Three players primed to dominate the flex spot

Fantasy season is upon us

By: Keith James

Feel the burn

The flex position is the most forgotten spot on your roster, yet it is the spot/s that causes the most heartburn. The dreaded Thursday and Monday Flex decision is enough for most fantasy players to pull their hair out. Ask me how I know. In this article, I will give three players that are going late in drafts that will be set and forget flex players for your fantasy squad. 

Slow and Low

When flexing it’s best to go slow and low. This works for bicep curls and for your fantasy football drafts. What do I mean slow and low? I mean slow because these players are getting slow buzz. They are boring, but they are producing. When the fantasy managers laugh, you win. What do I mean by low? I say low because their ADP remains much too low for their sexy flex appeal. These are players you snag late in drafts, and hit the flex all season long, adding up to major points for your fantasy squad. 

The Core

Flex positions are difficult because you build your core in the first 5-6 rounds. Flex players then become ultra star bench players. When drafting for depth, instead think of what players can maximize the flex position. I will admit, most of my flex players are wide receivers these days. I often draft top-heavy running backs, grab my tight end early, then grab my two starting WR’s and wait on QB’s until rounds 6, 7, or 8. But flex positions are often overlooked. Start thinking of all flex positions as starting players and you will draft more upside players that can win you weeks from the flex. 

When comparing RB’s to WR’s taken this late in the draft, wide receivers will score more than running backs on a weekly basis. The later rounds can find handcuff RB’s or a RB 4/5 for your team but more than likely the best bet is to focus on high potential wide receivers for the flex positions. The following are three players I love this year to strike gold in the later rounds that can be played on a weekly basis in the flex spot. 

Corey Davis (ADP 118, WR48)

Corey Davis is coming off of a career year and he was rewarded by the Jets for his efforts. He was signed to a 3 year, 37.5 million dollar deal and in fantasy, it is always good to follow the money. Davis was also signed to be the alpha in NYC. His rapport with Zach Wilson has been evident in the offseason and Wilson looks to be legit.

Young quarterbacks tend to focus on their first read and Davis will be the first look on the majority of pass plays. The Jets don’t have a productive tight end as a security blanket so Davis will serve in that role. Davis is a perfect big body that won’t compete for many outside targets. Crowder and dynamic rookie Elijah Moore will work out of the slot but Davis will eat in the big apple and serve as a locked-in flex position for your team.

Marvin Jones (ADP 135, WR53)

Marvin Jones is another player coming over from a different team. Leaving the friendly confines of the motor city and Matt Stafford’s strong right arm, Marvin Jones all of a sudden finds himself as the old man in the wide receiver room. The wide receiver room is talented and so is Trevor Lawrence. Jones is a perfect wide receiver for Lawrence to rely on in 2021. DJ Chark is a big body, the uber-talented kid that is in a contract year. Laviska Shenault is one of the most talented receivers from the impressive 2020 wide receiver group but I believe Jones will be Lawrence’s first option.

Jones knows how to get open and with attention being paid to Shenault and Chark, Jones will have the opportunity to find space in the open field. Jones has been Lawrence’s target in the preseason and although he is a boring pick he is a guy that will be the most productive wide receiver for Trevor’s first year in the league. We all like the new and exciting option on the menu but McDonalds fries are still the best option when you are hungry. Jones is Trevor’s golden arches fries and he will be a proven option in your flex position. 

Jakobi Myers (ADP 153, WR64)

Jacoby Myers is a quick man, said like John Gruden. I had the chance to watch his tape in the 2020 season and he is a twitchy slot option that knows how to use his body and leverage cornerbacks to get open. With the inevitable Mac Jones take over from Cam Newton, I love Myers at his current ADP of 153. That is around 12 or later. Myers will be another, you guessed it, security blanket, for a rookie QB. At this point in the draft, I am looking for upside and guys that will be involved in the offense. Myers may not have a huge upside but he will be heavily involved.

Myers has limited upside but his ADP is reflective of a zero touchdown performance in 2020. Touchdowns are fluky and Myers had some bad luck in the TD department. I imagine if Myers stays healthy he is due for positive TD progression and out of the slot could hit pay dirt three or four times in 2021. 

Myers has the ability to be a top 32 wide receiver in this league. Being drafted as wide receiver 64, there are few better options to turn to at this point in your draft. Myers will be the number one wide receiver option and the Patriots love using the slot to find holes in the defense and get up field. Mac Jones doesn’t have a great arm, but he is accurate in the short passing game which is a staple of the NE offense. Myers and Jones are a match made in heaven. Fire up Myers in your sexy flex spot and watch him pay off. 

Treat Flex Spots as Starters

A good mind trick is to treat flex spots as starters. Once a core is established, start thinking of flex guys, not as mix and match guys, but as set it and forget players. This way you can avoid frustration by choosing who to play with. You set your lineup and get ready to win. Corey Davis, Marvin Jones, and Jakobi Myers have the opportunity to lead their team in targets and receptions. They are not the flashiest players, but they are solid weekly contributors that will help you win your fantasy league. Don’t sleep on the flex appeal, they are people too. 

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