QB Justin Fields is ready to prove he’s the answer

Bears rookie QB Justin Fields has serious potential

By: Jake Rajala

A large percentage of the NFL audience would tell you that it was inevitable that Chicago Bears rookie quarterback Justin Fields would be the starting QB in Chicago at some point this season. Well, what just happened today? Matt Nagy announced that Fields would be the lead signal-caller in their Week 3 matchup. 

Former starting QB Andy Dalton is yet another journeyman QB to face an unfortunate injury (with Ryan Fitzpatrick starting the trend). Dalton’s left knee injury is the reason behind his upcoming absence. Coach Nagy is reluctant to say his step-son won’t cough up the starting gig to Fields if the rookie shines as the starter, but it would make too much sense for Fields to overturn Nagy’s fixed QB judgment and prove he’s the right choice as the starting QB. 

If Fields does shine and show to be the better choice as the starting QB, it would just be another tale of “the young QB taking the QB1 spot in wake of the veteran QB’s injury”. NFL fans have witnessed a vast number of veteran QBs getting injured in history, followed by young QBs taking the starting gig, and then the young buck not letting go of the QB1 spot. 

The once rookie Justin Herbert cemented the starting QB position in Los Angeles after veteran Tyrod Taylor went down with a horrible accident of an injury last season. Herbert then proceeded to win Offensive Rookie of The Year. A sixth-round QB by the name of Tom Brady also strolled onto the field in his second season of the league to start after Drew Bledsoe went down with a gruesome injury. Tom Brady didn’t only secure the starting QB spot, but he also just happened to go on to win seven world championships. 

Fields is clearly a talented athlete, but he’s also shown to be productive in limited reps on the field this season. 

The young QB can make defenses respect his rushing ability when he’s scanning the field in the pocket. He can also be a threat in the red zone to oust damage himself, but his all-purpose ability can even open things up for his teammates. Stud RB David Montgomery should undoubtedly see a boost in efficiency from a rushing threat at the QB position. 

Fields does not have a rocket launcher for an arm, but he does have impressive passing skills when he’s on the move. Allen Robinson hasn’t been able to get hot this season so far (8-59-1), so if Fields can connect with A-Rob from not just in the pocket, but also with more plays off play action and when the young QB breaks the pocket, it would show to be a benefit for A-Rob and the offense as a whole. If Fields can ignite Robinson, Jimmy Graham, and take care of the football, it would make sense to expect the 22-year-old to hold onto the starting role. The “football gods” and logic should soon be on Fields’s side for the case to be the Bears true starting QB.

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