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Why Eric Bieniemy Chose the Washington Commanders

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The Washington Commanders are on the verge of hiring Eric Bieniemy as the Offensive Coordinator/Assistant Head Coach. It’s being reported that this will be a multi-year deal in which Bieniemy will have full control of the offense. This move has Commanders fans excited and rightfully so. Bieniemy helped lead the Kansas City Chiefs to it’s second Super Bowl title in 4 years. He has been an integral part of the leagues best offense over that span. Given all that, the question remains. Why would Bieniemy choose a lateral move to the Commanders? Let’s break down some of the key reasons.

Full Time Play-Caller

Although Bieniemy was the OC for the Chiefs it is widely known that he didn’t call the plays. Head Coach Andy Reid took care of those duties during gameday. Even with that, Bieniemy was a big part of the offensive gameplan and play designs. Now that he is joining the Commanders he will be able to take full control of the offense including calling the plays. Some are saying this is one of the reasons why Bieniemy hasn’t yet become a head coach but I am not buying it. There have been plenty of offensive minds over the years that have become head coaches without calling plays.

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Commanders Offensive Potential

The Commanders haven’t exactly been an offensive juggernaut during Ron Rivera‘s tenure. There were times when the offense disappeared during games and it was one of the reasons former OC Scott Turner was fired. When you look at the skilled positions for Washington you can see the potential. They have three outstanding wide receivers, two versatile running backs and a solid tight end group. The missing piece has been the quarterback. Rivera recently stated that Sam Howell will be in heavy consideration for QB1 next year and rightfully so. You could see his potential when he started the final game of the year against the Cowboys. He has a massive arm and the mobility to extend plays. You would have to think Bieniemy is intrigued by Howell and it’s one of the reasons he chose Washington.

Potential Future Head Coach?

It’s no secret that the Washington Commanders are up for sale and looking for new owners. The fanbase is patiently waiting for the day to become a reality and they will finally be rid of Dan Snyder. In the meantime now Denver Head Coach Sean Payton admitted that potential owners reached out to him to see if he was interested in the Commanders. It’s not that far fetched to see new ownership in place and they might be interested in making Bieniemy the head coach. Furthermore, there have been rumors that Ron Rivera may retire soon and there could be an agreement to elevate Bieniemy when he does. Either way I expect Bieniemy to have a huge impact in Washington and Commanders fans should be excited with this hire.

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