Fantasy Football: 3 TEs Over 30 to Buy

Here are the TEs over 30 to buy

By Jesse Moeller (Twitter: @jmoeller05)

After my last article about selling young tight ends that I do not see an upside on, I wanted to flip the script and focus on veteran tight ends that can help you win a title in the next two/three years. We are going to pick three tight ends over thirty that will give you an edge at the position.

Travis Kelce (Age:31.4 ADP:22.33)

Let us talk about the G.O.A.T. tight end Travis “freaking” Kelce. He is a player whose cost is utterly attainable in all leagues, slightly less so in tight end premium leagues (TEP). In dynasty, it is a yearly tradition to fade aging players (he will be 32 in October). When a team decides to trade away Kelce due to his age Make sure you are the one who is scooping him up onto your roster.

According to PlayerProfiler Kelce’s value in 1 Quarterback leagues is 2021 rookie pick 1.05, and in Superflex league, it’s 1.10! (😍) As a team looking to contend I make that trade ten out of ten times. If you are trading a player equivalent it is a Derek Carr (Superflex) or Amari Cooper/Chase Claypool type.

Do you know when the last time Kelce was not the TE1 to finish a season? The year was 2015 and Barack Obama was on his second term as president of the United States. Can you guess the player that was TE1 that year? You probably guess it, Rob Gronkowski.

Kelce improved across the board in 2020. He finished with a higher number of routes ran, targets, slot snaps, yards per target, air yards, E.P.A., true catch rate, and Y.A.C. (yards after catch). I could continue to list statistics to back up the point, Kelce truly was as strong as ever in 2020.

Acquire him and enjoy the next few years of dominance he will give you at a position severely lacking it. Kelce is the type of player I am content letting them retire on your roster. What he does for your roster far outweighs anything you can get in return via trade.

Zach Ertz (Age:30.3 ADP:172)

Now, before you throw your phone in disgust hear me out. The cost to acquire Ertz is almost nothing in dynasty. He is being treated as a throw-in player in deals. He is worth a late 4th round pick in 1QB leagues, and in TEP leagues he is a mid 4th round pick. Would you rather have, Rhamondre Stevenson, Sage Surratt, Khalil Herbert, or Zach Ertz? As a contender its Zach Ertz every single time.

Ertz was one of the many players that took a hit due to the dumpster fire the Eagles offense was behind Wentz in 2020. Did you know that Ertz produced 45 targets through six games? Extrapolated to a full season we are talking about 120 targets. That would put him third, only behind Kelce and Waller. While it was a terrible year for Ertz, that was a bright spot for him in 2020. He suffered a high ankle sprain in week 6 and did not return until week 13. Slowly worked his way back until week 17 where he worked himself back to the same snap share he had before the injury.

There is also talk about Ertz being a possible cut/trade candidate for the Eagles. As of March 3rd, the Eagles are a projected $50 million over the salary cap. Either of those moves would save the Eagles a projected 4.7 million in cap space for 2021. If that were to happen Indianapolis seems like a logical fit. The Colts have cap space ($50 million in cap space), his old offensive coordinator as a head coach (Frank Reich), and his old quarterback (Carson Wentz), and desperate need at tight end.

No matter if Ertz is in Philly, Indy, or somewhere else in 2021 he still has plenty of left in the tank. Send over a 4th round rookie pick, or young player with dart throw potential to acquire Ertz. He can easily finish inside the top 10 at the position in 2021.

Rob Gronkowski (Age:31.8 ADP:205)

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