Why Jordan Love could be a Pro Bowler if Rodgers is moved

Jordan Love Pro Bowl bound in 2021?

By: Reese Nasser

Second-year quarterback Jordan Love could be the QB1 in Green Bay quicker than anyone anticipated. Longtime quarterback Aaron Rodgers hasn’t shown any indication that he is willing to return to the Packers and a trade could still be on the horizon.  

The Green Bay Packers may have no option but to go all in on their former first-round pick. 

The Packers shocked much of the NFL when they chose to trade up and draft Love with the 26th pick of the 2020 draft. Originally, there seemed to be a sense of hope that Love could follow a path like Rodgers did when he first arrived in the NFL. Sit behind an all-time great quarterback and retain as much information as he could until it was time to take over. Green Bay envisioned a long-term plan when selecting Love but it seems as if things could change rather quickly. 

So the question must be asked; what level could Jordan Love play at if he is given the QB1 spot? There is potential that he could play at the level of a pro bowl quarterback.

The Packers have an offense that is top-loaded with talent. The trio of Davante Adams, Aaron Jones, and Robert Tonyan can keep up with the NFL’s best defenses. With a group like that surrounding Love, he could find instant success in the league. A Pro Bowl trip could be in Love’s near future and here’s why.

A Year with Rodgers

Even with Rodgers’ future in Green Bay uncertain, Love was still able to learn from him for an entire season. As we’ve seen numerous times in just the last few years, quarterbacks that have been able to sit behind such accomplished quarterbacks have done very well in the NFL. 

Patrick Mahomes may be the most notable player to sit for a season and then be prepared when jis opportunity arrives. While there are no expectations for Love to play anywhere near the level of Mahomes, he could shock the NFL in a manner somewhat similar to that of Mahomes. 

Aaron Rodgers is arguably one of the single greatest quarterbacks in NFL history and he has been a QB1 for as long as he has become he knows the game better than most. 

Many young quarterbacks could benefit greatly from sitting behind a quarterback such as Rodgers and it could prove to be a pivotal factor in Love’s career. 

Coaching Impact 

Head coach Matt LaFleur has quickly become one of the best offensive masterminds in the NFL. After spending time with the Atlanta Falcons, Los Angeles Rams, and the Tennessee Titans before arriving in Green Bay, LaFleur has had the chance to work with some of the league’s best quarterbacks and best coaches, from Matt Ryan to both Kyle Shanahan and Sean McVay. The knowledge that LaFleur has gained up to this point could allow for Love to transition into a starting role easier. 

Love doesn’t necessarily fit the typical mold of quarterbacks that LaFleur has had in the past but that doesn’t mean that he couldn’t fit an offense around him. Love has proven to be capable of throwing the ball deep and accurate, something that current Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is elite at. 

LaFleur’s ability to make any offense that he touches turn into an at least average unit would not be different here. 

With Love at the helm, LaFleur could potentially unlock another level to this unit. Love would be an upgrade over Rodgers in terms of athleticism. He ran a 4.74 40-yard dash and frequently made plays with his legs while in college. In his final season at Utah State, he rushed 81 times. He almost scored nine touchdowns with his legs. The addition of an athletic quarterback has revolutionized offenses all throughout the NFL, and this could happen in Green Bay. 

Everything that Love has encountered up to this point in his NFL career has prepared him to be great. The offensive weapons that Green Bay has assembled will allow Love to lean on them when he struggles. A security blanket in Davante Adams and a quality running back in Aaron Jones could also help mask any issues that Love has in his game. 

The coaching staff surrounding Love has proven to be prepared to let the quarterback learn the NFL game. They drafted him with him being the eventual QB1 and they clearly have an idea for what he can become. If Love can quickly grasp the NFL game, a Pro Bowl nod may be in his near future. 

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