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5 Landing Spots For Gardner Minshew


Could Minshew Mania Stay In the AFC South?

By: Tayyib Abu (Twitter: @TayyibAbu1)

For 28 teams, the NFL offseason program is now in full flow. Only four remain in the Super Bowl chase, everyone else is planning for next year. Teams will map out roster moves, personnel decisions and draft strategies over the next few weeks. One of the decisions some teams will make is on the quarterback position. With a new coach and Trevor Lawrence coming to Jacksonville, Gardner Minshew may want out of Duval County. 

Minshew owns two years of NFL experience, although his 2020 season got hit with injury issues. MVP will never appear on Mishew’s resume. However, he can carve a career out in the NFL as a steady bridge quarterback. He can be the moustachioed Case Keenum. 

His QBR for his truncated 2020 season was a decent 52.2, while his career passer rating is a solid 93.1. He is a competent quarterback who can compete in a balanced system. It’s time to assess the possible landing spots for the man responsible for Minshew Mania. 


The Texans are a mess right now. The relationship between Deshaun Watson and the team is dead. Watson will not play for the Texans next year, whether he sits for a year or moves to another team, Houston will need a quarterback. 

Not many will want to go near Reliant Stadium, Minshew has no real choice. If the former Washington State man wants to kick start his career, he won’t have a choice; even if it’s the wretched Texans. Houston cannot afford to let a rookie learn with the awful offense they own. Also, that is contingent on them trading Watson. If he sits out, Houston needs Minshew. 


Minshew would cost very little in terms of draft capital, so Denver must consider trading for him. Drew Lock is still an unknown proposition. Now, Lock will start under center for Denver next year. Nonetheless, he is on thin ice; GM John Elway’s invested heavily into the offense. 

Both at the skill positions and offensive line, Lock needs to play competently, or he’ll get benched. Minshew can be a good system quarterback, with those weapons in Denver; he’d look like a starting quarterback. The NFL waits for one; neither should the Broncos management on Lock. 


After they made the playoffs, the Bears are out of range to draft a top quarterback. Mac Jones or Kyle Trask should not be starting on day one. With Mitch Trubisky’s abject play coupled with Nick Foles’ ability to stay healthy and consistent; Minshew is an intriguing option for a team going through more quarterback turmoil. Minshew can be the bridge. 

Chicago needs to move on from Trubisky, while Nick Foles isn’t the answer long-term. Ryan Pace needs to cut them loose, draft a rookie and place Minshew as the bridge player. Chicago is not going anywhere; the only way is to reset the quarterback room. 


The Steelers are another team who won’t be picking high enough to draft a starting quarterback. Ben Roethlisberger will either retire or come back for one more year. He is untradeable. Also, he’s not very good anymore–Neither is Mason Rudolph. 

Pittsburgh released Duck Hodges on Monday, they need a third-string quarterback who could climb to second on the depth chart. Pittsburgh can’t afford to draft a project when he might be required for a game. The Steelers need some experience; with Roethlisberger’s injury troubles, Minshew can be a steady hand in the Steel City. Pittsburgh has plenty of talent at the receiver positions, spending a sixth or seventh as an insurance policy makes a ton of sense. 


The Giants’ playoff hopes got derailed when Daniel Jones got injured. Colt McCoy isn’t good enough to fill in. Given Jones’ propensity to get hurt, New York needs a better backup.

The Giants should not waste cap money on a veteran backup; they must take a young guy that Jason Garrett can develop alongside Jones. 2020 displayed the need for teams to possess a proper insurance policy at quarterback. Minshew is the ultimate insurance policy. 

Garrett is a good play-caller; he could make the offense tick with Minshew. The Giants can run the ball with Saquon Barkley, plus they own a robust offensive line. It’d be an excellent pick up for New York and Minshew. 


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