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AFC South: Biggest Question to be Answered Per Team

With the season still so far away, fans are already excited for the upcoming NFL season. All the new moves and picks have excited each fanbase for the next few months. This series will discuss the most critical question to be answered per team for the upcoming season.

Houston Texans: How much will C.J. Stroud show in his rookie season?

The C.J. Stroud drama is over and I’m very happy for him. The Texans QB of the future will have a tough road as the Texans have a subpar roster. The good thing is that they are trying to build a young core that will grow together. With this roster, Stroud will have his bad games. His reps will be valuable as I predict there will be some rookie Trevor Lawrence moments. I hope as the season progresses, the Texans will let him do more so he can show potential growth for his sophomore season.

Indianapolis Colts: Will Anthony Richardson be the starter in Week 1?

The Colts took their QB of the future in the raw prospect out of Florida. Anthony Richardson appears to have the highest ceiling among all the QBs but he’s probably the least NFL-ready. This gives the Colts a conundrum. With a roster that was unlucky last season, it has potential to be better than expected. They have Gardner Minshew who is ready to lead the Colts to some wins early on. The question is when they’ll give the keys to AR. He will grow with the reps, but the wins won’t be guaranteed. He’s not Andrew Luck who led the Colts in his rookie season. Training camp will give us a glimpse on the landscape of the Colts.

Jacksonville Jaguars: Is Trevor Lawrence primed to rule the AFC South for years to come?

The Jacksonville Jaguars had a run to remember as they ended a strong second half of the season with a come-from-behind Wild Card win over the Chargers. A lot of this is also on the immense growth of Trevor Lawrence. He looked like the generational QB out of Clemson and was making smart plays. Now, the roster is a year older, and with the addition of Calvin Ridley, the Jaguars look much more impressive compared to their division rivals. There is a scenario where the other three will all start rookie QBs and Trevor is the most experienced. Another strong season with a convincing division win lead will make the Jaguars THE team in the AFC South.

Tennessee Titans: When will Ryan Tannehill give the reigns to the future?

The Titans feel very close to a rebuild. Derrick Henry is getting older and this team doesn’t feel like the team it was before. Ryan Tannehill did lead Tennessee to the playoffs multiple times but it appears he has reached his ceiling. Drafting Malik Willis and Will Levis in conscutive drafts isn’t a good sign either for his Titans career. Once they let either become the starter, it looks like a new era in Tennessee will be happening.

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