’s clan. Jones, who made the Pro Bowl in year one, unleashed 3,801 yards and 22 passing touchdowns. The Pats do have roughly $8 million in cap space, so they could certainly afford Beckham (assuming he’s the biggest target).

Buffalo Bills

The Buffalo Bills could target a couple of big-name additions to really push for Super Bowl glory. Emmanual Sanders could also retire in 2022 and Cole Beasley isn’t a quality WR2 at this point in Buffalo. The thought of Stefon Diggs and Odell reeling in passes from Josh Allen has to light up Sean McDermott’s mind. The Bills are 24th in cap space, so it could be hard to reel in OBJ.

The Bills had the number one defense in the NFL, but they were still edged out by Kansas City. Bills Mafia must realize they need to load up on more firepower and come out guns blazing in 2022.

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