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Projecting the Miami Dolphins record in 2022


What will be the Dolphins record in 2022?

By: Jake Rajala

The Miami Dolphins have had one of the boldest off-seasons and they are primed to be a Super Bowl contender next season. With that said, I’m going to simply untwine the highs, lows, and overall record of the Dolphins in 2022.

Week 1: vs Patriots

I expect the Phins to have success against their foe led by Bill Belichick. The Pats defense lost a couple of prominent pieces, while the Phins added a lot of offensive firepower. I expect the Dolphins to win 28-17.

The Phins also have a bit of magic when they play the Patriots.

Week 2: at the Ravens

I believe the Dolphins are more well-rounded than the Ravens, but Tua could struggle against the Ravens secondary at this point in his career. I believe LJ has a slightly better game than Tua and the Ravens win by a clutch Justin Tucker field goal 27-24.

Week 3: vs the Bills

I expect the Phins to reach the playoffs, but they could have growing pains early in the regular season. In Week 3, I’m expecting Josh Allen and the Bills to beat the Dolphins 35-24.

Week 4: at the Bengals

The Bengals could struggle to block the Dolphins pass rush and I honestly love how the Phins match up to the Bengals secondary. Although, I’m not comfortable believing in the pass defense in Miami to slow down Cincy’s offense. I believe the Bengals win a close contest by a score of 31-28.

Week 5: at the Jets

The Dolphins will certainly bounce back against the Jets with an impressive 27-14 victory.

Week 6: vs the Vikings

I believe the Dolphins third-year QB will have a statement victory against a mediocre Vikings secondary 28-27.

Week 7: vs the Steelers

The Steelers have a hulk (T.J. Watt) and a few excellent toys on offense. I actually believe that Trubisky is underrated, especially in the Steelers offense. On the flip side, the Phins should hurt the Steelers Joe Haden-less CB group. I expect the Phins to win a close AFC matchup by a score of 24-20.

Week 8: at the Lions

The Phins should be able to mop the floor against the Lions pass defense and pick up a victory by a score of 35-17.

Week 9: at the Bears

Mike McDaniel and his squad were gifted two straight, very favorable match-ups by the football gods in Week 8 and Week 9. I believe the Phins pick up steam with a monster 38-17 victory against the Bears.

Week 10: vs the Browns

The Browns are a strong Super Bowl contender with Deshaun Watson after his imminent suspension in my opinion. I believe the Browns slightly edge out a Dolphins team that is a bit younger at the QB position. The Browns will win 35-28 in my opinion.

Week 12: vs the Texans

The Dolphins will unleash a lot of points against the Texans defense and I expect the Texans to have a few splash plays against Miami. Davis Mills could be similar to the sophomore version of the Dolphins QB in 2022. All in all, I believe the Dolphins win 35-14.

Week 13: at the 49ers

“Hello Darkness, my old friend”

McDaniel will need to dig deep on his new side, so he can throw his former master off the top floor. I believe the Phins can feel confident against Trey Lance while the Dolphins toys can definitely exploit the 49ers secondary. I believe the Phins win 28-21.

Week 14: at the Chargers

The LA Chargers have made massive strides this off-season and I feel they are one step ahead of the Dolphins. I believe the explosive Chargers offense with an unearthly passing rushing duo will edge out the Phins 35-28.

Week 15: at the Bills

The Bills are my Super Bowl favorite and they should sweep their divisional opponent in Miami. I expect the Bills to win 35-21.

Week 16: vs the Packers

The Packers quietly have an underrated CB group and I expect Aaron Rodgers with Christian Watson and a healthy Robert Tonayn to have success against the Phins defense. I believe the Packers win 35-28.

Week 17: at the Pats

I know BB will fight hard to not be swept by the Dolphins, but I don’t believe he can be a quality CB against the Dolphins exciting WR group. I believe the Phins win 31-24 in their second battle.

Week 18: vs the Jets

The 2022 Dolphins will finish on a high note against the Jets with a strong 28-14 victory.

Final record: 10-7

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