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Is Kam Chancellor a future Hall of Famer?

Will Kam Chancellor end up in Canton?

By: Jake Rajala

The former demon-like safety for the Seattle Seahawks, Kam Chancellor, enjoyed a beautiful career with the Seahawks. Bam Bam Kam made four Pro Bowls, two second-team All-Pro nods, and he was undoubtedly one of the biggest NFL hitters in his tenure. It could be said that “only the good die young” when the former Hawks safety retired due to a neck injury in 2017.

With that stated, there is an intriguing, pivotal question surrounding the mythical defender at this time: Is Chancellor a future Hall of Famer?

I wholeheartedly believe the authentic, bad-ass safety will find himself in Canton down the line. Chancellor wasn’t only a common face at the Pro Bowl, but he was a crucial part of one of the best secondaries of all time in the Legion of Boom. The LOB is the main reason why NBC Sports pegged the 2013 Hawks defense as the ninth-most dominant defense of all time. Of course, the 2013 Hawks defense mopped the floor against the Peyton Manning-led Denver Broncos offense in Super Bowl XLVIII.

Chancellor had an interception and a soul-crushing hit in the Broncos show-down. Ultimately, he was a very valuable member of the LOB and he added an extremely impressive Super Bowl ring to his resume (in excellent fashion).

With that said, I still don’t believe he was electric enough to be a first-ballot HOFer. I don’t believe he had enough AP seasons or was blatantly successful over an unusually long period of time to wear a gold jacket in 2023 – which is his first year of eligibility. Eventually, he ought to be one of a few profiles of the LOB that garner a gold jacket. Chancellor was an inspiring, fearless piece of NFL history and it would be an irreplaceable stain if he isn’t cast into football heaven.

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