Previewing the Eagles at Cowboys matchup: biggest rivalry in sports?

The most underrated showdown: Eagles at Cowboys

By: Taylor Ford

Monday night football is about to be full of excitement, as America’s team takes on the Eagles and the worst fan base in all of sports.

Dallas is no stranger to playing their rivals, the Eagles, but this year it feels different. The Head coach of the Eagles (Nick Sirianni) was seen wearing a shirt that said “Beat Dallas” on it. As if this were a college football rivalry. Like Oklahoma and Texas? Surely the hatred between fan bases is there, at least since the hit on Michael Irvin October 10, 1999. He suffered a career-ending injury and fans cheered when he got hurt. Since that day, Cowboys fans have hated everything about that ugly green color and the fans that wear it.

I am aware that some people consider Washington and Dallas to be the biggest rivalry. In all honesty, that rivalry has taken a back seat to the Cowboys and Eagles games since 1999. Besides how can Washington have the bigger rivalry with Dallas when they do not even have an actual team name or mascot.

Yes, we Dallas Cowboys fans have held the grudge against this fan base and this organization for that long. Mind you, this is the same team that finally won their first super bowl after 85 years of being a franchise. After they won their first super bowl, they tore their own city down and terrorized the New England Patriot fans trying to leave the vicinity. There were even videos of them throwing un-opened beer cans at a couple of Patriot fans leaving the stadium. Classy right? I thought that was supposed to be the city of brotherly love. More like the city of classless sports fans.

Jerry Jones’ was just recently quoted on 105.3 The fan saying, “My Hero is Drew Pearson for standing up there in Philadelphia and just putting it on them in terms of what’s there”. He was also asked about the shirt Nick Sirianni was wearing at his press conference. “Well listen, I’ve had enough of… Over the years Philadelphia, they take such pride in creating slogans and create types of expressions”, Jones stated. Looks like he had to hold his tongue about the shirt.

The Dallas Cowboys have a ton of players out going into this Monday night game. That may be the case, but it should not matter that much playing this Eagles team. The Eagles have no turnovers in two weeks of the 2021 season, but the Cowboys lead the league in turnovers. Something will have to give this game and it will most likely be in the Cowboys favor. Though the Eagles play a very conservative offense, at times, it has made their offense look stagnant. Besides their big 91 yard pass to Smith in week two, they looked average at best.

Cowboys had both of their star defensive ends out for the week two win against the Chargers, but the superstar in the making Micah Parsons slid right into the defensive end position with no issues. He had the most pressure in week 2 with 8. Per PFF his 90.8 pass-rush grade was the second-best amongst all defenders in the league for week 2. I think it is safe to say that the Cowboys got the best defensive player in the draft. Possibly the most impactful in the entire class.

With Randy Gregory coming back and Micah Parsons playing both linebacker and edge rusher, the Cowboys will be set off the edge. Dan Quinn is coaching this defense up and it looks light years ahead of last year’s defense. Dallas also has the much better quarterback in this game. Better receivers, better running backs, better offensive line (even without Collins). Better coaching staff. On paper, this looks like a win for the Cowboys, but this is most likely going to be a hard-fought game. This game will most likely have both fan bases on the edge of their seats until the end of the game. I hope all of you enjoy the game and as always, go Cowboys!

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