Should the Dolphins seek out a stronger QB2?

Who will be the Dolphins QB2?

By: Reese Nasser

The Miami Dolphins have decided to go all in with quarterback Tua Tagovailoa. After a rocky first season with the Dolphins, which included being benched on more than one occasion, Tua is officially QB1 in Miami.  

Tua led Miami to a 6-3 record in games where he started. While much of this success came from both defense and special teams, Tua still showed flashes of potential. Tua accounted for 14 touchdowns with 6 turnovers. It is also being said that he’s also looking a little different than he did last season.

With the Dolphins going all in on Tua, there has been conversation about the backup spot. Last season Tua was replaced by longtime quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick  on more than one occasion. With Fitzpatrick no longer on the team, is there still a risk of Tua being pulled in high-pressure situations, much like he was during his rookie year? Let’s take a look at the QB2 spot for the Dolphins and if a change should be made. 

Who is the Current QB2?

The current QB2 for the Dolphins is five-year vet Jacoby Brisset. Brisset has played well during his time in the NFL. After being drafted in the third round of the 2016 draft by the New England Patriots, Brisset was traded to the Indianapolis Colts in 2017. This off-season, Brisset came to an agreement with the Miami Dolphins on a one-year deal. 

During his time in the NFL, Brisset has a mediocre record of 12-20 but that doesn’t tell the whole story. He has played well in the league and has earned a spot on an NFL roster. He has thrown 31 touchdowns and only 13 interceptions and has proven that he can play when called upon. 

Potential Other Options?

With free agency dwindling down and most high-profile quarterbacks being off the board, are there better options than Jacoby Brisset available? In short, no. 

Robert Griffin III is still available and would arguably be the only free agent that could fight for that QB2 spot. RG3 has appeared in only 14 games since the 2018 season. In those 14 games, he has accounted for only one touchdown. While still showing to be a capable player, it wouldn’t necessarily make sense to try and replace Brisset with someone such as RG3 who hasn’t played as much. 

Other free agent quarterbacks such as former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Nick Mullens or former Buffalo Bills quarterback Matt Barkley are also available. 

Mulles started eight games for the 49ers in 2020 where he had a record of 2-6. He played decently given the circumstances he was in but was not a game changer for the team.

Matt Barkley has seen far less playing time than any other quarterback mentioned to this point but has still managed to stay in the NFL since being drafted in 2013. He has a record of 2-5 and has only appeared in 19 career games.

Jacoby Brisset should be the Dolphins QB2 heading into the season. The available options aren’t on par with what Brisset can do. There would also be no point in using a draft pick to trade for someone else. As long as Tua performs to the level that he should and Brisset is ready to go if needed, there should be no issues at the QB2 spot. Plus, he already has a solid handshake game locked down. Every great team needs a great handshake guy, and its’ a plus when he’s also a quality quarterback.

Tua Tagovailoa has the most to prove in 2021

QB Tua Tagovailoa has high expectations in Dolphins offense

By: Pat Pitts

The NFL offseason brings me so much joy. It is a time where any player could be the break-out star of the season. Anyone can make the leap into that higher tier. 

In 2021, Tua Tagvalioa needs to be that player. 

Tua walked into a dream situation in Miami. He sat behind journeyman Ryan Fitzpatrick, learning as much as he could from the veteran. Flores names him the starter in Week 8 and almost leads the Dolphins to a playoff birth. However, even being replaced by Fitzmagic in crucial situations was not enough for a spot in the postseason. 

Tua had a decent first year as the starting QB. The stats are not glamorous, but rewatching his starts helped me realize he performed extremely well for someone coming off a serious injury and little time to prepare as a top ten draft pick. 

With that being said, there are zero excuses in 2021. 

I believe that Tua can make a significant step in the right direction. He will finally have a normal-ish offseason to fully prepare for his role. The franchise has put him in a very good position to succeed. Here is how. 

The college reunion

The Miami Dolphins drafted Tua’s former teammate, Jaylen Waddle, with the sixth pick in the NFL draft. The reconnection of the duo gives Tua the confidence the QB1 needs. He becomes more comfortable in the pocket with the established chemistry with a rookie, along with a superstar wide receiver named Devante Parker. 

Mike Gesicki is sick, too. Pun intended. 

Tua played his best season at Alabama in 2018. Waddle was a freshman. History repeats itself. 

Patience is a virtue. 

Tua sat out the first seven weeks of 2020, aside from a few late-game possessions. This time gave him more time to take note and properly prepare to be put into such an important role. 

2021 brings the tradition of mini and training camps, unlike last season. Tua has been given an ample amount of time to train physically and mentally to make that next step in his career. 

It’s time for Tua to be a sponge until September. 

You have to fail in order to succeed.

The Miami Dolphins were one game away from making their first postseason appearance since 2016. The Fitzmagic ran out at the worst possible time. 

Analysts and the social media peanut gallery criticized Tua for not living up to expectations in 2020 by missing the playoffs. His stats may not wow fans, but it is how he played that manifests hope. He made the expected rookie mistakes; however, he completed some incredible throws and scrambled for critical first downs when the game was on the line. 

2021 is a fresh start for not only the NFL, but for everyone. Tua can put last season in the rear view and keep moving forward. It is time to take the leap into superstardom. 

It’s your time, Tua. 

Where does Tua Tagovailoa rank in dynasty and redraft?

Where does Tua Tagovailoa rank in dynasty and redraft?

By Zach Attack @FFChalupaBatman

Tua Tagovailoa had a rookie year to forget, but he is being ranked too low by the experts.  In dynasty, FantasyPros has Tua ranked consensus QB16, and in redraft ESPN has him ranked consensus QB24!  If I did rankings I would have Tua at QB12/13 in dynasty (depends on Deshaun Watson) and QB18 in redraft.  Good news, if you like Tua, you can draft him at a value in dynasty and redraft.

Let’s go back a bit to Tua’s senior year at Alabama in November 2019.  Tua suffered a serious hip injury (dislocation).  Before the injury he was projected to be a top 2 2020 NFL Draft pick.  He ended up being selected at #5 by the Miami Dolphins.  Tua had a tough rookie offseason since he was rehabbing and dealing with new COVID protocols for the offseason program and training camp.  Then Tua sat on the bench until he got his first NFL start in Week 8 after a bye week.  There was some controversy because Ryan Fitzpatrick was playing well and the Dolphins had a chance of making the playoffs.  It never seemed like Chan Gailey, the offensive coordinator, was on the same page as Tua and there seemed to be a lack of trust in Tua with the offense.  All of this led to a mediocre rookie season for Tua, but there is hope that he will take a significant leap in year 2.

Since the Miami Dolphins 2020 10-win season ended with a 30 point loss to the Bills in Week 17, they have been busy making improvements.  In free agency, the Dolphins signed Will Fuller, 27, to a one-year deal.  Before his 6 game suspension (will miss Week 1 in 2021) for PEDs, Fuller was having his best statistical season with the Houston Texans with 879 yards and 8 TDs in 11 games.  Fuller has issues with injuries and has missed 29 games in five seasons.  However, when he is healthy, he is a 6’ tall WR with 4.32 40-yard speed.  A deep ball speedy WR was missing from the Dolphins offense in 2020.  DeVante Parker isn’t slow with a 4.45 40-yard at 6’3”, but he is more known as big “go up for the contested catch” kind of WR.  Originally, the Dolphins had the 3rd pick of the 2021 NFL Draft, but after a couple of trades, they had the 6th pick.  They drafted the second WR off the board with the 6th pick, Jaylen Waddle, who played with Tua at the University of Alabama.  Waddle is a speedster and several people like to compare him to Tyreek Hill.  Only time will tell if Waddle can live up to the Hill comp, but he can take the top off of the defense, which will open up the field for Tua to make easy completions underneath.  That will be an impressive WR trio on the field this season: Fuller, Waddle, and Parker.  Then in the 2nd round, the Dolphins selected OT Liam Eichenberg to help stabilize the offensive line more.  All three of these player moves will help Tua improve in his second year. This year Tua will have a full offseason program while healthy and will get to practice with his teammates and continue to build a rapport with his skill players.  Tua will also have a new offensive coordinator, actually, two of them, Eric Studesville and George Godsey will be offensive co-coordinators.  This season the offense will be built to highlight Tua’s strengths and they will take advantage of their new offensive weapons.  All of those “negative” factors earlier have pushed Tua down the ranks.  The narrative this offseason has not accounted for Tua’s improved health and more practice time with teammates.  Tua is being ranked too low, and he is a steal in both dynasty and redraft leagues right now.

Could the Dolphins make a Tua Tagovailoa-Aaron Rodgers trade?

Should the Dolphins trade Tua Tagovailoa for Aaron Rodgers?

In the 2020 NFL draft, the Green Bay Packers drafted quarterback Jordan Love in the first round. Flash forward to the 2021 off-season, reigning MVP Aaron Rodgers wants to be traded from the Pack. Two questions loom large for the Packers QB situation: Where will Rodgers be traded to (assuming he is)? Is Jordan Love the future signal-caller for the Packers?

I believe a team in the AFC East could answer both of those imminent questions: Miami Dolphins. The Dolphins have been on the fence with the second-year QB Tua Tagovailoa as the future of the franchise. Dolphins were strongly interested in trading for the likes of Deshaun Watson and they also expressed interest in drafting a QB. The Dolphins have loaded up on firepower for the former Alabama QB, but there’s lots of hope and risk in the situation.

The Dolphins could utilize the weaponry on offense and Top 3 defense to a veteran QB’s services this time around. The AFC squad may want to consider trading for the Packers future Hall of Fame QB, who’s fed up with having musical chairs at the WR2 and WR3 spots. Rodgers would have an elite WR in DeVante Parker, one of the top deep threats in Will Fuller, and rookie Jaylen Waddle — who’s drawn comparisons to Tyreek Hill. The Dolphins also have the 14th highest cap space (approximately $13 million). If A-Rod is inclined to being a Dolphin, could the Dolphins make it happen? 

The Dolphins would need to give up A LOT for acquiring Rodgers, as any team would. Yet, if the Packers are interested in Tua on a sizable level, the Dolphins would have significantly less compensation of other non-QB means to cough up. The reported asking price in terms of draft picks is “two first-round picks and a second-round pick”. 

The Packers may not see Tua as a player worthy of his draft selection last year, nor a future Hall of Famer. Nonetheless, Tua undoubtedly has more potential than Jordan Love and the 23-year-old has very similar traits (arm strength, throwing on the arm) to Jordan Love/Aaron Rodgers, which means a smoother scheme transition. By stating the facts above, the Dolphins may likely only have to offer Tua and a first-round pick to Green Bay — assuming the interest from each QB’s talent is high. 

If the Packers were in demand for Tua, a first-round pick, AND a “second or third-round pick”, it may still be worth it from the Dolphins perspective to pull the trade-off. Rodgers will likely not play until he’s 45 like Tom Brady, but the Dolphins are heavily invested in the pieces around the QB right now. Rodgers would inevitably utilize the pieces to maximal production and label the Dolphins as Super Bowl contenders early on.

Tua Tagovailoa: Dynasty Outlook

Here is the latest dynasty outlook for Tua Tagovailoa

It is true fantasy football never ends, especially if you are playing Devy or Dynasty. One of the most critical positions in any fantasy football roster is the quarterback.

If you can hit on a steady quarterback, you are set for a while anyway. Let’s take a look at Tua Tagovailoa. No quarterback is coming into the 2021 season with more questions than Tagovailoa: First, he was outplayed by fellow rookie Joe Burrow and Justin Herbert.

Then there is the memory of his last game on the field, where he completed 35-of-58 passes for 361 yards, one touchdown, three interceptions, and only 28 rushing yards on six carries. Of course, is the ever-present speculation of a trade imminent, Tagovailoa to Houston Texans and Deshaun Watson to Miami. And, of course, the shadow of Ryan Fitzpatrick looms large.

If Tagovailoa stays in Miami, will they also bring back Fitzpatrick? Making the option of Tagovailoa being pulled from any game at any time a possibility. STATISTICALLY SPEAKING: has Tagovailoa ranked 30th in passing grade among passes with at least 200 dropbacks. Statistically speaking, he was the QB31 in fantasy points for 2020.

He finished with 11 touchdowns (29th) and five interceptions (three in one game). He ran the ball 36 times for 109 yards and had one fumble. He averaged 6.25 yards per attempt.

For the season, he had 1814 passing yards and 109 rushing yards. Tagovailoa started nine games. He played in 10.

Tagovailoa is 23 years old and will be in the second year of his rookie quarterback. Those who do not think that drafting a quarterback back-to-back is out of the question (Dolphins currently have the third pick in the draft) do not forget about the Arizona Cardinals drafting Kyler Murray the season after Josh Rosen. All I am saying is that it is a possibility.

Tagovailoa’s stats aren’t bad, remember it was his first year and the first time he legitimately been on the field since his injury. The problem is the aforementioned Burrow, Herbert, and not to mention the incoming rookie class.

There is also head coach Brian Flores propensity to pull his quarterback in-game for a better option. Even if Fitzpatrick does not return, there is always the possibility of the Dolphins picking up one of the veteran free agents available.

Free Agent Quarterbacks 2021 Jacoby Brissett, Andy Dalton, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Cam Newton, Dak Prescott Philip Rivers Mitchell Trubisky, Jameis Winston

Any of those players could go to the Dolphins as a “back-up,” further devaluing Tagovailoa. BUY OR SELL There is that chance that Tagovailoa will have a bounce-back year in Miami if he stays and Fitzpatrick goes. But your dynasty fortunes should not be held hostage by “so you are saying there is a chance” theory of trades. If you can sell Tagovailoa, now is the time to strike. There is no reason that you want to buy Tagovailoa, even at a bargain-basement price.

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