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AFC West: Biggest Question to be Answered Per Team


With the season still so far away, fans are already excited for the upcoming NFL season. All the new moves and picks have excited each fanbase for the next few months. This series will discuss the most significant question to be answered per team for the upcoming season.

Denver Broncos: How will Sean Payton work with Russell Wilson?

It was a disaster of a season for Russell Wilson and the Broncos after all the moves they made. One small positive was when Wilson started doing better in the last few games of the season. The Broncos made a home run hire with Sean Payton as the HC. He did wonders with Drew Brees who was aging at the time. Maybe if he can let Russ cook by targeting more short and intermediate passes, he can bring out the inner Drew Brees in him. This team is very talented but they are in a stacked division. If the two can work together, they can get a Wild Card spot to erase the memories of last season.

Kansas City Chiefs: How long will the core be intact?

The trio of Andy Reid, Travis Kelce and Patrick Mahomes will be one for the history books. While Mahomes is still young, Andy Reid is 65 years old and Travis Kelce is turning 34 in October. Kelce has made some comments that Andy Reid will be the last coach he’ll play for. So retirement has been on the mind of the great TE. Even if Patrick Mahomes continues, there is no guarantee he will have the same success without the two. For now, we should enjoy this trio while we can.

Las Vegas Raiders: Is Jimmy Garoppolo an upgrade over Derek Carr?

Derek Carr had a long and difficult career for the Raiders. He was strong throughout all the negative moments that the Oakland/Las Vegas team experienced. But it was time to make a move and Carr is a Saint while Jimmy G is the face of the Raiders. The favorite of HC Josh McDaniels, Jimmy G will be challenged. He has had an amazing record with the patriots and 49ers but has not won the big one yet. For now, Carr was a good QB with what he had. Jimmy G in the 49ers has always been blessed with weapons. With a team less stacked and less expectations, can Garoppolo have his best season and show he’s more than just a system QB.

Los Angeles Chargers: How much pressure is Justin Herbert facing?

Justin Herbert had a tough season and the future is a little uncertain. We saw a lot more checkdowns and we saw less of what Herbert’s arm can do. They ended the season blowing a 27-point lead in the Wild Card against the Jaguars. After spending a few years in the league, Herbert needs a good bounce back season to show he is one of the elite young QBs in the game. With Ekeler and Keenan Allen‘s days possibly coming to an end, the Chargers will have some challenges in the future. If Herbert has a strong season and a playoff win, all the noise will quiet down for now.

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