3 ultimate darkhorse MVP candidates next season

Who is the best darkhorse MVP candidate?

By: Jake Rajala

The NFL is clearly highlighted by the supreme talent of many quarterbacks. Signal-callers like Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, and Patrick Mahomes have been chosen by the football gods to wreak havoc on opposing defenses and unveil unearthly stats. It’s expected that an elite QB that’s typically displayed stardom over the past few years will win MVP honors next season. Nonetheless, it’s very normal in today’s league that a darkhorse player could win MVP. With that said, here are three underrated prospects that could potentially win MVP next season.

Derek Carr

The LV Raiders QB Derek Carr threw for the fifth-most passing yards last season and led his team to a playoff appearance. He will have a healthy Darren Waller (Waller missed six games last season) and newly acquired Davante Adams (most targeted WR (the second-most targeted WR in 2021). I fully expect the former Fresno QB to really increase his production and become a Top 5 QB in passing yards and passing touchdowns next season.

Jameis Winston

I wholeheartedly believe Jameis Winston was the most underappreciated QB last season. It appears that many fans forget that Winston was 5-2 as the Saints QB in 2021 (including an odd loss against the Carolina Panthers when the Saints were missing several coaches). Furthermore, Winston was playing well without Michael Thomas (Top 5 WR in the NFL) last season. Expect Winston to be prolific with a healthy MT and potentially Jameson Williams in 2022. He will also have an elite defense to help him dominate against Tom Brady and likely unleash 11+ wins in the 2022-2023 season.

Matt Ryan

The Indianapolis Colts QB Matt Ryan was left out to try with the Atlanta Falcons last season. He didn’t have Julio Jones and Calvin Ridley missed 12 games last season (to say the least). Matt Ryan was still efficient with poor weaponry last season and he should be confident in having a Top 8 QB performance with the stellar Colts roster next season. He will have the 2021 MVP candidate Jonathan Taylor, Michael Pittman, and likely another quality WR in his arsenal.

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