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3 reasons why Robert Saleh is a darkhorse COTY candidate


Who will win COTY this season?

By: Jake Rajala

The New York Jets have almost been as impressive as Heath Ledger in Gotham City over the past couple of months. The (5-3) Jets squad has defied expectations & brought joy to Fireman Ed, to say the least. There is one name that is largely responsible for the turnaround of the Jets from last season to this season: Robert Saleh. I’m going to even untwine three reasons why the former San Francisco 49ers defensive coordinator quietly has the potential to even win the prestigious Coach of The Year award.

  • Grand moments

Saleh has nicely inserted the underdog mentality in his team this season. The Jets steamrolled the Miami Dolphins earlier in the season by a score of 40-17. Furthermore, the NYJ edged out the Aaron Rodgers-led Green Bay Packers at Lambeau by a score of 27-10. If the Jets can beat Josh Allen and the Buffalo Bills in one of their showdowns, Saleh’s ego should also blossom. Perhaps the Jets can manage to sweep the Miami Dolphins — it would really bolster Saleh’s COTY case.

  • QB situation

The Jets haven’t only launched a 5-3 start in 2022, but they’ve also found a heap of success with brittle QB talent. The former BYU legend, Zach Wilson, has unveiled a lousy three touchdown passes to five interceptions thus far. Saleh has had to rely on Joe Flacco for three contests — which is far from a sexy image.

  • Wide open AFC East

The Jets may not have an MVP candidate at QB, but they can absolutely win their division. The Jets stand over the New England Patriots and proudly own the tie-breaker over the 5-3 Miami Dolphins. The Jets are two games behind the 6-1 Buffalo Bills, but they also clash against Allen in a couple of days. If Saleh can upset another NFL team this Sunday, who happens to be in his division, he will be licking his chops at a chance to win the frigid AFC East.

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