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A New Era in Washington

Attention all Washington Commanders Fans! You can now breathe. After 24 years of misery at the owner position a new era has begun. There’s a new ownership team comprised of big name people who just want to win, and bring back what Washington used to be.

Daniel Snyder came on in 1999 with the intentions of building a winning football team, but that was far from what happened. He ran Washington like a business focused on expensive parking, food and other amenities. He made baffling decisions where as a fan you just scratch your head. All of these headaches will hopefully go away and judging off the recent press conference of new owners, that will happen.

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There has already been proof with ticket sales off the roof. It sounds like they are not focused on the name as much as the team and the fan experience. Magic Johnson, Josh Harris, and Mitchell Rales want to bring that experience back to Washington. This includes making the stadium a welcoming place to come to. Not a stadium with overpriced parking, food, old seats and other aging infrastructure. But the biggest thing they will bring is the eagerness to win, and bringing Washington back to where it was in the 80’s and 90’s.

Washington has a young and talented team that is already building for the future. This new ownership solidifies that Washington will be a contender within the next few years. Washington Fans, the weight is off your shoulders, now we can focus on watching a solid football team from top to bottom.

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Brian Fuhr

Father of five who loves all things sports. Big Commanders, Orioles and Caps Fan!

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