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3 reasons why Micah Parsons could win DPOY


Parsons could win DPOY in 2022

By: Jake Rajala

The Dallas Cowboys linebacker Micah Parsons unleashed 13 sacks, 30 QB hits, 3 FF, and 84 combined tackles — which led him to win DROY. Parsons’s rookie season garnered him comparisons to the legendary Lawrence Taylor — who was named first-team All-Pro and won DPOY as a rookie. With that said, I’m going to sound the trumpets for three reasons why Parsons can take a step forward and win DPOY next season.

  • Strength of schedule

The Boys should feel very excited about their 31st-ranked strength of schedule next season. Parsons should plan on mopping the floor in each match-up. Aaron Donald really capitalized off pedestrian competition in his last DPOY campaign, so Parsons shouldn’t feel guilty about racking up the stats against weak competition. Parsons should anticipate being able to dominate against the Carson Wentz-led Commanders and young, rebuilding Giants next season.

  • Growth

Parsons gained a year of experience and he should be able to react faster in his sophomore season. The Cowboys LB is also a workaholic, as he worked out with Demarcus Ware this off-season. Per SI, Parsons stated, “It’s going to be more challenging. But I never back down from a challenge”. Perhaps Parsons is actually ready to be an LB that embodies a 99 overall grade on Madden.

  • Aging Aaron Donald

The highest-paid non-QB in NFL history, Aaron Donald, has won DPOY in three of the past five seasons. Donald was an All-Pro player in 2021, but he didn’t win DPOY. In fact, Parsons (5) snagged more votes than the 31-year-old Donald (3 votes) last season. I believe Parsons is trending in the opposite direction as Donald. With that said, it may be a close race between Parsons and T.J. Watt for DPOY honors.

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