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What We Learned in Week 14

This was an interesting week in the NFL. We had the Cowboys almost lose to the worse team in the league. We had a bad Denver team play fairly well against the mighty Kansas City Chiefs. We had key injuries to key players that may impact the playoff race. What else did we learn this week?

Trouble in South Beach: Is Miami going to be ok? They just dropped their second straight game to the LA Chargers. Have teams figured out Tua, and his high-powered offense? Defenses are playing two deep safeties and forcing them to play in the intermediary zone. We’ll see what happens but Miami might of lost their mojo.

AFC North: Both the Bengals and Ravens won games to stay solidified in the AFC playoff race. Ravens winners with a backup quarterback with the hopes of Lamar coming back in a few weeks. Now with Tyler Huntley down they will turn to their third string QB. I think this is the Bengals division to have. They are the hotter team with a healthy quarterback while the Ravens seem to be going in the opposite direction.

NFC Underdogs: Uh oh guess who’s climbing their way up the NFC playoff race. The Lions, yes the Detroit Lions! This isn’t a huge surprise, as Dan Campbell has this team playing inspired football. Jared Goff is playing confidently and the defense is all over the place flying around playing good ball. Detroit’s last four games, Jets, Panthers, Bears and Packers. This is a fairly easy schedule “on paper”. If I’m the Commanders, Giants and Seahawks I’m looking over my shoulder saying, “uh oh look who’s coming”. I wouldn’t be surprised if they somehow sneak in the playoffs as the #7 seed.

Carolina in my mind: How many had the Panthers going to Seattle and beating a formidable Seattle team. I know I didn’t. Shame on me though, Steve Wilkes has this team playing a confident brand of football. They are running the ball well and Sam Darnold is managing this team to key wins. Oh and by the way the Panthers are still in the NFC playoff hunt.

Trouble in Tampa: I’m hearing a lot of folks still giving the Bucs a chance, even after the way they’ve played this year. This team stinks, they’re slow, the defense isn’t what it was, and Brady just looks off. This team although atop the division is a bad team that will lose it’s first round playoff game, if they make the playoffs.

Buffalo Disrespect: Buffalo hasn’t looked like the same dominant Buffalo team we know and love. I still have the as one of the top 3 teams in the AFC, and with Josh Allen at the helm you can never count them out. The loss of Von Miller was huge for many reasons but they still are one of the teams to beat. This is a long 17 game season where good teams won’t look great every week. Look at the Cowboys who came very close to losing to the Texans. Buffalo will be just fine, and can compete with any of the top AFC teams.

Tough year for Arizona: Arizona had already been struggling this year with a record of 4-8. Their season took a turn for the worse, as not only did they lose to the Patriots, but they have appeared to lose Kyler Murray for the season. Although Colt McCoy is a viable backup, this loss puts them behind the eight ball and little hope to make the playoffs.

TY is back: Dallas Cowboys strengthened their lineup by adding a very talented TY Hilton. Dallas already has a decent WR corps, and maybe by adding TY this puts them over the top. I don’t think it does, as TY is very talented, but in order for them to keep winning there are other factors. When Dallas is rolling they’re playing suffocating D, and their run game is running on all cylinders, with some play-action sprinkled in. I’m curious how this works out and in order to get to the promised land they’ll have to overcome the mighty Eagles, most likely in Philly!

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Brian Fuhr

Father of five who loves all things sports. Big Commanders, Orioles and Caps Fan!

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