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Why The Packers MUST Move On From Aaron Rodgers


“All good things must come to an end.”

Aaron Rodgers is a first ballot Hall of Famer and a Packers legend. The number 12 jersey will most likely be retired.

It was never going to last forever and it seems now is a good time for both parties to move on. From his offseason antics to a difficult 2022 campaign, Rodgers’ future has been in doubt for some time. Here is why the Packers MUST move on from Aaron Rodgers.

Ripping Off The Band Aid

Rodgers’ stats speak for themselves. 10 Pro Bowls, 4 MVP awards and a Super Bowl. 59,055 career passing yards and 475 passing touchdowns.

With only five losing seasons in the 15 he has spent as the starting quarterback and only three seasons where he has played ten games or more and had less than 4,000 passing yards, the transition from Brett Favre to Rodgers could not have gone any smoother.

However, this season has been tough. Rodgers flirted with the idea of leaving the franchise until he was offered a new $150 million deal in March 2022.

His performances on the field were below par for someone who had won back-to-back MVP awards.  It was his first season since the 2010 campaign that he threw for double digit interceptions, and just the third time in his career.

At some point in every athlete’s career, there comes a time where your body starts to fail you. At the age of 39, it is safe to say Rodgers has reached father time in his career. Not every quarterback can do what Tom Brady did and play into their 40’s and do so at an elite level.

The Packers had no problem trading away Brett Favre and it feels that now is the time for the Green Bay front office to look towards the future, once Rodgers is back from his darkness retreat.

Waiting In The Wings

Jordan Love was drafted in the first round of the 2020 NFL Draft, much to the shock of the Packers fanbase.

Love has had three years to sit behind Rodgers. At some point you need to see what he has got. Otherwise, you might as well trade him away.

Love got his chance on the field in 2022 and looked comfortable during the 40-33 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles, who eventually won the NFC.

Love may have only attempted nine passes but threw for 113 yards, one touchdown and zero interceptions. He looked comfortable in the system and with a full offseason with starter reps, he would go into the 2023 season with plenty of confidence.

Packers general manager Brian Gutenkurst spoke of the “offseason additions” that Love will need to consider. Running back Aaron Jones spoke of Love’s readiness. NFL reporter Bob McGinn gave his take on the Love situation. He said: “They love Jordan Love. They think he is the second coming now. They’ve seen enough in practice for three years, that they believe he is Rodgers 2.0. That’s where this organization is coming from right now.”

Love showed his potential in college with Utah State, throwing for 60 touchdowns and 29 interceptions in three seasons. It feels that it is now Love’s time and they will hope he is the future. If this was not to work out, then there are plenty of draft picks or free agency pickups that could fix the QB position. Either way, Rodgers needs to be moved on for the good of everyone involved.

The time has come.

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