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What to expect from the Indianapolis Colts offense moving forward


Is the Colts offense okay?

By: Jake Rajala

The Indianapolis Colts offense was flat-out embarrassed against a Jacksonville Jaguars defense that isn’t exactly the ole “Sacksonville” defense. The Colts and their potent QB-RB duo dropped a goose egg against their archnemesis in Week 2. So, the Colts have shockingly not won a game in their first two weeks. With that said, two questions have arisen around the Colts: Is the Colts offense okay? And should Colts fans begin to bring out the Bryce Young posters?

The Colts offense has Avenger-like figures on offense in Jonathan Taylor, Matt Ryan, and Quentin Nelson. Although, they can’t operate on a high level without legitimate threats at the WR position. Matty Ice may not be the same signal-caller that he was in 2016, but he can be more talented than the 2021 version of Mac Jones or Jimmy G with their prior well-rounded rosters with a quality group of wideouts.

I honestly don’t love the Colts group of wideouts with a healthy Michael Pittman Jr and Alec Pierce. Pierce had a dreadful drop for an easy TD in Week 1. The veteran WR (Pittman) has also had injury issues in his short career. The outlook for the Colts WR group is undoubtedly worrisome in 2022.

The Colts legend Tony Dungy stated that the Colts need JT to start heating up if they want to win games. Although, I’m not ready to believe that the Colts can lean on the Jonathan Taylor show to mow down opponents. It should be noted that Taylor ousted 161 rushing yards against a mediocre Houston Texans team and they still lost.

I would really like to see the Colts sign a free agent WR to improve their fighting chances. Will Fuller and Odell Beckham Jr. are both looking for a new home. In particular, OBJ could really be reliable from numerous WR spots and he can take the top off a defense. The former Rams WR could certainly make the Colts a dangerous play-action offense. OBJ also has less troubling injury habits than the former Texans WR. All in all, the Colts should still be aggressive and creative by signing the electric and polarizing Beckham Jr.

Contrary to a lot of aggravated Colts fans, I also don’t believe the posters for Bryce Young should be shown in Indianapolis for at least a couple of more weeks.

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