Saints QBs options in 2022: 3 best fits

Who is the best Saints QB option in 2022?

The New Orleans Saints have had a whopping four different quarterbacks start for them this complex season. Here’s the list of the non-Hall of Fame QBs: 

Jameis Winston: 5-2 record

Taysom Hill: 2-1 record

Trevor Siemian: 0-5 record

Ian Book: 0-1 record

It’s very clear that it’s been like musical chairs at the QB position for Who Dat Nation. In 2022, the original starting QB Jameis Winston will test free agency. It’s not yet clear if the QB whisperer himself Sean Payton will ink Winston to a new contract or attempt to lure in a different QB via trade, free agency, or draft.

So, what will Payton most likely do at the QB position this offseason? Well, I’m going to untwine my three favorite scenarios for the Saints QB position. 

  1. Trade for Russell Wilson (I know right)

Sean Payton is a man of simple taste. He likes to kick onside kicks in field goals, challenge impossible plays, and pass the ball on 4th and one. A part of that is showcasing his aggression and the other half is myself getting frustration off all of our chests for the recent Dolphins game. Now, let’s cut to chase. Payton may likely have grey hair when imagining the QB situation after this 2021 season. I think Payton is pleased with what he saw from Winston, but I think he has red flags and a slightly less ceiling than Pro Bowl QBs. 

I foresee Payton getting the best available QB on the market and acquiring a signal-caller that could bring back the similar success that Drew Brees held in NOLA. If Payton has to lose 3-5 players via contracts (or trade) when getting Wilson, the potential of the team would still be much higher than Winston with more money to keep a few other building blocks.

  1. Re-sign Jameis Winston 

If the Saints can’t get Wilson, I do believe Winston is the next best combination of talent + age. The Saints could pull a surprise by attempting to acquire A-Rod, but I think Payton will like the youth and contract of Winston more. I do believe that Winston has issues with accuracy and he’s had injury issues in the past, but he’s still a QB that can bring the Saints to a 10-6 record with ease. Plus, Winston has grown a lot in the past two seasons. He may have more eagerness and potential in his back pocket. 

  1. Trade for Baker Mayfield 

If Saints fans thought Payton improved Jameis Winston, just imagine what Payton could build with inconsistent, insanely talented Browns QB Baker Mayfield. Mayfield may immediately help the likes of speed demon Deonte Harris turn into a Pro Bowl-caliber WR. 

Baker has clearly had a rough outing in Cleveland in 2021. Still, the Browns have a plethora of talent surrounding the QB position and firepower on defense. If they opt to acquire a more conservative QB or rookie QB, they may push Mayfield out for a hefty load of talent. The aggressive head coach in the Big Easy could pull the trigger on a trade and he would also be able to give up less compensation for Baker than Wilson or Rodgers.

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