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5 Teams to Watch in the Upcoming NFL Draft


The NFL Draft is set for April 25, 2024 and with big names like Caleb Williams, Jayden Daniels and Drake Maye yet to have their names called excitement has never been higher. This class while also being top heavy is actually pretty deep as well, setting it up for one of the stronger draft classes in recent memory.

Every few years, there is a draft that produces stars in nearly every pick of the first round, for example 2017’s draft produced Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes, Browns DE Myles Garrett, 49ers RB Christian McCaffrey, and Saints CB Marshon Lattimore. With all head coaching vacancies being filled and staffs rounding out it is officially mock draft season, so let’s take a look at 5 teams who could make some waves in the upcoming draft. 

1. Chicago Bears

When you look at the NFL draft, the Chicago Bears should be one of your first if not the first teams you think of. One of the more unique situations in NFL history with a team already having a potential franchise Quarterback in Justin Fields or a generational prospect in Caleb Williams.

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Caleb would likely have all the help he would need with the bears potentially having two other first round picks to pick a receiver to lineup opposite of DJ Moore. The market for Justin Fields would likely be a first round pick at best and a second round pick if worst comes to worst. Caleb’s market should be a hefty price as in a few firsts, few seconds and a blue chip guy was the price for the 1st overall pick last year. Teams may be hesitant after seeing Young struggle in year 1, but the haul for Caleb should be elite. 

2. Arizona Cardinals

The cardinals while having a franchise guy in Kyler Murray could be involved in some very interesting trades at the top. A lot of speculation has gone around about the Cardinals having doubt about Kyler Murray, but I don’t buy it. The cardinals’ 4th overall pick is a popular trade piece because they are in a prime position to move down and get more capital or move up and secure their chance to get blue-chip prospect Marvin Harrison Jr.

The more likely is Kyler stays and the cardinals hope MHJ falls in their lap to pair with Micheal Wilson and Trey Mcbride. Thinking about trading Kyler is unrealistic but very fun. Do the cardinals really trade a guy who has shown he can play at a high level in this league when they can easily just give him all the help he needs? Probably not.

3. Las Vegas Raiders

As mentioned above, the Las Vegas Raiders should be a super interesting team to watch in the draft. Antonio Pierce is now head of the helm and with his aggressive nature, I do not expect him to sit back and watch 12 picks go by. You might ask; what will the raiders trade up for?

Maybe a quarterback, maybe a star edge to pair with Crosby in Dallas Turner. The possibilities are limitless with a struggling franchise in the Raiders. One positive thing about the raiders is they do have what seems to be the right guy leading this team. Antonio Pierce is a legit HC in this league which gives them all the room to make a blockbuster this spring. 

4. Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys are the kings of under performing in the playoffs. Jerry Jones is unhappy with the performance, questions about Dak Prescott, talks of trades, the usual Dallas cycle. The cowboys do not have a high pick in the draft but what they do have is an aggressive owner.

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The 24th overall is more than enough for Jerry Jones to strike a deal with someone, and I believe they need to. It is evident the offense was rolling for much of the year with Dak and star wideout Ceedee Lamb being largely responsible for that. Then it seems like Dallas reached a point in the year they weren’t connecting as often and everything went stale. Trade the 24th overall and some future picks to get in the high teens and grab a guy like Rome Odunze out of Washington and see if that changes anything. The cowboys already filled a defensive hole in the roster with Mazi Smith last year, so if there is any year to get aggressive and grab a potential star, it is this one.

5. Houston Texans

What a turnaround last season was for this franchise. 10-7 and an AFC South Championship for the first time since 2019 when they had QB Deshaun Watson. With that being said, this franchise is gunning for it this year and could go all out to fill some needs they have. Right now corner is the biggest concern which there are some guys there at 23 (CLE Pick) but the one I’m targeting is Kool-Aid Mc Kinstry (Alabama) this would be a huge get for the texans and very possible even at 23.

One team they most likely will have to jump is the Eagles who also have a hole at corner. Speculation has arisen about maybe trading 23 straight up to get an established star like Lattimore or a big name WR. The Texans front office has a serious chance to be a contender every year if they play this draft right, the question is: will they?

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