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Breaking Down the Candidates for Hard Knocks 2023


Every August fans get an inside look into one of the 32 NFL teams in the hit show Hard Knocks. Most teams admit they prefer not to be chosen as it can cause distractions while planning for the season. The thing is, they don’t have a choice as the NFL will choose the team that best fits their criteria. What are the eligibility requirements for the hit show?

The NFL has laid out these specific guidelines for teams to be exempt from the Hard Knocks show. If a team appeared on Hard Knocks in the last decade they are exempt. Also if a team has a first-year Head Coach or has reached the playoffs in the last two years they are also excluded. With those requirements in mind that leaves us with four candidates for Hard Knocks 2023. Let’s break down each team and what makes them compelling.

Chicago Bears

When you look at the Chicago Bears, they are probably the least compelling of the teams eligible. If they are chosen, all eyes will be on quarterback Justin Fields. The Bears also traded this year’s #1 pick to the Carolina Panthers. As part of the deal, they received D.J. Moore in return. Chicago has lacked a real true #1 receiver in recent years and they are hoping Moore can fill that role.

New York Jets

If you want to garner a large audience then the New York Jets are your answer. They have a head coach on the hot seat and just traded for Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers alone will have fans locked into the show as we want to see how well he adjusts to his new team. The Jets also have a young talented nucleus that could set them up for years of success. The key will be how well the new faces mesh together with the up-and-coming roster. One thing is for sure, if the Jets are chosen it will not lack drama.

Washington Commanders

Washington has had arguably the best offseason of any NFL team and it has nothing to do with on-the-field moves. They will soon have a new ownership group as Dan Snyder is weeks away from being gone. Could the NFL be waiting on the final approval before picking them? Possibly, as we are now in June and a team has yet to be chosen for the show. The Commanders certainly don’t lack drama and a new era in Washington would be compelling to watch.

New Orleans Saints

The Saints made quite the splash this offseason when they signed Derek Carr to a four-year deal. Carr has to have a new level of motivation given what happened with the Raiders. On paper the Saints have the potential to be an explosive offense with Carr, Michael Thomas coming back and of course Alvin Kamara. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Saints end up being the choice for Hard Knocks. They may not be as captivating as the other teams but should offer enough intriguing storylines to keep us watching.

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Justin Fuhr

Justin is the Owner of Pro Football Mania. He is an NFL and fantasy football fanatic who enjoys analyzing data and analytics in sports.

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