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AFC North: Biggest Question to be Answered Per Team


With the season still so far away, fans are already excited for the upcoming NFL season. All the new moves and picks have excited each fanbase for the next few months. This series will discuss the most significant question to be answered per team for the upcoming season.

Cincinnati Bengals: Is Their Defense Super Bowl Worthy?

The Cincinnati Bengals were a field goal away from consecutive Super Bowl appearances. One of the biggest reasons for their success has been the defense, especially in the second half of the season. After the bye in Week 10, they had six games where opponents failed to score 20 points. In the Championship game, they only allowed 23 points to the Chiefs. The offense is one of the league’s best so a lot of blame goes on their defense. The Bengals lost some pieces in Jessie Bates III, Vonn Bell, and Eli Apple. The secondary is now shorthanded and lost key pieces in their two playoff runs. In the draft, they went Myles Murphy, DJ Turner II, and Jordan Battle with the first three picks. Only time will tell if the rookies can overcome the losses on defense. If the defense is lacking, other teams in the AFC will pounce for their spot.

Baltimore Ravens: What’s The Ceiling Of This Team With The New Look Offense?

The Baltimore Ravens were on the news the most this offseason with all the Lamar Jackson drama with his extension. Before the draft day, they were able to secure the deal and Lamar got his bag. Other than this, they added OBJ, and Agholor, and drafted Zay Flowers. This looks like the fastest WR core in the league. Mark Andrews is always reliable and Lamar is dynamic. The Ravens will probably be the most-watched team because of the immediate results of the offseason. On paper, they look competitive and a Super Bowl contender. The main concern will be the health of Lamar from his injury last season and OBJ. Take one of them out and their ceiling drops significantly. Stats-wise, if all are healthy for the majority of the season, Lamar could have his second MVP. If not, they’ll be battling for the last Wild Card spot.

Pittsburgh Steelers: Which Player On Offense Will Take The Leap?

The Pittsburgh Steelers had a late run where they won seven out of their last nine games after the bye. In this run, we saw the growth of their young offensive core, especially Kenny Pickett who had game-winning drives. Currently, they have a lot of good young pieces, but none are sure-fire Pro Bowlers. They were always considered a favorite when they had the Killer B’s of Ben, Bell, and Brown. Now, someone will need to step up in order for the Steelers to reclaim their throne in the AFC North. Being able to make the postseason will be a big help to the growth of these young players.

Cleveland Browns: Was Deshaun Watson Worth The Trade?

Deshaun Watson finally made it back to an NFL field after all the drama over the past few years. With the restrictions on his suspension, he didn’t have much time to gel with his teammates on the field. So we’ll give him a pass for last season. Now this season will be interesting as he gets a full training camp and there will be no excuses for lack of time with teammates. The Browns are a talented team and have some elite pieces on both sides of the ball. Deshaun doesn’t have to do everything, unlike his days with the Texans. If he can lead the Browns to the playoffs, Cleveland will be fine with him. The noise will be very loud if they miss it.

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