Top Destinations For Desmond King

Where Will The Chargers CB Land?

Desmond King was traded in November to the Titans from the Chargers in exchange for a 6th round pick. A player who not only brings slot but also help in the return game.

King would be a valuable addition to any team looking for secondary help. 1st team all-pro in 2018 but once the Chargers ultimately sign Chris Harris King’s playtime went down–Which led to him being traded to the Titans for a bag of chips mid-season.

A down season in 2020 King gave up a completion rate of 70.6% QB rating of 117.5 and three TD when targeted could look to bounce back in the new season with a new home.

These 5 teams are the sole likely destinations for the young corner. Jaguars Broncos 49ers Raiders Lions.

Jacksonville Jaguars:

The Jaguars are a team I could see be in the market for a free agent corner. I could also see the Jaguars be a big hit in free agency with the presumed number 1 overall pick Trevor Lawrence leading the helm. The Jaguars have a lot of holes on both sides of the ball. While corner isn’t the most prominent for the right price a slot corner could be a big signing. It’s worth taking the gamble on a former all-pro. He’s young with a ton of room to grow. The Jaguars could resign DJ Hayden who has really stepped up since joining the Jaguars but with the step up he could be in line for a bigger payday than the Jaguars are looking to give. The Jaguars have an open spot for the slot position and King could be that answer for next season.

Denver Broncos:

Vic Fangio is a defensive coach and I’m sure he’d love to get his hands on a former all-pro. The Broncos just released AJ Boyue and have an immediate hole at the corner. King isn’t just a “slot” guy. He can play inside and outside which is exactly what Denver is looking for with Boyue gone. The Broncos have need secondary guys to step up this season. Going into the new league year the Broncos top of the depth chart is all in question. King could be the ultimate flier signing for a team this offseason. If a team like the Broncos can get King back into the all-pro form on a short or long-term deal it would be worth it.

Las Vegas Raiders:

The raiders defense last season well underperformed to put it nicely. To compete in the AFC west you need corners on your roster to keep up with the star receivers in the division. King would be brought in as an immediate starter who could be a starter on the outside if he wanted that. The Raiders have a solid core on defense with young talent like Crosby, Abram, Arnette adding a guy like King would only further solidify the youth in that defense. When looking at the Raiders roster King fits the height weight speed that Gruden typically looks for in his corners. The Raiders have holes to fill on defense and Kevin King could be the perfect fit. A player who’s struggled since reaching the top could look for a new environment.

Detroit Lions:

This one is kind of the oddball in where the group I think King could land. The Lions just drafted a rookie in the top 5 who desperately underperformed. The Lions are going into a rebuild with Stafford being traded away. Like the Raiders the Lions defense was bad this past season and has a lot of growing up to do. A new Head Coach will bring in new types of players. Okudah had a poor rookie season but he can grow. King would be a good mentor for the young star because King has been at the top before and at the bottom.

San Francisco 49ers

Richard Sherman is a pending free agent and if the 49ers don’t want to bring him back or he doesn’t want to go back the 49ers are in luck. This free agent class and rookie class are pretty good for the corner spot. Williams isn’t the greatest in the slot and has struggled with injuries a replacement could be inevitable. If the 49ers want to take a gamble on a player who has potential to go play outside it would make sense. I don’t think his contract would be high which would be good for the team in the long run. This signing could have low risk high reward for the 49ers.

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