Panthers QB options in 2022

Who will be the Panthers starting QB in 2022?

The Carolina Panthers have a big question mark at the quarterback position in 2022. The slightly more anxious Matt Rhule and the Panthers just re-signed XFL standout P.J. Walker on Monday. It’s also been reported by the New York Post that Sam Darnold will be in a Panthers uniform next season. 

It seems that the Panthers want to give Darnold a year of growth and allow him to compete with a likely newcomer at the QB position. The question unequivocally is: what will happen at the Panthers QB position? Well, here are a few potential names that would make sense to land in CAR. 

  1. Jameis Winston 

This number 1 option might be strange, but it would make a lot of sense. There’s so much buzz surrounding “Russell Wilson landing in NOLA”, but not enough traction revolving around Jameis Winston’s next landing spot. If Wilson takes his talents to the Big Easy, there is a 0% Winston remains in New Orleans. I’d love to see the Panthers sign Winston vs drafting a QB round one in the 2022 draft. The Panthers have a shorter window to pursue the Lombardi trophy off the legs of Christian McCaffrey. They also have the WRs to move the chains at ease. They can insert a mega arm, 27-year-old QB in Winston this offseason. 

It would be a poetic move for Winston to sign with his third NFC South team. At least Winston could grow with talent on offense and the talented, youthful defense (particularly on the front seven). 

  1. Sam Howell

Again … I wouldn’t want to see the Panthers notch a QB in round one. They can find a similar value QB with Sam Howell in round two, not to mention that they still carry a QB project in Darnold. Howell would be a beautiful pickup by the Panthers. Howell may have more gasoline on his arm than Darnold and he even he is a few years younger than Darnold. He could utilize deep threat, Robby Anderson, quite well for Rhule. 

Howell could sit and let the Panthers build the roster for a year then he could potentially take the reigns in a soon-to-be Brady-less NFC South. 

  1. Cam Newton

This option might appear ludicrous for 75% of Panthers nation, but Cam does have a knack to come back from the dead. I also agree that there is less than 10% of Newton being prepped as the QB1 at the start of the training camp. Yet, Darnold routinely faces the injury bug. He’s missed four games in each of the past two seasons. If another injury occurs to Darnold in preseason action and they really need a veteran QB instead of a rookie, it would be ideal that Cam is inserted or gets a phone call. 

There isn’t a single soul that can clock the book on Newton’s work ethic. If he stays in shape and shows that he still has a grasp on the Panthers offense, he can really be a serviceable QB for the familiar offense.

Why Chauncey Gardner Johnson is the Saints X Factor

Chauncey Gardner Johnson is the Saints x factor in 2022

By: Jeremy Trottier

The New Orleans Saints have had quite the odd year overall.  From mounting COVID-19 cases across the team to set the record for most starters ever used in a season to injuries piling up weekly and almost all their playmakers going down at one point or another.  Yet with all of this, the Saints are still in contention for the playoffs with a win this Sunday and a Rams win against the 49ers.  This has been the product of many players, however the most notable at this moment is Chauncey Gardner-Johnson.  The nickel CB/safety has been an absolute monster on the field this season and arguably has looked the best he ever has in his short NFL career.

In this article, I will be going over three reasons as to why Chauncey is one of the most impactful players on this Saints team.  Also, I will be covering why this impact led to the Saints still being an average team this year, despite the piling up of player losses all year.

Competitive Fire/Talk

The thing everyone knows Chauncey for is his trash talk and competitive spirit on the field.  If he makes a big play, he will always let you know.  If he thinks he is having a good day, he will tell the player he is covering.  This is something that really gets into the head of players, and we have seen on numerous occasions where his trash talk led to a fight or verbal altercation.  We saw it against the Bears with Javon Wims having an issue with him twice in two separate games, it is also just noticeable on a game-to-game basis where players get fed up with his talking and are not as effective.

Why is this a positive for the Saints?  It gets into the head of the opponent and makes them think more about his talking rather than focusing on the game and task at hand.  He also draws penalties/ejections in some cases such as with Wims, as they get so annoyed with him that they will start a fight.  There is not too much downside to this either as trash talk is not a taunting penalty (at least as of yet) so he can do it without getting penalized.

Big Play Capability

The second major factor that makes Chauncey so valuable to the Saints is his ability to make “the big play” during each game.  He has been filling the stat sheets to the fullest extend this season and has one of nearly every single statistic accounted for at his position.  So far, prior to week 18, he has accumulated the following (in 11 games played and 10 started):

  • 3 interceptions for 45 yards and 6 passes deflected
  • 2 sacks, 4 QB hits, 5 pressures
  • 42 total tackles (29 solo 13 assisted) and 4 tackles for loss
  • 66.3 passer rating when targeted, 171 air yards allowed, and only 1 touchdown allowed

All of his interceptions have come in divisional games this season, picking off Tom Brady twice and Sam Darnold once.  The two divisional games the Saints have lost this season were games where Chauncey did not play or missed most of the game while being 3-0 so far in the division with him having a high snap count.  Overall, this shows how impactful he can be to the team and its success.

Team & Roster Fit

Finally, one of the best parts about Chauncey on the Saints is how well he fits with the other players on the roster.  With Marshon Lattimore, Bradley Roby, and Paulson Adebo locking up the outside corner spots, having a premier slot corner is almost a necessity to complete the secondary, and Chauncey fills that role exceptionally.  The other portion is his flexibility to safety, as the Saints safety room could be coming to an end in the near future. 

With Marcus Williams on a contract season and potentially becoming a free agent this offseason, the Saints could lose him in favor of paying Jameis Winston instead due to their cap concerns.  Even with GM Mickey Loomis, they have a lot of players to pay, and only so much money to utilize.  On the other side as well, Malcolm Jenkins has been phenomenal for the Saints, playing relatively well against his opponents, however, he is up there in age, and the Saints will need a future safety eventually.  With this, Chauncey’s experience at safety in college will be a boon to the Saints roster as they can shift him there when needed.

Saints QBs options in 2022: 3 best fits

Who is the best Saints QB option in 2022?

The New Orleans Saints have had a whopping four different quarterbacks start for them this complex season. Here’s the list of the non-Hall of Fame QBs: 

Jameis Winston: 5-2 record

Taysom Hill: 2-1 record

Trevor Siemian: 0-5 record

Ian Book: 0-1 record

It’s very clear that it’s been like musical chairs at the QB position for Who Dat Nation. In 2022, the original starting QB Jameis Winston will test free agency. It’s not yet clear if the QB whisperer himself Sean Payton will ink Winston to a new contract or attempt to lure in a different QB via trade, free agency, or draft.

So, what will Payton most likely do at the QB position this offseason? Well, I’m going to untwine my three favorite scenarios for the Saints QB position. 

  1. Trade for Russell Wilson (I know right)

Sean Payton is a man of simple taste. He likes to kick onside kicks in field goals, challenge impossible plays, and pass the ball on 4th and one. A part of that is showcasing his aggression and the other half is myself getting frustration off all of our chests for the recent Dolphins game. Now, let’s cut to chase. Payton may likely have grey hair when imagining the QB situation after this 2021 season. I think Payton is pleased with what he saw from Winston, but I think he has red flags and a slightly less ceiling than Pro Bowl QBs. 

I foresee Payton getting the best available QB on the market and acquiring a signal-caller that could bring back the similar success that Drew Brees held in NOLA. If Payton has to lose 3-5 players via contracts (or trade) when getting Wilson, the potential of the team would still be much higher than Winston with more money to keep a few other building blocks.

  1. Re-sign Jameis Winston 

If the Saints can’t get Wilson, I do believe Winston is the next best combination of talent + age. The Saints could pull a surprise by attempting to acquire A-Rod, but I think Payton will like the youth and contract of Winston more. I do believe that Winston has issues with accuracy and he’s had injury issues in the past, but he’s still a QB that can bring the Saints to a 10-6 record with ease. Plus, Winston has grown a lot in the past two seasons. He may have more eagerness and potential in his back pocket. 

  1. Trade for Baker Mayfield 

If Saints fans thought Payton improved Jameis Winston, just imagine what Payton could build with inconsistent, insanely talented Browns QB Baker Mayfield. Mayfield may immediately help the likes of speed demon Deonte Harris turn into a Pro Bowl-caliber WR. 

Baker has clearly had a rough outing in Cleveland in 2021. Still, the Browns have a plethora of talent surrounding the QB position and firepower on defense. If they opt to acquire a more conservative QB or rookie QB, they may push Mayfield out for a hefty load of talent. The aggressive head coach in the Big Easy could pull the trigger on a trade and he would also be able to give up less compensation for Baker than Wilson or Rodgers.

3 potential free agent landing spots for Jameis Winston 

Will Jameis Winston stay in the Big Easy?

By: Jake Rajala

The big arm, humble, 27-year-old quarterback Jameis Winston took the New Orleans Saints to a 5-2 record in 2021 before tearing his ACL in Week 7. It’s disappointing that Winston had a brutal exit after several games, but there are positives to reflect on with the former Buccaneers and Saints starting QB. 

The Saints QB that signed to be Drew Brees’s apprentice in 2020 has seen impressive personal growth on and off the field. Winston took the reigns from Brees and showed strong leadership and control of the locker room. Most importantly, the once turnover machine revolted into a sharp signal-caller with big play-making potential. 

Here is an overview of Winston’s 2021 stats 

*according to Pro Football Reference

  • Passer rating of 102.8  (career-best)
  • 14 passing touchdowns in 7 games
  • 1.9% Int percentage (career-best)

It’s well documented that Winston has been a stud in a Saints uniform. Sean Payton has cleaned up Winston’s mistakes and he’s inserted him an offense that has the elite Alvin Kamara and was once healthy upfront.

With that being said, Winston is set to become a free agent in the 2022 offseason. It’s not clear if Payton wants to keep Winston and if the two sides can agree on a deal that makes sense for the Saints, but can also please the improved QB. There have also been numerous reports linking Russell Wilson, Deshaun Watson, and Aaron Rodgers to the Saints. So, what will the Saints do at the QB spot this offseason, and will Winston be a part of their plans? 

Let’s go under the microscope and see if Winston will remain a Saint or if he will find the next chapter of his journey elsewhere.

  • Denver Broncos 

The Von Miller less Denver Broncos would be a very ideal landing spot for Jameis Winston. For one, the Broncos surely don’t have a long-term answer at the QB position. Teddy Bridgewater and Drew Lock have been caught with the injury bug or bench warmer job. The Broncos currently hold the third-most cap space in the league and would easily have the resources to reel in the free-agent QB. 

The 7-8 AFC West squad has been surprisingly competitive with a putrid QB showing this season. If they insert the 27-year-old QB who can utilize Jerry Jeudy, Courtland Sutton, they might be an AFC contender for the next decade. Winston is also a much better QB option than any option in the draft for the AFC West team looking at a mid-first-round pick. 

  • Detroit Lions 

The Detroit Lions might have the audacity to win a bidding war for Winston. Dan Campbell (former assistant Saints coach) has strong ties to his former colleague Sean Payton and he may believe that the Saints QB would be a great signing over a rookie QB in the current predicament. The Lions situation at WR and OL is nerve-wracking for a rookie QB, but a QB experienced with “making a lot out of a little” may be able to translate in a modest way early on for Detroit. It doesn’t appear that vengeful Jared Goff will be the franchise QB in the Motor City. Expect DET to try and take a big jump with their roster this offseason without breaking the bank for a rookie QB. 

  • New Orleans Saints 

I don’t foresee the Saints signing Winston to a long-term deal, but it would make a lot of sense for the two sides to agree on a short-term contract. Winston showed that he has a lot of upside in the seven games for the Saints, plus he has a lot more years left than the likes of Aaron Rodgers and Russell Wilson (33 years old). Winston could have the keys for 1-2 years and show how much damage he can oust on defenses for the length of the season. If the Saints elect to sign Winston over sending the house for Wilson in a trade, they will be able to keep more upcoming key free agents. Players like Marcus Williams, Marcus Davenport, Ceedy Duce, and Terron Armstead will be big free-agent decisions for the wizard Mickey Loomis.

Free agent QBs in 2022: Top 5 signal callers on the market

Who are the best free agent QBs in 2022?

The 2021 NFL playoff dance and 2022 NFL offseason are steadily approaching. After a team hoists the Lombardi Trophy in February, the NFL offseason will inevitably kick off. Coaches and fans will begin to take notes on the NFL Combine and NFL Free Agency. In particular, the NFL free agency will surely be an entertaining session. 

There are countless big-name profiles on the free-agent market this offseason. At the QB position, teams will be gifted with doing their research on a plethora of available talented field generals. In this rebuttal, I’m to layout the notable free agent QBs. Let’s take a look at the FA QBs and figure out what the hierarchy ought to be.

  1. Jameis Winston 

In my opinion, Winston is easily the most talented FA QB. The former number one overall pick, passing touchdown leader, and passing yard leader, showed that he can play a clean style of football in his seven contests this season. Winston threw only three interceptions and unveiled a 102.8 passer rating. Also, the upcoming FA is just 27 years old! 

  1. Teddy Bridgewater

The former Saints QB earned the starting job in Denver and he could very well be looking at another starting gig in 2022. Bridgewater unloaded a career-high passing touchdown mark (18) this season and he had his team at a modest 7-7 record before going down with a late, unfortunate injury. 

  1. Marcus Mariota

The former first-round pick out of Oregon may hold the most value in the free-agent class. Marcus Mariota has rumored to have competed very well with the elite QB Derek Carr in the offseason. Mariota may have more seasoned skills and knowledge after sitting on the bench in Las Vegas. We saw Winston benefit from being a padawan in New Orleans, so could Mariota have improved his skillset as a QB2?

  1. Tyrod Taylor 

Tyrod Taylor was replaced as the starting QB in favor of rookie QB David Mills in Houston, but he still holds upside at 32 years old. Taylor may still be the lead QB in Los Angeles if a medical procedure didn’t go haywire. The dual-threat QB could be an excellent backup for New Orleans if the Taysom Hill project gets pulled. Perhaps, Taylor goes to the Carolina Panthers to compete with a young QB there? 

  1. Ryan Fitzpatrick 

It’s impossible to tell if the 2022 offseason will be the last offseason for “Fitzmagic”. It is clear that there haven’t been any reports of Fitzpatrick looking to throw in the towel just yet. The WFT QB will almost certainly be looking to compete for a backup gig, but he could be a modest QB2 if he has talent around him and he can manage to stay healthy. At this point, it’s impossible to tell where the bearded QB could sign next. 

What is the ceiling and floor of QB Jameis Winston this season?

What exactly is the ceiling and floor of QB Jameis Winston?

By: Jeremy Trottier

Jameis Winston has been one of the bigger enigmas in the NFL so far this season, as he has had three solid games, a middle-of-the-road game, a relatively bad one.  Throwing 12 touchdowns and 3 interceptions through five games is not too shabby considering how many fans were expecting him to revert to 2019 form.  With that said, it is worth noting that he is not working with much at the receiver position as of now.  The large majority of the receivers on the Saints roster are UDFAs, and their WR1 and 2 in Michael Thomas and Tre’Quan Smith respectively have been injured so far this season.  With that said, here is my projected ceiling and floor for Winston this season, as well as where he could fall between the two.


The absolute top out for Jameis Winston would be him continuing on his performance from week 1, where he had five touchdowns and no interceptions, as well as displaying some impressive mobility in and out of the pocket.  While he did not do a ton of passing, by only having 148 yards, he was extremely effective in those passes he did throw, completing 70% of them and attaining a 130.8 passer rating in the game.  

Odds are, Sean Payton will not be letting Jameis open up his abilities fully until near the end of the season, therefore I would not expect him to be breaking any records or winning any awards.  But, he could definitely be the effective starter he has been so far throughout the season and bring the Saints to an NFC South title in the best (still reasonable) scenario.


The floor we have seen from Jameis is relatively tame so far, comparatively to his past floors.  His worst game was blatantly against the Carolina Panthers; however, this was not entirely his fault.  With starting center Erik McCoy out, eight coaches out, and many other players out entering that week, the team looked horrible as a whole and collapsed.  The offensive line did not give Jameis any time whatsoever to make decisions, which led to him forcing passes.  His first interception on the day was him trying to force into multiple-man coverage because the Saints needed a score before halftime to have any chance and putting their trust into Aldrick Rosas from any range beyond 30 seemed like a bad choice.

With that said, his floor is definitely what we saw in that game, as he just could not produce whatsoever due to the circumstances.  He had 111 yards on 50% completion with two interceptions and a 26.9 QBR.  It does not get much worse than this for Jameis, even when he threw three or four picks in a game previously he would at least have significantly higher yard totals. I would expect two to three more games like this and potentially 4 – 5 more games if injuries to Ryan Ramczyk surface.

Expected Contribution

Now onto what I think he should be or what he can be expected to be.  So far this season, his “median” has been the last two games, against the New England Patriots and New York Giants.  His passer rating has floated around the 110s (110.8 week 3, 119.1 week 4) and he has had a passing touchdown in each of those games.  I would not expect him to be throwing very large yard totals, at least until Michael Thomas returns, as the Saints offense will revolve around running and screens until they have a true receiving option to draw coverage off Marquez Callaway.

He likely will not hit 5000 yards, and this should not be a concern to Saints fans.  If he can keep his interceptions minimized as he has so far with only two through five games, this would be a good sign, as it shows his mental stability and desire to play team football and not hero ball.  Should he be opened up more than we have seen so far?  Yes.  “Let Jameis cook” should be the case, as long as it does not get too carried away and he does not start making scary throws.  So far, he has limited these throws, which is an amazing sign, and if Sean starts loosening the reigns a bit, we could see some phenomenal football from Jameis in the latter half of the season.

Saints Week 1 showdown: what exactly happened?

What was behind Saints Week 1 big victory?

By: Courtney Burrows

Week 1 is in the books and what a wild one it was to start off the 2021-22 NFL season.  There have been many off-season stories that have left us scratching our heads and others that have us jumping in anticipation.  (Or wait, is it only me jumping!)  All I can say is Week 1 delivered highs and lows for me and others in the fantasy community, and I am very happy that football is back. There were crazy games and players who shined and crashed, but the best game in my opinion of the week was New Orleans Saints versus Green Bay where the Saints came marching in and roasted the Packers 38-3.

                The Packers came to Jacksonville to play the Saints who were displaced by Hurricane Ida. The Saints were led by QB Jameis Winston who won the starting job from Taysom Hill in the pre-season. This was the first game the team played without their leader Drew Brees under center. No one knew what to expect or what to feel, but this die-hard Saints fan knew Winston would be our guy and have been rooting for him. 

In Winston’s last season with the Bucs, he threw for 5,109 yards, 33 touchdowns, and 30 interceptions. He was released by the team, and no one wanted to give the once 1st round draft pick a starting chance. So, he became the 3rd string behind Brees and under Coach Payton’s regime and began to study quietly with his head down, determined, and focused. This is a new Winston under center, a leader in the locker room determined to prove he is the right QB to once again lead a team, and prove he did in Jacksonville Saturday afternoon.

                The Saints defensive attack led by Zack Baun who had five tackles made Rodgers scramble and throw erratically which is not the steady hand we are used to seeing.  Rodgers ended with two interceptions, 15 completions on 28 attempts, and a passer rating of 36.8%.  He could not get anything done in the red zone with his star wideout Adams and star RB Jones was unable to go anywhere on the ground.  The Saints defense came to play, and with them making stop upon the stop, the offensive had ample opportunity to carve up plays. The time of possession was almost a full 10 minutes over the Pack.  Kamara led the rushing attack with 83 out of 171 total yards. Winston only had 148 yards in the air, but they were calculated and precise with zero interceptions, five total touchdowns to four different receivers, and a passer rating of 130.8%. The most surprising was 2nd year TE Juwan Johnson he hauled in two touchdowns and will be another hot wavier wire this week. Though fellow TE Trautman led the team in targets, Johnson is only owned in 1.8% of ESPN leagues. 

The one injury of note is star pass-rusher Marcus Davenport, who ended Sunday with three tackles and one sack, underwent an MRI to see the extent of an apparent pectoral muscle injury which was deemed a strain not a tear.  This is fantastic news for the defensive as he should return sooner than later.  In the meantime, Carl Granderson and rookie Payton Turner will have to step up in a big way. 

For a guy that no one had much faith in besides the WHODAT nation, Winston did well and proved many doubters wrong.  He and the Saints decimated and embarrassed the Packers in the Sunshine State.  It won’t be a walk in the park in every contest for the Saints, but this is a confidence builder. All the parts fit together to make one cohesive, strong unified team under one of the best coaches in the game today. I am proud of Winston and his character today. I look forward to this season, and can’t wait for Sunday Funday.


Find me on twitter at luvtractor3 for any questions and just for everyday football fun. 

Marquez Callaway can be a stud in the Saints week 1 game

Marquez Callaway will explode in the Saints Week 1 game

By: Jeremy Trottier

The New Orleans Saints have had a pretty intriguing offseason, primarily in the wide receiver room, as many moves have happened.  WR1 Michael Thomas is expected to miss time with an ankle surgery recovery, previous WR2 Emmanuel Sanders has left, WR3 Tre’Quan Smith is battling a hamstring injury still, Deonte Harris is facing suspension still, despite gameday nearing, etc.  The one bright spot at the top of the new depth chart is 2020 UDFA Marquez Callaway from Tennessee University.  Callaway has solidified at the very least a starting role in the Saints offense as of now, if not the top receiver spot prior to a Thomas return.  In this article, I will be going over what to expect from Marquez Callaway in week 1.

Large Score in PPR Leagues

I personally believe that Callaway will have a high volume of offensive passing touches, which will lead to some high PPR numbers if anything.  He should most definitely have double-digit receptions at the very least, as with the Tre’Quan Smith injury putting him back out of practice today and not many outside options otherwise, he is the primary target for the Saints.  Even with having to go up against Jaire Alexander this weekend, he should be able to get open a few times with his route tree or make some contested catches when available.

Quick, Short, Shifty Route Tree

I fully expect this game to be a battle of how the Saints can play the short pass and then throw one or two deep passes and catch the Packers defense off guard if possible.  Callaway should be running a tree primarily consisting of curls, flats, slants, and short-out routes to be able to get underneath the defense and open up some capability for Deonte Harris to get behind the defense.  Letting Callaway play the short passing game and letting Jameis Winston get the ball out quickly and effectively should help this offense move the chains.

Tone Setting Deep Catch or Two

As we saw in the preseason, Callaway was able to keep up with the likes of Marlon Humphrey for a few downs before he was taken off to prevent injury, and against Shaq Griffin for a longer period of time where he had his two amazing touchdown catches, even regardless of coverage, the catches were spectacular.  We should expect to see one or two catches of this nature again, not necessarily touchdowns, but large gains of 25+ where they can keep the defense honest by opening it up in the safety level.

This deep placement should allow for Alvin Kamara to get some more touches and rushes if used at the correct time, as the defense will be forced to put men further back in coverage to prevent the deep pass, which opens up screens and zone rushes for Kamara.  Callaway overall should have a solid game, I am not sure to expect him to be having the showing of a lifetime yet where he absolutely torches the opposing defense, but it should be a respectable statline nonetheless.

Which Saints QB is winning the QB battle?

Does Jameis Winston or Taysom Hill lead the Saints QB competition?

By: Jeremy Trottier

The New Orleans Saints have had an extremely interesting offseason so far, primarily because of the retirement of Drew Brees.  This leaves the Saints with arguably the most intriguing quarterback battle in the 2021-2022 season.  As of right now, there are two QBs who are being heavily considered for the position, former Tampa Bay Buccaneers starting QB Jameis Winston, and the Swiss Army Knife Taysom Hill.  Thanks to reporters who have been at each of the public training camps, we have the stats that each QB has put up so far in training camps.  With this info and other information gathered via previous knowledge of the players, we will be choosing which of the two is “ahead” currently in this battle.

Please note two things, the first being that this is not a guarantee that who I choose will start, nor does it mean they will perform better this season, it is just inferring who has done better so far with the camp stats.  Secondly, this was written on Friday, August 13th, the day prior to the Saints first preseason game, so any stats or gameplay from that game will not be contributed to this article as it has not happened at the time of this piece being written.

Taysom Hill

Camp Statline: 8/10 in full-team drills, 78 for 120 with two touchdowns and three interceptions in all camp throws this season.

Taysom is really hard to see in camps, as his capabilities primarily rely on his ability to scramble outside the pocket as well as plowing through defenders on rushes.  This is near impossible to see as camps have been low contact on QBs and they almost always try to avoid contact, and more focus on the fundamentals of the game.  

With that said, this is somewhat the statline one would expect from Taysom if you have seen him play before.  He can make some poor decisions to move the ball downfield, hence the 3 interceptions, however his completion percentage (65% in camps) is still strong as he is very solid in the short to the intermediate passing game.  Overall, he has had about as good of a camp as anyone can ask of him so far, and once preseason rolls around he should be seen more in his natural form.

Jameis Winston

Camp Statline: 13/18 and a touchdown in full-team drills, 102 for 146 with five touchdowns and three interceptions in all camp throws this season.

Jameis Winston, on a pretty opposite tone to Taysom, has had a very good camp so far from the pocket and has really been able to lock down and focus on the play.  Now something that has not come up a ton is Jameis throwing deep passes, aside from a few that were reported, hence why his interceptions are low and his touchdowns are higher, as well as his completion percentage. 

As of right now, he has a 69.8% completion rate, which is likely due to being focused on shorter passes and working on his throwing technique and decision-making more than anything.  With that said, this is really nice to see as he is clearly taking the smarter play most of the time, considering his high completion percentage.  This works well for the Saints system as if he can get the ball to Alvin Kamara out of the backfield, that will allow Kamara to do the work.  This ability to throw in the flat also allows for a deep shot once a drive or so where Jameis can throw a defense off and hit someone down the field with a deep pass since the coverage would focus lower. 


As of this moment, Jameis has had the better training camp so far, but it is not by a landslide by any means.  Taysom has done well to keep up and have a solid completion rate, but as I mentioned previously, his main capabilities cannot be shown in camps.  Preseason will be absolutely massive, as this allows both QBs to go all out against a defense they are not 100% familiar with and use their skills.  Sean Payton when interviewed said they would have one of the two QBs start one preseason game, then one close it, and then switch for the next game and see the inverse, making preseason become even more interesting as they are clearly taking their time to decide.

QBs to trade away in Dynasty Fantasy Football

Trade away QB Jameis Winston in dynasty

By: Jake Rajala

The dynasty fantasy football season is always in progress. Improving one’s fantasy roster and gaining a step ahead of your opponents doesn’t rest in the 365-day dynasty fantasy football course.

Everybody’s quarterback spot is always being monitored and rightfully so, the QB spot needs to be sharp and consistent. Just as seeking QB talent is the utmost necessary, it’s important to find out which signal-callers should be shipped away. There are many opportunities to deal a QB with smaller compensation with aim of acquiring a much better long-term QB.

In this outlook, I’m going to lay out two notable names that should be avoided in dynasty leagues. Let’s take a deep dive into this dynasty QB piece.

Jameis Winston – New Orleans Saints

I stand by my claim that Jameis Winston is the “most overhyped QB heading into 2021”. I feel strongly that hefty paid Taysom Hill, who shined when given the starting role, will reclaim the duties when Week 1 is underway. Personally, I feel like Hill and Winston are not the long-term answer for Sean Payton’s offense, anyways. Payton wants his guy and a talented guy with that. I believe the Saints will make a strong effort to trade up for the right QB in next year’s draft. I don’t foresee Payton acting as Andy Reid did and trying to get by with a QB like Alex Smith or Donovan McNabb. Payton likes to light up the scoreboard and oust routine Top 5 offensive performances.

If Winston does earn the starting nod in 2021, he’s still the same QB that threw 14+ interceptions in nearly every season for the Bucs. If Winston does start and manages to be modest (appears most likely), I see Payton trusting himself elsewhere instead of signing Winston to a monster deal after Winston’s one-year deal finishes after this season. I simply believe there is far too much risk all around for Winston’s ability to shine with the Saints.

Take advantage of the insane hype with the former first overall pick, former passing TD and passing yard leader, and player that is often shown working out intensely. I believe trading Winston with potentially some draft compensation or player for the likes of sleeper QB Daniel Jones, or stud Matthew Stafford, or rookie Mac Jones, it would really be a great move.  

Kyler Murray – Arizona Cardinals

The Arizona Cardinals have a talented QB in Kyler Murray, but he would be the perfect QB to trade away. He’s ranked as the actual third QB in dynasty right now. He’s a talented dual-threat QB, but I believe he’s one of the most controversial Top 3 dynasty QBs in the last several years. I believe he’s the perfect player to trade away.

Murray will be a Top 5 stat machine, but I don’t love his ceiling. He doesn’t appear to have his team in the ring for the NFC West prize and he’s not shown the ability to bully divisional defenses (Seahawks, Rams, 49ers) when he must. Murray may have gotten multiple additions to his offense, but they won’t propel the unit to an elite passing machine.

AJ Green is on his last legs and Rondale Moore doesn’t appear to be a lock starter yet. I personally believe an underlooked factor is that Kliff Kingsbury could likely be out the door after this upcoming season or next year if the Cardinals don’t compete strongly in the NFC West (as they appear to be fourth place favorites right now). If you could get a talented “Joe Burrow or Trevor Lawrence out of Murray AND quality draft compensation”, give it the green light.

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