3 of the most “untradeable” players in fantasy

Never trade Jonathan Taylor

By: Taylor Ford

These three players will be hard to acquire in your dynasty and redraft fantasy leagues for 2021. Though, untradeable, means it will also be hard to trade these guys at the current asking price around leagues.

Jonathan Taylor

We start with the guy that is probably the hardest to move. This is the second season for the phenom that is Jonathan Taylor. Like the other two guys on this list, his stock is probably higher than it will ever be, making it hard to acquire him. The opposite side is that he is going to be hard to trade away because most people will not be willing to give the proper asking price for the guy. I personally am in 10 leagues (8 Dynasty), and I have only seen him moved once. I was the one acquiring him, and I paid a lot. That owner received Austin Ekeler, Robert Woods, and a 2023 first-round pick.  According to Dynasty Trade Calculator, as of right now, JT has a higher value than every running back not named Christian McCaffrey. In the last 6 games of last season, He put on a show for his fantasy owners. In those 6 games, he tallied 741 yards on 119 carries and rushed for 7 touchdowns. At only 22 years old he is going to be a monster, but is he worth paying the amount asked of by owners? In my opinion, absolutely.

Kyle Pitts

Second is the rookie future Hall of Famer Kyle Pitts. He is so high in value right now before even taking a snap in the NFL, it’s unreal. Redraft leagues may not be near as difficult to acquire or move him, but in dynasty, it seems impossible. The asking price is extremely high for unproven talent. I did see one trade in a league that I am in. Pitts got sent to another team for Darren Waller, Mike Williams, and 2 second-round picks. That is the cheapest I have seen out of the offers posted on Twitter. The guy is a rare talent at that position, sure. It still remains a mystery if that will translate over to the NFL. So, is the asking price worth the pay? Not in my opinion.

CeeDee Lamb

This number 88 superstar for America’s team is an absolute stud. Last year he put up just short of 1000 yards and tallied 5 TDs on 74 receptions. This was with four different quarterbacks. Now with Dak looking all sorts of elite and being the one throwing CeeDee the ball all season, Lamb is going to kill it. Though, he is not and will not be the number one receiver in Dallas as long as 19 is there. On the contrary of what most fantasy owners have been trained to believe this offseason, CeeDee is and will be the number 2 in the big D.  Amari is Dak Prescott’s favorite target and most likely always will be as long as Coop is on the squad. Now, this does not mean CeeDee’s value goes way down. Both Dallas receivers can and most likely will finish top ten in fantasy for the 2021-2022 season. I once offered all of my draft picks for 3 years (21 draft picks) for CeeDee by himself and the guy declined it. I have completed one trade this offseason for him. It involved me giving a first and Antonio Gibson. Is he worth the price you have to pay to acquire him? Yes, he is worth it, but getting someone to pays his price may be hard to find.

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