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7 interesting facts about Cooper Kupp


Cool facts about Cooper Kupp

By: Jake Rajala

The 2021 Offensive Player of The Year was a wide receiver (believe it or not) named Cooper Kupp. The Rams all-out WR rightfully deserved OPOY honors by being the triple-crown winner (145 receptions, 1,947 receiving yards, and 16 TDs). Kupp will look to be an unbreakable monster against the Buffalo Bills tonight. With that said, I’m going to take a unique angle at the magic of the Rams WR1 by untwining 7 interesting facts about Kupp.

  • Voted the fourth-best player in the Top-100 rankings of 2022

Kupp could proudly reflect on being voted the fourth-best player (among all players) in this year’s list of the top 100 players. Kupp stood behind the GOAT Tom Brady, the alien-like defender Aaron Donald, and the two-time reigning Aaron Rodgers.

  • Walter Payton Award

Kupp was blatantly a force (from the dark side) on the field for Eastern Washington – which led him to win the Walter Payton award in his junior season. This award is given to the top FCS offensive players in 2016.

  • Born in Yakima, WA

(sorry, I had to)

Kupp was born in Yakima, Washington on June 15th of 1993. Other notable people that were born in Yakima include King Liang, Kyle MacLachlan, and Isaiah Garza. The town is one of the world’s leading producers of apples. The city has a population of 93,829 people.

  • Family ties in the NFL

As seen elsewhere, Kupp isn’t the LA Ram to have relatives that played in the NFL. The Rams WR1 is the son of Craig Kupp (who was a QB in the NFL) & the grand-son of Jake Kupp (who is an NFL OL). Craig was a fifth-round pick from the Giants in 1950, while Jake was drafted as a TE out of the 1964 draft by the Dallas Cowboys. Although, Jake ascended to be a potent guard for the Saints.

  • Kupp is (rumored to be) an ISFJ personality type

Believe it or not – Kupp is an introvert. His rumored MBTI is ISFJ – which stands for introverted, sensory, feeling, and judgment. ISFJs consist of 14% of the population. Famous ISFJS include Mother Teresa, George H.W. Bush, Rosa Parks, Aretha Franklin, and countless others.

  • MVP of Super Bowl LVI

It’s worth reminiscing about the fact that Kupp wasn’t only an OPOY winner, but he also mopped the floor against the Cincinnati Bengals in Super Bowl LVI and won MVP of the big dance. He recorded 92 yards and most importantly: a pair of touchdowns.

  • Kupp is married to Anna Croskrey

The shiny NFL profile (Kupp) married Anna Croskrey at the age of 22 (while she was 21). It’s clear that they have been committed to one another for quite a long time. They met at a track event when they were both seniors in high school. She is a public relations expert and she also was a youth track coach. The couple has two children together.

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