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History of the Bills vs Rams showdowns

History of the Bills vs Rams games

By: Jake Rajala

It isn’t a secret by One Republic that the Buffalo Bills will battle the Los Angeles Rams tonight. The last time that the Bills sparred with the Bills was in 2020 – which ended with the Bills winning a (very) close battle by a score of 35-32. Allen impressively threw 4 touchdowns, ran for 1 TD, and threw an interception, while the current Detroit Lions signal-caller in Jared Goff unveiled 2 passing TDs to 1 int. The slot machine Cole Beasley dazzled with 100 receiving yards & the slightly less robotic version of Cooper Kupp notched 107 receiving yds and 1 TD.

Let’s not forget that AD was alive and well against BUF two years ago.

In 2016, the Bills also had a glamorous fight and victory by a score of 30-19 against the Rams. It may also seem amusing to hear that each team didn’t exactly possess a tenacious QB. In the contest, the Bills showcased Tyrod Taylor at QB1, while the Rams gave the keys to the starting offense to Case Keenum. Furthermore, the Bills head coach was the aggressive, eccentric Rex Ryan and the Rams HC was Jeff Fisher. Some may have thought that Genesis was being written when these two HCs were last shown in the league.

LeSean McCoy ran for 150 yards against the Rams in 2016.

The Rams defeafted the Bills in 2012, while the Bills had a monster victory against LAR in 2008 and 2004. The Aaron Donald and Sean McVay-less Rams also went to war on eight other occasions prior to the 21st century with the Bills (and winning four of those show-downs). The Rams first-ever match-up against the Bills took place on September 9th of 1970 – which resulted in the Rams winning 19-0.

The Bills lead the series 8-5 against the Rams.

The Bills and Rams are both at extremely impressive points in the history of their franchises. In this age of television with color, the NFC and AFC team carry juggernut QBs and greek-god-like defenders. The ultimate question is: which team will ride off with a pivotal win in the first NFL game of 2022?

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