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Top Trade Destinations for Gardner Minshew: is Minnesota a good fit?

Minshew trade to Minnesota?

By: Pat Pitts

Where Should Minshew be traded?

Minshew Mania ran wild across the NFL in 2019. After Nick Foles suffered a major injury in Week 1, Minshew became the talk of the league as a rookie. How could you not talk about him? Look at his mustache. 

Minshew thrived in the spotlight. He finished the season with 3271 yards and 6 touchdowns. His stats dipped in 2020 when he did not even pass for 2500 yards but still tossed 5 touchdowns. 

His stats did not decline due to his talent; the front office did not put him in a place to succeed. Luckily, there’s a new regime taking over officially on April 29th. 

Unfortunately, he will not be around to be part of it. 

Minshew needs a fresh start. Many NFL teams are looking for the same thing. Allow me to inform you of a few teams that should give Minshew an opportunity to lead them into January. 

Minnesota Vikings

The color purple represents royalty. Minshew brings originality to the throne. 

Gardner Minshew has the opportunity to thrive in an offense that is an upgraded version of his former team. He lines up beside Dalvin Cook. He throws to Adam Theilan and Justin Jefferson. What more could you want? 

The issue with this is the Vikings have a starting quarterback. Kirk Cousins will most likely lead the offense in 2021, but for how much longer? Cousins’ contract expires in 2022. Minshew will be turning 26. 

The same idea as above, but a longer waiting period. Kirk Cousins has been a human highlight reel since 2015. He has thrown under 4000 yards once during that span. He has not thrown under 25 touchdowns since then as well. 

The Vikings may have to pay him if he continues this hot streak. Minshew acts as a safety blanket who can get the job done along with opening up Dalvin Cook’s run game. 

Trading some draft capital for an above-average backup quarterback is not a bad situation to be in if I am the Vikings. 

Washington Football Team

This seems like a no-brainer. Alex Smith rides off into the sunset while Ryan Fitzpatrick strolls into town. There is only so much magic left in the veteran. 

Minshew brings a unique personality to the locker room that becomes infectious. He puts the team before himself, an aspect of Ron Rivera’s coaching style. Allow Minshew to take a year to learn from Fitzpatrick and give him more time to develop his skills before taking on the QB1 role. 

He has everything a young gun could need to be successful in an offense. A whole new world has appeared before him. 

New England Patriots

Are you shocked? 

Gardner Minshew would fit like a glove in New England. His charisma alone gives Bill Belichick a reason to utilize him as a backup. He brings with him another aspect that Belichick loves more than anything, competition. 

Competition brings out the best in people. After a disappointing 2020, Cam Newton needs competition to push him beyond measures. Minshew challenging Cam Newton for the starting QB position would make Gillette a media frenzy come August. 

As a die-hard Patriots fan, I believe it is the safest move the Patriots could make during the draft. As an NFL writer, it gives me a lot more to write about. Count me in. 

Honorable Mention: 

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 

A thought popped into my mind that had to be shared. 

Tom Brady loves competition, so does Bruce Arians. Competition makes everyone better. 

A wise man once said, “to be the man you have to beat the man.” 

Minshew competing with Brady each week would open a door to a seamless transition of the throne. Tom Brady has to retire at some point. He even knows that. 

Minshew’s age provides him to learn as much as he can from the greatest to play the position before taking over the starting role. He has more than enough around him to be successful. A major difference without having to leave the state of Florida. 

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