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Why Dak Prescott is the most Indispensable player in the league

Cowboys Dak Prescott is the most indispensible NFL player

By: Taylor Ford

Dakota Rain Prescott is obviously valuable to his franchise and to fantasy owners. Furthermore, he is the most valuable and indispensable player in the league. Here are three reasons why–

No one does it like Dak

Dak was having yet another amazing season in the stat column before he got injured in 2020. With all the weapons that Dallas has on offense, you would assume another quarterback would at least do decent. Well, three others tried and failed. Not a single another quarterback on the roster could seem to get anywhere near the production Dak puts up. Therefore, his value went through the roof. Cowboy fans finally got to see what their team would look like without a guy like him under center. Even though Dak had a Gruesome injury, The Cowboy’s organization realized they had to pay the man. Without a doubt, the team is ten times better with him as the leader. Everyone in the organization loves him from the ground up, which makes him even more indispensable. The Dallas Cowboys are the biggest franchise in all of the sports because everyone watches their games, and Dak Prescott is the face of the franchise. Without Dak Prescott, the Cowboys just do not feel the same. You could see the heartbreak in the other players eyes when he got carted off the field last season. Dak ended up with 1856 yards and 9 touchdowns through only 4 and a half games. He was literally on pace to shatter the record for most yards in a single season.


The Jones Family Will take care of him

Dak got paid even after a huge injury. There was no doubt that they would sign him, but they should have done it sooner. Dak made it an emphasis to make sure the Jones’ saw his progress, as he did his rehab right outside their offices. He wanted them to know that this was his team, and he was not playing around. Either way now that he is a Cowboy for the long run, Jerry and company will continue to ensure that Dak has the resources to succeed. Will McClay is the best offensive talent scout in the business. Getting guys like Amari Cooper, Michael Gallup, Ceedee Lamb, Zeke, and that offensive line, does wonders for a talented quarterback like Dak. In fact, Dak has been putting up crazy number since the 2019-2020 season because of it. Last season he threw for 4902 yards and 30 touchdowns. He was rocking a 108.4 passer rating by the end of the season. The last game against Washington he put up 4 touchdowns to cap off a great season for him. He has an average completion rate of 66% on his career. Tom Brady is at 64% and Aaron Rodgers is at 65%. He is only throwing an interception on 1.7% of his pass attempts for his career. That is also better than Tom Brady at 1.8%. Dak also has a career QB rating of 97.3 which is tied with Tom Brady. Dak may not throw for as many touchdowns as the other elite quarterbacks, but he does score rushing touchdowns as well. Unfortunately, McClay has not been the best scout for defensive players, therefore, making it harder and harder for Dallas to win games.

The Fantasy Baller

Due to the lack of ability to find elite defensive players, Dallas always seems to find themselves fighting from behind on the scoreboard. Yes, they just had a defensive heavy draft, but they also had, arguably, the most questionable pick at the 99 spot. Most of the guys they draft do not tend to work out for the Cowboys on the defensive side of the ball. So, Dak finds himself accumulating some large numbers in the stat book. Until the defense shows they are worth a nickel, he remains one of the top fantasy scorers in the league. Even if they do get a good defense, Dak will only get better as a player. He will remain a solid fantasy option, but the the Dallas Cowboys will be the real winners. Not only would defense help them be real contenders, but it would only make Dak Prescott better. Getting him more opportunities, under less pressure situations to put up numbers. He could remain a top 5 option in fantasy with a good defense, but currently he has to be considered top 3, if not number one out of all quarterbacks. The only season that he finished with a QB rating under 100.0 was his sophomore slump year. Every year after he has proven he is a top option in fantasy week-in and week-out. Dak is also a dual threat and that bodes well in the fantasy department when the player is not built like a stick. He has a huge build and still has put up over 1300 rushing yards and 24 rushing touchdowns for his career through just 4 and 1/3 seasons. He is only going to be 28 years old when the 2021 season kicks off and has plenty of years left to run the show for America’s team.

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