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Top 3 Teams To Trade For Second Overall Pick


Who Will Trade For The Second Overall Pick?

As February comes to a close, the 2021 NFL Draft inches closer and closer. In the NFL Draft, the No. one overall pick and No. two overall pick often grab the spotlight — quarterbacks have notoriously been drafted back to back with first and second overall pick.

As the NFL world knows, Trevor Lawrence is expected to be the first overall pick pinned to the Jaguars. And as for the second overall pick, the Jets expectation is up in the air. The Jets plans are now more mysterious than ever after NJ.com states that there is a “growing buzz” the Jets trade the second overall pick and keep Sam Darnold.

By: Jack Kurzenknabe

If the Jets are heavily looking for trade partners with the No. two pick, the question turns to: who will trade for the second overall pick? The obvious trade partner will be a team looking to draft Zach Wilson or Justin Fields.

In this outlook, I will unfold the likely teams that see a win in a deal where they send a fortune off to New York in order to land their golden QB.

Carolina Panthers

The Carolina Panthers sit in arguably the most explosive passing division in the league. Tom Brady, Alvin Kamara, Julio Jones, Michael Thomas, and Christian McCaffrey sit steady in the NFC South division.

Panthers have the league’s most underrated WR combination and arguably the NFL’s most indispensable player in Christian McCaffrey. Yet, Teddy Bridgewater isn’t the QB to take the keys and lift their unit up.

Matter in fact, according to an SI report written by Albert Breer, the Panthers are ready to move on from Teddy Bridgewater. Bridgewater appears to have recieved the message as he’s unfollowed the Panthers on Instagram, too.

“Teddy Bridgewater” by Kyle Engman is licensed under CC BY 2.0

It would seem more than reasonable that the Panthers know they have one of the best-supporting casts in the league and they clearly don’t believe Bridgewater is the QB to utilize it. They will only look to upgrade and the second overall pick gives them the best opportunity to do so. Fields and Wilson will likely be gone by the time they pick at eighth overall.

Panthers finished 5-11 and had four games where they lost within four points. They also have a very young defense that should see noticeable growth from a year ago. They may feel confident to risk a tradeoff of lots of draft picks to land a decade like QB in Justin Fields or Zach Wilson to utilize the skill players in CMAC, Robby Anderson, and DJ Moore right away.

Philadelphia Eagles

There’s a lot of Eagle fans optimistic about Jalen Hurts. Nonetheless, there are three facts regarding Hurts: Coach Sirianni hasn’t commit to Hurts, Hurts was below average in his four games, and he’s also not near the same prospect as Fields or Wilson coming out of college.

I believe that there’s a strong likelihood that Sirianni pushes his squad to obtain an elite QB prospect like Fields or Wilson while they have the chance. Sirianni will want his guy and it could very well be Zach Wilson, a QB that has some traits similar to Andrew Luck (coached in Indy) — great deep throw accuracy, speed on the run, and grittiness.

“Andrew Luck” by KA Sports Photos is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

The Eagles have been performing a fire sale as of late, so many question why they would trade up for a rookie QB in this chaos. Yet, it’s important to note that Philly will still boast some talent on defense and the Eagles will have an opportunity to compete right away in the NFC East, with a talent like Wilson/Hurts.

San Francisco 49ers

When the San Francisco 49ers first crossed my mind, I thought that Saleh would know better than to trade with his own mentor/genius Kyle Shanahan. Yet, Saleh doesn’t only have a strong connection to SF, but he may want to perform a transaction where he can get some of his old guys back on his side.

Kyle Shanahan could finally get his premier QB to woah defenses for ages to come. Jimmy Garappolo regressed in 2020, just after his critics came out following Super Bowl loss to the Kansas City Chiefs. Perhaps, Saleh could get Nick Bosa in a Jets uniform and help the rebuild go underway with Saleh, Darnold, and a hefty amount of draft picks.

By: Thomson202019

The 49ers hold the 12th overall pick, so they can cross off any hope of landing a Top 3 QB in the draft. The 49ers could trade up, but all the way to second overall. But, if Kyle Shanahan sees the right deal for a QB he knows he can do wonders with, then both parties can come out with a comfortable win.

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