Projecting the Buffalo Bills record in 2022

What will be the Bills record in 2022?

By: Jake Rajala

The Buffalo Bills are the biggest Super Bowl favorite in the eyes of countless NFL analysts. It’s clearly hard to bet against the Josh Allen-led Bills, who also signed the future Hall of Famer Von Miller this off-season. With that said, I’m going to simply untwine the likely victories, potential losses, and overall record for the Bills in 2022.

Week 1: at the Rams

The Bills-Rams showdown could be the Super Bowl LVII preview. It may seem like the Bills are the favorite after Miller jumped from LA to BUF, but I still trust the Rams a bit more in Week 1. I like the Rams addition of Allen Robinson and he could excel against the rookie Kaiir Elam. I believe LA wins 35-28.

Week 2: vs the Titans

I expect the Tennesee Titans will take a dip in 2022 and they may potentially be in the Malik Willis era at some point next season. I believe the Bills win 35-21.

Week 3: at the Dolphins

It will take time for the Dolphins to grow chemistry with their new pieces next season. I trust in Allen and the Bills quite a bit more than the Dolphins in this contest. I believe the Bills win 35-24.

Week 4: at the Ravens

The Ravens may have the best secondary in the NFL, but I still don’t believe Lamar Jackson will keep pace with Allen in the show-down. I believe the Bills win 28-21.

Week 5: vs the Steelers

The Steelers made the playoffs in miraculous fashion in 2021. I expect the Bills to win 38-21 in this game.

Week 6: at the Chiefs

The Chiefs may still have an explosive offensive attack without Tyreek Hill. Nonetheless, I like the Bills overall talent a bit more – as I expect BUF to win in this re-match by a score of 42-35.

Week 8: vs the Packers

I don’t love the Packers direction, to say the least. I believe the Bills win 38-28.

Week 9: at the Jets

The Bills will certainly mop the floor against the Jets. I foresee the Bills winning 35-14.

Week 10: vs the Vikings

I project the Vikings to win the NFC North, but I don’t feel confident in them beating the Bills. I expect the Bills to beat the Vikings by a score of 35-27.

Week 11: vs the Browns

It seems like Deshaun Watson could miss the 2022 season. I expect the Bills to beat the Browns 35-24.

Week 12: at the Lions

The Lions will not come close to upsetting the Bills — as the Bills should have a monster victory by a score of 42-14.

Week 13: at the Patriots

The Bills will sweep their despised opponent in New England next season. I believe the Bills win 28-14 in this show-down.

Week 14: vs the Jets

I predict the Bills win 35-17 against a Jets team that could have a new HC-QB combo in 2023.

Week 15: vs the Dolphins

The Bills should expect to face an improved Dolphins team in their second match-up. Although, I still believe the Bills will win 28-24 in this game.

Week 16: at the Bears

I am not in awe of Justin Fields’s ability to edge out the Bears. I really believe the Bills win 35-21 in this contest.

Week 17: at the Bengals

I honestly like how the Bengals match up to the Bills and I expect the Bengals to win a very close game by a score of 42-38.

Week 18: vs the Patriots

I believe Bill Belichick will really want to win this game, but I still expect the Bills to keep their foot on the pedal and win 35-24.

Final record: 15-2

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