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Why the Carolina Panthers will Bounce Back in 2024


Last March, the Carolina Panthers made the blockbuster trade of the draft. Carolina moved up from the #9 overall pick all the way to the 1st pick in the draft. The package included 2 1st rounders, WR DJ Moore and a second round pick for QB Bryce Young. Unfortunately for Carolina, their rookie QB struggled and led the team to a disastrous 2-15 season.

This handed Chicago the 1st overall pick and the rights to generational talent Caleb Williams. Long story short, the Panthers have had a bad few seasons so let’s look at some ways they can bounce back. 

Bryce Young

Bryce young obviously didn’t have the best rookie season by his standards, but his career is far from over as we have seen multiple times a QB just need a better situation. For example, Trevor Lawrence seemed to be a huge bust after his rookie season in Jacksonville but then the following seasons he played like a top 10 Quarterback. Thankfully for Young, he’s going to some real help this season as the Panthers traded for Diontae Johnson and are likely to take a WR with their 33rd pick in the draft.

The Offensive Line

Young was sacked 65 times last year and with the additions of Robert Hunt and Damien Lewis, that unit should be much improved. Also in terms of run blocking the Panthers ranked nearly the bottom of the league of run block win rate.

The Division

Carolina by no means are going to be contenders this year, but neither are any of the teams in the division. The buccaneers made the divisional round last year but I do not expect that level of success to continue into next year and as far as the rest of the division, it’s not looking good. Carolina has a real shot to put it all together and potentially make a run at the NFC south title. 

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