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Which Teams Could Trade Up on Day 1 of the 2024 NFL Draft?


The wait is almost over. It’s draft day in the NFL and every team will be gunning to get their guy. Some teams will use trades as their options it’ll be a crazy draft, with that being said let’s take a look at 5 teams that can trade up and get a stud guy.

Minnesota Vikings

I think the vikings will trade up to get J.J. McCarthy. Now where he will end up falling to is unknown but if I had to pick a team to trade with it would be the Arizona Cardinals. Moving up to 4 from 11 would be a hefty price, but one the Vikings need to pay. 

New Orleans Saints

There is no bigger need in the NFL right now than the saints at offensive tackle. It would shock me to see them wait around and stay at 14 when the Jets #10 overall pick could be for sale. Watch for Olu Fashanu to go in the early/middle picks of the first round with New Orleans being his new home.

Carolina Panthers

The Panthers have many needs in critical places, this draft is a deep draft but I could see the panthers wanting to trade into the first round with currently not owning one. Green bay at 25 is an interesting pick, with Green bay needing a wideout and this being a deep draft I could see them moving down. The Panthers own the 33rd pick which is only 8 spots down from Green Bay.

Denver Broncos

Denver is also a popular QB destination but the problem is draft capital/ position. I’d suspect a potential trade down here with #12 being a great value spot in the draft they could have a run on tackles/WR’s and a team get desperate and trade up. Basis of the NFL draft: anything can happen.

Los Angeles Rams

With the rams not owning much draft capital they could easily be a candidate to trade down, but in this instance I see them trading up to grab their left tackle to protect Stafford. Possible candidates could be Troy Fautanu (UW), Amarius Mims (UGA) or Taliese Fuaga (Oregon State)

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