3 reasons why the Buccaneers can be Super Bowl champions again

Tom Brady and the Buccaneers can repeat as Super Bowl champions

By: Jake Rajala

The Tompa Bay Buccaneers got smacked by the New Orleans Saints in their second regular-season matchup last season by a score of 38-3. Of course, the blood-thirsty Tom Brady-led Buccaneers offense would put the pedal to the medal, lose only two regular-season games after, roll through the playoffs (with a playoff win against the Saints), and ultimately obtain a Lombardi trophy. 

In 2021, it’s well noted that the Buccaneers got throttled by the underdog divisional Saints squad once again. With that being said, I believe the story of 2020 post the second Saints defeat could rewrite itself once again in this near 2022 season. I’m not sure if the Buccaneers will lose two regular-season games as they did last year after their second defeat against the Saints, but they certainly hold lots of talent to win another Super Bowl in back-to-back seasons. Here are three reasons why I believe TB12 and his golden arm could raise an eighth Lombardi! 

  • Front seven 

There’s no denying the Buccaneers offense, but it’s their defense that crippled its opponents in last year’s playoff gauntlet. Once again, I believe their secret sauce rests with their ferocious pass rush to complement its offense. To obtain the gold, the Bucs have the tools to do it. The Bucs nightmare defense can affect not only NFC QBs but Patrick Mahomes with just their front four DL. 

Shaq Barrett should get back just in time for playoffs, per NBC Sports. We witnessed the Saints pass rush gain an energy level against the Bucs OL in Week 15. Expect a healthy Barrett, non-injured JPP, and a battle-tested Joe Tryon to turn up the heat and make life miserable for opposing QBs in the NFC ….. Like Aaron Rodgers 

  • Dominance over Green Bay Packers

I believe two out of these three squads: the Buccaneers, the Rams, and the Packers will be squaring off in the NFC Championship. It wouldn’t be a surprise or more poetic if the two biggest MVP candidates at the QB position once again face-off in the biggest NFC dance. With that being said, there’s not a high-end team that the Buccaneers should more feel comfortable playing than the Green Bay Packers. 

The Bucs beat the Pack 38-10 in the 2020 regular season and 31-26 in last year’s playoffs.

  • Healthy Leonard Fournette

They call Leonard Fournette “Playoff Lenny” for a special reason. Playoff Lenny was a pleasant surprise and dynamite for the Bucs last regular season. If Fournette doesn’t run wild, the play-action game is far less efficient for the then 43-year-old QB, and the lack of positive run game would allow defenses to tee off on the MVP QB. 

Fournette was the second Bucs weapon to suffer a brutal injury against the Saints, but it’s well documented how the bowling ball RB will be back for the playoffs. A fresh Fournette could be extra dangerous against NFC foes and the stingy Aaron Donald – led LA Rams run defense if they meet up. 

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