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2024 NFL Mock Draft V2

In our first 2024 NFL mock draft, we stuck to the board and didn’t predict any trades. In this latest version, we have a couple of trades that will shift how the 1st round plays out. Before we break down the trades below keep in mind that there is still a lot that could change as the draft is over 1 month away.

Commanders Trade Up for Caleb Williams

Early on in the offseason, it seemed like a lock the Chicago Bears would select Caleb Williams with the first pick. Fast forward to today and that is no longer a guarantee. As it stands quarterback Justin Fields is still on the Bears roster and hasn’t been traded. Most assume that is because nobody wants him but what if the Bears intend to keep him instead?

Yesterday, Chicago pulled off a surprising trade with the LA Chargers and received Keenan Allen for a 4th round pick. Allen is no longer in his prime but is still a top-level receiver in the league. Pairing him with DJ Moore gives the Bears something they have been lacking for years. Weapons.

Some would assume getting Allen is to help Caleb Williams but what if it’s for Fields instead? Fields has not had a great supporting cast since he was drafted. This move could put less pressure on Fields and allow him to stay in the pocket more as these two receivers will eventually get open. Keep in mind the Bears also signed running back De’Andre Swift in free agency. Swift is another weapon that Fields could utilize.

So what would it take for the Commanders to move up? Well with the trade yesterday the Bears now only have 4 picks in the upcoming draft. I believe Washington who just acquired an additional 3rd round pick for Sam Howell could offer the below package.

  • Commanders get 1st overall pick —> Bears get 2nd overall pick, 36th pick, 67th pick and a 2025 1st round pick

That may seem like a lot to move up one spot but if Washington believes that Williams is their franchise QB of the future they have to pull the trigger.

Vikings Move Up and Draft Drake Maye

Earlier today the Minnesota Vikings pulled off a trade to swap draft picks with the Houston Texans. This gives Minnesota the 23rd pick in the upcoming draft. The Vikings now have two first-round picks at their disposal and I believe they will use them to move up for Drake Maye.

As it stands the Vikings are too far back to wait on a quarterback and with the departure of Kirk Cousins they need to address the position. I do realize the Vikings picked up Sam Darnold this week but I don’t think he is there to be the starter. Maye makes a lot of sense for this Vikings team who still have star Justin Jefferson and recently brought in ex-Packer Aaron Jones.

Written by
Justin Fuhr

Justin is the Owner of Pro Football Mania. He is an NFL and fantasy football fanatic who enjoys analyzing data and analytics in sports.

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