5 QB targets for the Colts in 2023

Sharp QB targets for the Colts

By: Jake Rajala

The Indianapolis Colts axed Frank Reich & it’s safe to say that Matt Ryan doesn’t appear to be the answer at signal-caller, as well. Matty Ice has thrown nine interceptions with nine passing touchdowns to back it up. CBS Sports rightfully dubbed Ryan as the biggest individual dead money cap charge at this point. As the Colts dream of acquiring a new starting QB1, I’m going to untwine five QB targets for the Colts in 2023.

  • Lamar Jackson

Lamar Jackson and potentially Sean Payton would be superb fits for Indy. Jackson and Jonathan Taylor would bring headaches to opposing run defenses for ages. Furthermore, Jackson would be able to play opposite a stingy Colts defense (featuring the likes of Darius Leonard, Deforest Buckner, and Stephon Gilmore).

Jackson has the eight-best QB rating this season (one spot behind Josh Allen) & he’s first in rushing yards at the QB spot.

  • Daniel Jones

Despite being at the helm of a 6-2 squad, Daniel Jones isn’t unveiling ungodly, Drew-Brees-like stats (six passing touchdowns to two interceptions). However, he’s still been efficient this season w/ an 88-passer rating. He’s also 25 years old and he will bring potential to any team.

  • Jimmy Garoppolo

Jimmy G (and his chin-line) can still have a fruitful NFL career without Kyle Shanahan in 2023 and beyond. Jimmy G has impressive arm talent combined with a tough injury history. Although, The Colts OL may be able to help Jimmy G stay fresh and crisp for a long time.

  • Gardner Minshew

Gardner Minshew may just be the best QB2 in the NFL & he will finally be out of the Eagles clutches in 2023. Minshew Mania had a magical rookie season and he even squeezed out a career-best 104.8 passer rating in 2021.

  • Teddy Bridgewater

If the Colts don’t want to break the bank for a FA QB, they could rest on inking the underrated, modest QB in Teddy Bridgewater. Teddy B had a .500 record with the Denver Broncos in 2021 — which can’t be said by Russell Wilson. Bridgewater is also gaining invaluable experience under the offensive wiz Mike McDaniel this season.

7 QB targets for the Dallas Cowboys

Latest QB targets for the Dallas Cowboys

By: Jake Rajala

It may seem like the seven trumpets are going off in Dallas after it was announced that Dak Prescott will miss 6-8 weeks. However, the Boys still have a plethora of talent on their roster & they could surely sneak into the playoffs with the right signal-caller. With that said, I’m going to untwine seven QBs that may be a logical fit for Dallas.

  • Teddy Bridgewater

I would honestly love to see Teddy “two gloves” in a Cowboys uniform. The signal-caller that is coming off a 7-7 record last season can take care of the football and utilize the crisp route-running ability of Ceedee Lamb and Michael Gallup. I also don’t foresee the Phins retaining Bridgewater as a QB2 long-term, so it may be wise for Mike McDaniel to ship him out for a draft pick soon.

  • Andy Dalton

The Cincinnati Bengals QB Andy Dalton, also known as the “Red Rifle”, still has the arm talent and a slice of the fountain of youth at 34 years old. Most importantly, Dalton played nine games with the reigning NFC East Champions in 2020. It would make a ton of sense for the Boys to bring him back if New Orleans was open to the offer.

  • Cam Newton

The Panthers legend, Cam Newton, lost a chunk of his ability that led him to win MVP in 2016. Nonetheless, he could still be a threat with his rushing ability. I would want to see the Panthers ink Newton as 1B at QB. The NFL world witnessed Taysom Hill run angry for 81 yards and a touchdown on Sunday. It may be wise for the Boys to roll with a pure passing QB at 1A and sprinkle in Newton at 1B at QB.

  • Gardner Minshew

Perhaps the Boys are desperate enough to get the Philadelphia Eagles to cough up the magic man, Gardner Minshew, in 2022. Minshew may be the most underrated backup QB in the league and it’s a shame that he hasn’t had a shot at a starting gig after many flashes of greatness in Jacksonville.

  • Drew Lock

Geno Smith is pegged as the starting QB and the Hawks are likely a bit more interested in moving on from the Drew Lock experiment. He still has physical gifts, but he hasn’t quite found the right fit. Lamb and Gallup could make a lot of plays with the clean version of Lock.

  • Sam Darnold

The former USC mythical QB, Sam Darnold, is the ultimate wildcard to land with the Boys in my opinion. Darnold has been in numerous agonizing situations in Adam Gase land & surrounded by an injured Christian McCaffrey. Yet, he has made impressive throws and taken care of the football at key times. He may be the best value pick-up for the Boys — assuming the Panthers don’t have a modest price tag on him.

  • Tyrod Taylor

The electric Tyrod Taylor would be a safe bet for the Boys. Taylor, aka the 2015 Pro Bowler and near-starting QB for the Chargers (until a sad injury occurred to him from the medical staff) is still looking for his last break. The issue is: will the Giants be open to trading him to the Boys?

What is the outlook for Ian Book?

What to expect from Ian Book

By: Jake Rajala

The Philadelphia Eagles didn’t only acquire former New Orleans Saints defensive back Chauncey Gardner-Johnson – as they also signed former Saints quarterback Ian Book (Saints fourth-round pick in the 2021 draft). Book stands behind the ascending Jalen Hurts and Gardner Minshew (Mania).

Book was thrown in the fire against the Miami Dolphins in Week 16 of last season, to say the least. The former Notre Dame signal-caller had to lead a Saints team that missed 22 players and four coaches against a Dolphins team that was on a six-game winning streak. Well, what exactly was the end result for Book? He threw a pick-six on his second pass of the game, threw 12 completions of 20 attempts, and finished with 135 passing yards. Book didn’t flash greatness, but Sean Payton did make it clear after the game that he was performing with very limited help.

Book did make impressive moments in the 2022 pre-season – as he unveiled 42 completions to 65 passing attempts, 64.6 completion percentage, 2 passing touchdowns (to 2 interceptions). His QBR in pre-season was 73.6 – which was a step up from his QBR (55.7) in 2021. He was making positive strides this off-season, but he was beaten by the Red Rifle (Andy Dalton) for the Saints QB2 spot. The Saints had so many talented back-up pieces at other positions, that Dennis Allen ultimately decided that it wasn’t worth keeping Book as a QB3.

The Eagles currently carry three young, talented, signal-callers on their roster moving forward. The Eagles quietly have tremendous depth at their QB position. Minshew and Book are both set to be free agents after this season. I believe that Minshew (who also lived out of a bus for a chunk of this summer) may leave and compete for a starting gig next off-season, so it wouldn’t be a complete surprise if Book was the QB2 for the Eagles in 2023 and beyond.

5 QB trade targets for the Detroit Lions

Who is the best QB trade target for the Detroit Lions?

By: Jake Rajala

The Detroit Lions understand that Rome wasn’t built in a day, but they shouldn’t be too patient with growing their team. They should acknowledge that it isn’t best to keep Jared Goff placed in the driver’s seat (also known as QB1) forever. With that said, I’m going to simply untwine five quarterbacks that are logical trade targets for the Lions at this point in time.

Jimmy Garoppolo

The 49ers veteran signal-caller, Jimmy Garoppolo, has been stuck in Alcatraz this off-season. Jimmy G will likely be traded prior to the trade deadline, but it’s unclear which team will acquire the former Patriots QB. Per SI, the Bucs have “real interest” in acquiring Jimmy G to return as “the heir to Tom Brady”. I believe the Lions, who certainly have more attractive draft compensation, could outbid the Brady bunch for Garoppolo’s services.

Ryan Tannehill

I believe Ryan Tannehill may not be the sexiest QB trade option, but he is a step above Goff in my opinion (33 passing touchdowns in a slightly above-talented offense in 2020). The Lions also wouldn’t have to break the bank for Tanny. The Indianapolis Colts brought in the 37-year-old Matt Ryan to help the Colts win a Super Bowl. The Lions may opt to push out Goff and acquire the somewhat old (33-year-old) Titans QB that may be replaced by Malik Willis soon.

Daniel Jones

Daniel Jones has been in a brutal position since his first game as a rookie. Danny Dimes flashed greatness as a pocket passer in his first season, but he hasn’t been able to find consistent, success. To be fair, he has often been behind a dreadful offensive line in each phase of his career. Furthermore, he has missed Saquon Barkley far too often. The 25-year-old that is a UFA still might be a fantastic value pickup for the Lions.

Gardner Minshew

Minshew Mania could honestly be the most underrated QB2 in the NFL. I love his competitive fire and floor, but he might not have the most exciting ceiling. He doesn’t possess the same arm talent as Jimmy G or Minshew, but I believe he can be an upgrade over the recent displays by Goff (20 TDs in 2020 and 19 TDs in 2021). He would certainly be less expensive than the 49ers QB, too.

Taysom Hill

Taysom Hill isn’t Steve Young, but he does absolutely have starting potential at the QB position. I understand that Jameis Winston is better than Hill, but it doesn’t mean that Hill can’t be a starter elsewhere. Hill is penciled in as a “joker” on the Dennis Allen-led team, but the Lions (and Hill’s friend in Dan Campbell) should dig up the cost of his services and potentially insert him as the new QB. If a 2023 rookie edges him out as the Lions starting QB, Campbell would still know how to utilize him as a pass catcher and occasional QB.

5 QB targets for the Panthers right now

Who is the best QB target for the Panthers?

By: Jake Rajala

The Carolina Panthers team that has a coach (Matt Rhule) sizzling on the hot seat could make a significant jump with the addition of a talented quarterback at this point in late June. With that said, I’m going to simply untwine five quarterbacks that would formulate a perfect marriage with the Panthers.

Garnder Minshew

Minshew Mania would be an excellent value pick-up for the Panthers in my opinion. The Eagles would likely demand a fifth or sixth-round pick for him. I expect that the former Jaguars QB that has 41 career passing touchdowns to 12 interceptions would have a tremendous floor with the Panthers impressive weapons. I also don’t believe Baker is the right long-term QB, so Minshew would be an excellent bridge QB at the very least.

Teddy Bridgewater

It may not be deemed sexy for the Panthers to bring back Teddy Bridgewater after he led them to a 4-11 record in 2020. Nonetheless, there are a couple of great reasons for the Panthers to reunite with Teddy B. For 1. he has familiarity with the Panthers and 2. he is an upgrade over Sam Darnold. The Jets wisely brought back Joe Flacco (numerous times) and it may be a sharp decision for the Panthers to acquire the QB2 in Miami.

Tyrod Taylor

Tyrod Taylor, who might be at the awkward age of 32, is still one of the flat-out best backup quarterbacks in the NFL. Taylor would have been the starting QB for the Chargers if a medical procedure didn’t go haywire. He wasn’t as impressive as Davis Mills last season, but he was still in a lackluster situation. I would be intrigued to see the Panthers rushing offense with a healthy CMAC and Taylor.

Andy Dalton

Andy Dalton was frequently a rock star with the Cincinnati Bengals and then he down-spiraled into one of the biggest disappointments after his 2017 season. The Red Rifle still has underrated arm talent and he wouldn’t be as expensive as Baker (regardless of him in a Saints uniform). Perhaps the Panthers can reel in the QB that Kyle Shanahan gushed over in the 2021 off-season.

Kyle Allen

Kyle Allen really blossomed in Washington – after he had growing pains in Carolina (2018 and 2019). Allen received Bruce Wayne-like training and development with the Commanders and it may be time for him to return back to CAR as a wiser and more-talented passer. Allen, who stated that he basically doesn’t have a chance to start in Washington, may have a realistic opportunity at starting for the Panthers in 2022.

3 reasons why the Panthers should trade for Gardner Minshew

The Panthers should trade for Gardner Minshew in 2022

By: Jake Rajala

Gardner Minshew may sadly be the most underrated cemented QB2 in the NFL and the trade mill surrounding Minshew mania could resemble crickets chirping. I believe that Minshew would be a perfect QB fit for one particular, desperate team: Carolina Panthers. With that enunciated, I’m going to untwine three reasons why Minshew and the Panthers would be a perfect marriage.

Great value option

The Browns are seeking a second or third-round pick for the “expensive” Mayfield, so it’s clear that Mayfield is an expensive, shaky option. Meanwhile, Minshew would likely cost the Panthers a fifth or sixth-round pick. If Minshew isn’t an above-average starter, the GM can still rest knowing that he didn’t break the bank for his services. Meanwhile, if Baker burns out for the second straight season, the Browns would have a “Brock Osweiler” situation with an overly expensive, failed project at QB.

Minshew’s Floor

The Panthers can be a competitive team with an “Alex Smith-like QB”. They have CMAC, a terrific WR duo, and an ascending defense. I trust that the former Jags QB that threw 21 passing TDs, 6 ints, and 3,271 passing yds, as a rookie on a mediocre Jags offense can edge out Sam Darnold and potentially allow the Panthers to build around him for a couple of seasons.

Current QB situation

The Panthers are clearly aggressive for a QB upgrade which shows their hail mary attempt at snagging Mayfield. I don’t love the Panthers short-term outlook with Darnold and the third-round pick Matt Corral. If Darnold doesn’t progress, the Panthers rook could definitely have a hard time beating the Buccaneers and Saints in 2022 and it may be wise for the Panthers to be creative in their search for the right veteran QB.

Why the Lions should trade for Gardner Minshew

Gardner Minshew can beat out Jared Goff

The Detroit Lions could look to acquire a young, talented quarterback without giving up a lot of compensation. Gardner Minshew, also known as Minshew Mania, would be a very ideal trade target for Dan Campbell. The Lions could reel in Minshew and still decide to take a QB early in the 2021 or 2022 NFL draft.

Minshew isn’t only 25 years old, but he has positive experience and production. The Jags QB that was replaced for a “first overall pick” has thrown 41 touchdowns, 5,969 passing yards, and has accumulated a 63.2 completion percentage.

He quietly went 6-6 as a rookie, which is the same win count as Trevor Lawrence and Goff last year combined. There is a lot of different variables in team success, but Minshew is a winner. He makes special plays and he doesn’t come out guns blazing like a “Week 18 Carson Wentz” in a pivotal matchup.

I also believe trading for Minshew would be wise if the Lions don’t plan on drafting a QB with their second overall pick. The motivated, yet patient Lions look like they are going to select Aidan Hutchinson second overall, according to All Lions Fan Nation. Penei Sewell and Hutchinson can be All-Pro type players at pivotal positions for many years to come.

I still really expect the Lions to bring in competition for Goff, who didn’t look deserving of the starting QB role often in 2021. The free agency pool isn’t sexy, to say the least. Jameis Winston will most likely choose the familiar, talented Saints team. I expect Mitchell Trubisky to ride with the Commanders or Steelers. Marcus Mariota will likely sign with the Broncos or Steelers. Minshew is also a clearly easier trade option than the likes of Aaron Rodgers, Russell Wilson, Kyler Murray, and even Jimmy G.

After the top few signal-callers find a home in free agency, I believe Minshew is the far better option than QBs like Jacoby Brissett and Andy Dalton. The Lions really need to win more ball games in 2022. Campbell’s emotion might be captivating and the Lions truly made the right moves last offseason, but it’s time to turn the lever up a notch and it would help to be creative at the mediocre QB spot. The Lions should send a late-round pick to acquire the young, polarizing Philly QB.

Potential trade destinations for Devin Bush Jr.

Who should trade for Devin Bush?

The Pittsburgh Steelers drafted Devin Bush Jr. with their tenth pick in the 2021 NFL draft. Bush has been a modest linebacker for the Steelers, but he hasn’t lived up to his draft stature. Here is a look at how productive Bush has been in his career:

  • four career sacks
  • two interceptions as a rookie
  • 205 career combined tackles (51.25 tackles per season)
  • third in running for Defensive Rookie of The Year

Bush has clearly made plays in the run and pass game for the Steelers, but he hasn’t progressed noticeably early in his career. Nonetheless, The Steelers LB can that is only 23 years old can still blossom into a superstar. We’ve seen Demario Davis ascend into an All-Pro caliber LB late in his career. It’s never too late for Bush to take the league by storm.

If Bush wants to be a defensive menace, it could potentially be with a different team. The Steelers haven’t decided to pick up the fifth option on the former Michigan defensive stud. If they don’t pick up the option on the slightly underperforming LB, they may opt to trade him this offseason before allowing him to leave elsewhere in free agency next offseason.

If the Steelers feel like they can get a good draft pick or player in return for Bush, I expect them to pull the trigger. So, who could trade for Bush? Well, here are a few potential destinations.

  • Steelers trade Bush Jr. to the Carolina Panthers for a fourth round draft pick

The Carolina Panthers have a talented defense, as they had the fourth-ranked pass defense in passing yards per game allowed. They signed Haason Reddick in the 2021 offseason and then they traded for Stephon Gilmore in the 2021 season. There is one position on their defense that could receive a noticeable upgrade and it’s arguably the most vital position on a defense: middle linebacker.

The Panthers starting MLB from 2020 Jermaine Carter Jr. is a free agent this offseason and it doesn’t appear he will return. The Panthers, who now play in the Tom Brady-less NFC South, could strike a deal for Bush Jr. and look to formulate a young, elite defense. The Panthers have young talent on defense and Bush Jr. could be a part of the new direction.

  • Steelers trade Bush Jr. to the Las Vegas Raiders for Denzel Perryman and a sixth round draft pick or Bush Jr. for a fourth round pick

The Las Vegas Raiders are hungry for playoff success after recently losing to the Cincinnati Bengals in the wildcard round. The Raiders have playmakers on offense with Derek Carr, Josh Jacobs, and Darren Waller. On defense, the Raiders have arguably the top edge rushing duo with Maxx Crosby and Yannick Ngakouye. They still need more juice on defense, as they play in the wild AFC West.

The Raiders could still aim to get younger and faster at their MLB position. They have the veteran run-stopper, Denzel Perryman, at MLB, but he is a mediocre, soon-to-be free agent (2023). The Raiders also have the 14th most cap space in the NFL, so they could feel comfortable inking Bush Jr. and signing a big free agent profile at WR. The Steelers could potentially receive Perryman and a 7th round pick in return.

  • Steelers trade Bush Jr. to Philadelphia Eagles for Gardner Minshew and a seventh round draft pick

The Steelers have been rumored as a potential landing spot for Minshew Mania. If they want to send ammunition to the Eagles for Minshew, they could send Bush Jr. instead of a draft pick. Nick Sirianni hasn’t exactly motivated Minshew, as he told him starting for the Eagles was “not going to happen”. Minshew was very impressive as a rookie, but he was replaced by the first overall pick Trevor Lawrence (who played worse than Minshew), and sent to Philly.

The Eagles may prefer to receive Bush Jr. instead of receiving a late-round draft pick in a Minshew trade from any other team. I expect Minshew to be shipped out of Philly this summer to the Steelers or Commanders. Heavy. has listed the Steelers as an ideal landing spot for Minshew, too.

Minshew would arguably beat out Mason Rudolph and Mitchell Trubisky in a QB competition. If they land Minshew, they may elect to draft a non-QB position in round one and lean on Minshew to lead their talented roster back to the postseason next season.

Deep Fantasy Football Stashes for Week 13

Keep an eye out for Gardner Minshew

By: Malcolm McMillan

This week the three players are more likely to be relevant. In fact, one player is a potential FLEX option rest-of-season, who is still available in nearly 60% of all Sleeper dynasty fantasy football leagues. That an NFL team’s starting running back is still so widely available is an unexpected surprise this late in the season, but it is also the truth. Read below to see who it is.

Gardner Minshew II: QB, Philadelphia Eagles

Jalen Hurts’ status for Week 13 is currently up in the air, but if the Philadelphia Eagles starting quarterback is out, then Gardner Minshew is the next man up. If Minshew gets the start, he immediately becomes a streaming quarterback option in 1 QB leagues, and a FLEX in Super Flex leagues. Why? Well, because he gets to play the New York Jets, who are awful. So in 1 QB leagues fantasy football managers would be wise to stash him now, and then cut him on Sunday morning if Hurts gets the start. Same with those in redraft Super Flex leagues. Minshew is not worth stashing in those situations due to the Eagles Week 14 bye.

In dynasty Super Flex leagues though, it may be worth it to hold Minshew until next season. The former Jaguars starter was pretty good last year before the Week 8 bye. Through seven weeks in 2020, Minshew was QB12 overall and QB16 in points per game (PPG). In 1 QB dynasty leagues that may not be worth using a roster spot for, but in Super Flex leagues those 19.34 PPG in a FLEX spot matter. The 2022 NFL draft class is not the deepest at quarterback, and an NFL team may want to start Minshew for a year rather than reach for a rookie quarterback if they miss on a big free agent/trade target like Aaron Rodgers. Stash Minshew until the free agency carrousel wraps up in the offseason, and then cut him if he is still a backup.

Kene Nwangwu: RB, Minnesota Vikings

Picking up Kene Nwangwu could ultimately be a total bust for fantasy football managers. However, if he sees time with Dalvin Cook out, the Minnesota Vikings rookie backup running back could return a nice return on investment. Of course, the main hurdle will be getting around Alexander Mattison, who is ahead of Nwangwu on the Vikings depth chart.

The argument for Mattison: Mattison is ahead of Nwangwu on the depth chart (as previously mentioned). He has filled in for Cook on several occasions, mostly doing well with the opportunity. He also has one more year on his contract, so Minnesota may want to see what they have with him in case they need to rely on him in 2022 (due to injuries for Cook or Cook’s potential legal trouble), or even want Mattison to replace Cook in 2023 (the Vikings have a potential out in Cook’s contract in 2023).

The argument for Nwangwu: Mattison’s athletic measurables are nowhere near Nwangwu’s athletic measurables. They are both 23, both former middle round picks (Mattison in the third and Nwangwu in the fourth) but Nwangwu is under contract for two years more than Mattison. Finally, when Nwangwu has touched the ball he has been explosive. He is currently averaging eight rushing yards per attempt, 41.25 yards per kick return and a touchdown every four kick returns. Are those numbers sustainable? Of course not, but they highlight an explosive ability that Minnesota may shift to if Mattison struggles as the fill-in starter these next two weeks. All it would take is one big game from Nwangwu for dynasty fantasy football managers to trade a waiver pickup for draft capital.

Rex Burkhead: RB, Houston Texans

Remember in the introduction when it was mentioned that an NFL starting running back was still available in free agent pools? Well, wait no longer, because that running back is Rex Burkhead, who may shockingly be the Houston Texans starting running back for the rest of the 2021 season. Yes, Burkhead is 31, which is ancient for a running back, let alone in dynasty fantasy football. However, sometimes fantasy football managers need a win now rental, and Burkhead is an excellent candidate for that. The past two weeks he has seen over 15 opportunities per game, and his snap count went from 42% of offensive snaps and 24% of special teams snaps in Week 11 to 61% and 0% respectively in Week 12. Typically, that trend indicates the team needs the player more on offense and does not want them out there to get hurt on special teams.

Again, it is understandable for fantasy football managers not to want Burkhead on their rosters, especially in dynasty leagues. But with his work increasing and an excellent Week 14 matchup coming up, Burkhead is worth stashing on a roster.

What does Gardner Minshew bring to the Eagles?

What role will Minshew Mania play in Philadelphia?

By: Adam Hulse (@AdamHulseSports)

Gardner Minshew has officially been traded from the Jacksonville Jaguars to the Philadelphia Eagles in exchange for a conditional 6th round draft pick that could become a 5th rounder based on playing time. This news came very shortly after head coach Urban Meyer announced that first overall pick Trevor Lawrence would be the day one starter for the Jags. There was apparently a “quarterback competition” in camp but let’s be honest, it was always going to be Lawrence named as the starter. He is a generational talent that has been labeled “the best QB prospect of all time” by several professional scouts.

The official announcement is what made Minshew available via trade and the Eagles organization did not waste much time in acquiring him. In a corresponding move, third-string QB Nick Mullens was released from the team. Minshew will now likely serve as the backup to starter Jalen Hurts entering the 2021 NFL season but his role could actually mean more than just that. He has proven to be a capable player and has the ability to push Hurts and serve as an alternative option if things don’t work out as planned.

Gardner Minshew: Exceeding Expectations

Though his two seasons with the Jaguars were not great, Minshew demonstrated that he is a capable quarterback at the NFL level. In 23 total games played, he completed 63 percent of his passes for 5530 yards and 37 touchdowns with just 11 interceptions. While these numbers are mediocre, it’s fairly impressive considering the circumstances. He was only a 6th round draft pick out of Washington State and was considered more of a development project at best. He far exceeded those initial expectations and did it on a team with very little offensive talent surrounding him. Furthermore, he lacks the overall athleticism and arm talent of a typical NFL quarterback so it’s encouraging that he was able to overcome that and still find success.

Expected Role with the Eagles

Considering the very low price tag that the Eagles gave up to get him, this trade makes perfect sense for them. He is a safer option than anything they could draft in the 5th or 6th round because he has already proven that he can play at the professional level. The only other quarterback on the roster, besides Hurts, is Joe Flacco. His best days are long behind him and probably are never coming back considering he is already 36 years old. With the Eagles being a rebuilding team right now, Minshew makes a ton more sense than Flacco does as a back up. If the Hurts plan does not work out the way they want it too, they now have a realistic second option in Minshew.

This concept can also provide extra motivation for Hurts now that he knows there is a true backup on the roster behind him instead of just a roster filler and emergency replacement like Flacco. Hurts was decent last season, but he will have to progress as a player this year to gain the confidence from the Eagles organization that he is their long-term solution at quarterback. Last year in his rookie campaign, Hurts eventually took over the starting job from the disaster that was Carson Wentz. Hurts started the final four games of the season but appeared in 15 games total, completing 52 percent of his passes for 1061 yards and six touchdowns against four interceptions.

Based on passing statistics alone, Minshew actually has a much better track record so far. Granted it’s an extremely small sample size for Hurts, but that is definitely something to keep an eye on. Hurts will have to improve his passing numbers this season to show that he can be a starting quarterback moving forward. The thing that Hurts brings to the table that Minshew lacks is athleticism and in particular the ability to contribute in the rushing game. Hurts recorded 63 rushing attempts for 354 yards and three touchdowns last season in his limited role with the team and are expected to be a part of the rushing attack this season by design. In conclusion, Hurts will definitely begin the season as the starting quarterback, but the Eagles now have a “real backup plan” if he does not develop his passing game the way they hope he will.

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