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3 reasons why the Seahawks won’t trade DK Metcalf


The Seahawks won’t trade DK Metcalf in 2022

By: Jake Rajala

The wide receiver DK Metcalf has been a rockstar and reincarnation of Steve Largent in Seattle. Metcalf impressively has 3,170 career receiving yards and 29 career receiving touchdowns in three seasons. He made his first Pro Bowl in 2020 and he also recorded a career-high 12 touchdowns in 2021.

Metcalf, who has a similar physical skill-set as Megatron, has been rumored as a trade candidate in Seattle. The Hawks have shipped out Russell Wilson and cut ties with Bobby Wagner, so it may seem easy to peg the Seahawks hulk-like WR as the next profile to depart from the Rainy City. Nonetheless, I really don’t believe the Hawks and Metcalf will part ways. With that said, I will simply untwine three reasons why the Seahawks won’t trade Metcalf.

Emotional connection

Metcalf may not love the Seahawks quarterback situation, but he still deeply respects the locker room as a whole, Seattle, and the energy that Pete Carroll has installed in the team. He was recently at Seattle’s celebrity softball game and he expressed his admiration for the team. Per Heavy., he stated, “I know I’ve only been here three years, but y’all are my family now”. It was nearly impossible for Drew Brees to leave the Big Easy and it seems that it could be quite difficult for Metcalf to move on from Carroll — who tore ripped his shirt off in Metcalf’s honor.

Cap Space

Seattle could be a special place in Metcalf’s heart, but he will still want Carroll and John Schneider to show him the money. The Hawks certainly won’t have to worry about breaking the bank for a Wilson or Wagner extension, so they should absolutely have room for a Metcalf extension. SEA has the tenth most cap space in the league. Per Bleacher Report, Carroll has stated that Metcalf’s contract extension is the priority.

Long term outlook

The Hawks may have growing pains in 2022, but they could certainly be a foe to reckon with after 1-2 seasons. Carroll isn’t abandoning ship and he will likely seek a gifted QB in the 2023 draft class. On defense, the Hawks still have the extremely talented Jamal Adams. There may have been a couple of band members that left SEA this off-season, but they still have a few superb pieces that will chase gold moving forward.

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