Three Flex Players to Trade Away in Dynasty

Trade away these three flex players

By Calvin K (Twitter: @Calvin_SGF)

For most leagues, fantasy championship week has arrived, and the heartbreak and jubilation set to occur on the coming weekend will signify the end of the 2021 fantasy season. For purely redraft players, this time of year marks the beginning of a long wait for next season, but for dynasty players, a whole new season of trading and startups begins. Dynasty trades often occur mostly in the first few months following a previous campaign, so there’s never a better time to try to acquire and ship off players. Here are three flex-caliber guys you should look to trade away.

1. Elijah Mitchell (RB, San Francisco 49ers)

I’d recommend holding onto Mitchell through the season if your league doesn’t have a trade deadline, as it’ll likely give potential suitors one more good performance in Week 17 against Houston to consider. Mitchell is a talented player who had a great season this year, but he’s still someone you should look to trade away, as his role isn’t particularly safe in San Francisco.

Mitchell has had a great season statistically, but Kyle Shanahan’s tendency to use multiple RBs and rotate starters often means his role is not necessarily locked in, even for next year. Shanahan’s running-back-by-committee approach has made many average or decent RBs look like superstars, with players such as Raheem Mostert, Jeff Wilson, Tevin Coleman, Carlos Hyde, and others putting up solid production in recent years.

The fact that San Francisco drafted not one, but two rookie RBs this year in Mitchell and Trey Sermon signifies their willingness to move on to the next guy, a trait that is concerning when considering Mitchell’s dynasty value. Wilson, Sermon, and others, possibly including Mostert, will be around to challenge Mitchell for next year’s starting role, and while Mitchell’s youth may keep him as the starter, fantasy managers should be wary of possible sudden changes and look to trade him away after this year.

2. JuJu Smith-Schuster (WR, Pittsburgh Steelers)

Smith-Schuster’s dynasty value went down after he got hurt and went out for the rest of the year, but it’s still time to trade him away in dynasty as soon as possible. Smith-Schuster will be a free agent this offseason, but wherever he signs, his situation likely won’t ever be as good as it was with Pittsburgh over the last few seasons.

Smith-Schuster’s breakout year came alongside lots of soft coverage with Antonio Brown taking double-teams, but since Brown left, Smith-Schuster has struggled to produce similar numbers. His average depth of target has tanked tremendously, and his skillset now makes him almost exclusively a player who operates close to the line of scrimmage. With rare exceptions (Deebo Samuel), that role is not good for fantasy, and because Smith-Schuster doesn’t have WR1 talent or running back ability like Samuel does, it should be tough for him to compile major fantasy points in the future.

NFL teams seem to sense Smith-Schuster’s non-alpha skillset, as they allowed him to return to Pittsburgh on a relatively cheap one-year deal, so whatever team signs him probably would do so to make him a WR2 or WR3. That won’t represent much of an upgrade, if any, from his value in Pittsburgh even if he does manage to produce, and it could spell total disaster for his fantasy value if he lands on a WR-needy team that generally struggles to move the ball. Free agency often springs excessive hype for available WRs in dynasty leagues, so the time to capitalize on that potential value is now.

3. Tyler Lockett (WR, Seattle Seahawks)

Lockett should be someone you’re looking to sell high in dynasty for multiple reasons. For anyone who’s followed my content for a while, you know that I often rail against Lockett in general. This is for the reason that his inconsistency often causes him to tank your fantasy week, making him often left on the bench for when his outlier big weeks do come.

On top of that aspect, which is my usual narrative, the struggles of this Seahawks team as a whole leaves potential for QB Russell Wilson to exit Seattle via a trade after this year, potentially tanking Lockett’s value. Without Wilson, who he has played with for his whole career, Lockett’s value could plummet as the Seahawks go into rebuilding mode, which would only exacerbate his inconsistency. Finally, Lockett has been thoroughly outplaying DK Metcalf over these last few weeks, but historically, Metcalf has been this offense’s WR1, so there’s regression potential there as well.

Lockett’s production over the last few games has been very good. However, overall, the harm he does to fantasy teams with inconsistency, along with the other factors mentioned, means he should be someone you’re looking to trade away.

Ride The Dynasty Fantasy Football Wave To Success

How to master dynasty fantasy football market

By Jesse Moeller

The market can be your foe or friend when it comes to dynasty, depending on how you react to the dynasty Market. Move fast, and you can gain a leg up on your competition, moving too slow, and it will put you behind the eight ball. By trusting your process and moving quickly in dynasty, you become a massive winner in the end.

The most significant edge you can gain in dynasty is when you go against the consensus to obtain an advantage where others did not see it as a potential possibility. As the further you go away from it, the greater return you can gain. Along with that comes more inherent risk. Often, the game we play compares to the stock market for good reason. The similarities to the stock market are apparent. That is why you see countless Buy and Sell pieces when browsing Twitter or dynasty football websites. Since the game is year-round, the value on players and picks swings wildly. Make sure you stay up to date to take advantage when you receive a fortunate bounce.

This tweet is one of my favorite graphics I have come across. It helps us see how dynasty is cyclical. As you can see from the graphic above, the easiest way to gain value is to trade for players in the offseason and acquire picks during the season. There is always a risk with it, as the veteran you obtain could struggle, ala Robby Anderson, Kenny Golladay, Mike Davis. The draft picks possess that exact problem as well. Look at N’Keal Harry, Jalen Reagor, Rashaad Penny, Ke’Shawn Vaughn, and Kaderious Toney. There is an inherent risk with every move we make in dynasty, so that line of thinking will only cost you in the long run. We all will have hits and misses in this game. Unfortunately, it will always be a part of it, as we are playing a game based on a game. It simply creates more potential risk, which is an aspect of this game I genuinely enjoy. We are trying to use any advantage to overcome the other managers in your league.

This strategy can be hard to pull off as you reverse what seems the most straightforward way to improve your team. Every team wants productive players in-season and to accumulate draft picks in the offseason. Going this route, you follow a similar strategy as every manager in your league. Going against the grain allows you to have a broader range of outcomes when looking to obtain players or picks when the dynasty community is lower on them. It is an often misunderstood strategy that has a tremendous payoff in dynasty.

Broken down to a micro-level, the contrarian approach while applying this strategy would be investing in players that the community has openly soured on for numerous reasons. In dynasty, a player’s age goes hand in hand with their value. It is the likeliest scenario as a player pushes up against and surpasses the dreaded age apex. Once you move past the age apex in dynasty, a player will never recover the value they previously had, no matter how productive they are. Think of Derrick Henry, Chris Carson, Julio Jones, DeAndre Hopkins, Adam Thielen, Rob Gronkowski, Tom Brady, and other productive veterans. The players all had a reduced cost to one reason alone this offseason, their age. Ask any manager that has them rostered, and I would imagine they all are thrilled with the production they have received this year.

This last section might be my favorite. As Drew points out, you can find a market inefficiency and exploit it. For me, that inefficiency was the price of J.K. Dobbins and how Baltimore was a supposed lousy spot for the player to be. Two weeks in, Ty’Son Williams, an undrafted 25-year-old running back, is currently 15th in PPR with the 26th opportunity share and 28th in weighted opportunities, doing this while splitting work with Latavius Murray. I can confidently say Dobbins was going to smash this season. Here is to 2022, my guy.

Back to the topic at hand, this situation is when the community fades a player for a particular reason. Think of D.J. Moore, Josh Jacobs, Courtland Sutton, Amari Cooper, J.K. Dobbins, Odell Beckham, Logan Thomas type players. All have the talent to be one of the best players at their position in fantasy. Yet, the market price does not reflect that in the players’ value for one reason or another. These players are the ones where going against consensus will net you a substantial profit if you are willing to see it through.

Try going against the gain in one of your dynasty leagues this season. At the end of the year, see how the strategy worked for you and make adjustments to your process. It is how we all get better at this game we play. Never be afraid to go against the community and trust in your beliefs. You are the one managing your team, not the community. By doing this, you see your strengths in this game, allowing yourself to improve them for sustained success.

Update: I wanted to mention the late great Mike Tagliere. I did not have the privilege of knowing Mike Tagliere personally, yet I felt the mark he left in our community. Few names transcend the game we play, and Mike was one of them. Go ahead and search #TagsStrong on Twitter and you will see what a wonderful person Mike was, who left a lasting impact on this industry. Mike will be missed and remembered by so many. I wanted to thank you personally for all you gave to helping others strive to achieve a place in this industry. You are gone but never forgotten.

Buy, Hold, Sell: Elite RB edition

Buy Giants RB Saquon Barkley NOW

By: Zach Kurt

Many people are in Panic mode 2 weeks into the season and I am going to address 3 Rbs drafted as top 12 RBs in most dynasty startups this year. The three backs I am going to highlight are Saquon Barkley, Clyde Edwards-Helaire (CEH), Antiono Gibson (Gibby). These are some high-profile guys who have had a less than stellar start to the 2021 season. As a dynasty owner, what are you supposed to do with these assets? I will tell you!

Saquon Barkley (RB-NYG) BUY!!

This one is the easiest decision of the three for me and it’s not particularly close. Saquon is the best running back in the NFL when healthy. He is a great pure runner of the ball and a pass-catching savant. He can turn any play into a TD and you don’t get that ability from many RB’s in the NFL (CMC, Henry, Dalvin, Saquon). He has been on a slow start this season. The man is coming off an ACL tear.

Let’s get some perspective here. Jamaal Charles tore his ACL in 2011 and in 2012 his first 2 games totaled 25 touches. Saquon in his first 2 games tallied 26 touches. It is okay to start slow as a skill player coming off this injury. If people are worried about him you absolutely should buy him he is the best running back in the NFL when healthy and he is a few weeks from being there. Buy! Buy! Buy!

Clyde Edwards-Helaire (RB-KCC) Hold

CEH was heavily hyped a lot this offseason with the upgrades to the Chiefs O-line. Through two games in pass-heavy game scripts, CEH has been involved but not what you want for the workhorse back we were expecting him to be. It has been ugly for CEH thus far and despite the game scripts not being in his favor, he hasn’t impressed on any front. I believe that his trade value has taken a gigantic hit in the last two weeks that it is not smart to trade him right now. I have a few shares of CEH and have sent some offers out and the return I have been looking at is Chase Edmonds and Myles Gaskin. He is absolutely not worth selling for that. Wait for him to get a great majority of touches in a positive game script and his price will rocket back up because he is on the Cheifs.

Antonio Gibson (RB-WFT) SELL

Over this offseason, Antonio Gibson may have been the most hyped player in the fantasy community. People have been calling him CMC 2.0, Believing he would get a similar role to CMC. I had a lot of red flags when it came to this claim with Gibby and through a two-week sample, they seem to be coming true. J.D. McKissic was still there and was going to be the 3rd down back, Gibson was in for touchdown regression, and the more touches he saw his efficiency started to drop. All of those things have been happening two weeks in and I am a firm believer that they continue to happen. If you can sell Gibby for Saquon, Chubb, or David Montgomery I would sell Gibson for any of those guys very quickly. 

These first two weeks of NFL action have been peculiar but I believe that some of the evidence we have seen on the field is telling. None of what I have laid out here is a guarantee however sometimes it pays to buy low and sell high. Like I always say, send trade offers because Dynasty Never Rests.

Dynasty flex players to trade for

Here are your dynasty flex players to acquire

By: Keith James

The NFL is back and it is better than ever. The beauty of the NFL is that it is a week-to-week game. One week a team or a player looks great, the next week not so much. Such is life in the NFL. In a dynasty, fantasy owners can win by buying the dip. Human beings are emotional creatures. We don’t always follow logic. This is never more true than in fantasy football. People take this seriously and they get angry when their players don’t perform. 

Use that anger to your advantage. Look for young players that didn’t perform where a fantasy manager may throw their hands up and say, I’m going to cut bait on this player. This is how fantasy managers can buy productive assets on the cheap. 

This week I will give three players that can be used in the flex position that fantasy managers can buy cheaper than before the season. 

Brandon Aiyuk, WR, 23 years old

Aiyuk was a mystery on Sunday. There were reports that he has been dealing with injuries all off-season but he was healed up enough to suit up against the lowly Lions on Sunday. Given the 49ers history of spreading the wealth, I cautioned fantasy owners on Aiyuk in week one. In what should have been a smash spot for the talented 2nd-year player, I was concerned that the Niners were going to spread the wealth and Aiyuk could be the odd man out solely based on his injury. 

Something else seemed to be afoot with both Brando Aiyuk and Trey Sermon and there were reports both payers may have been in Kyle Shanahan’s doghouse for missing curfew. Who knows. Either way, Brandon Aiyuk watched as his fellow WR running mate, Deebo Samuel went bonkers against the Lions atrocious pass defense. Deebo had 9 grabs on 12 targets for 189 yards and a long 79-yard touchdown. Of course, he also had a terrible late-game fumble. Still, BA had to watch as his fellow receiver went crazy and Aiyuk was left with zero targets. That’s not good. 

Aiyuk will likely still be seen by fantasy managers as a great young receiver. He had 15.4 fantasy points per game last year because Aiyuk is electric with the ball in his hands. After week one, however, some of the shine may have worn off. I threw out some offers for Aiyuk to fellow league mates and I recommend you do the same. He is still a player that can have a top 24 season this year and in only his second year, he can become a fantasy scoring machine if he stays healthy and grows up. The cost will likely be high but I would offer a first-round pick for Aiyuk and try to pry an exciting young player from your league mates hands on the back of a pathetic week one show. 

Javonte Williams RB, 21 years old

Get Javonte as soon as you can! I would try to get Javonte this week before he goes crazy against the Jags and becomes all but untouchable. More than likely fantasy managers will not want to part with Javonte. Fantasy managers know that Melvin Gordon will likely be a PITA for Javonte the entire year. Managers are waiting for the year two ascension and may scoff at any Javonte offers but the fact remains Javonte played second fiddle to MG3 against the Giants. As much as I love Javonte’s talent, MG3 was by far the better back on Sunday. 

Gordon had 101 yards on only 11 attempts (9.2 YPC) and looked just as explosive as he did in his Chargers days. Javonte did not look great. He looked tentative and was bottled up for only 45 yards on 14 carries. It was encouraging to see the snaps split evenly between the two backs (they both had a 50% snap share) but the 28-year-old Gordon looked explosive and the 21-year-old Williams looked plodding. 

This is the best time to strike for Javonte. As I stated, his cost will not be cheap. Dynasty owners likely invested a lot in Javonte but like Aiyuk he may have lost his shine and if a fellow league mate is a contender that just so happens to have Williams, there may be a deal to be had for a more established RB and a pick. I would strike sooner rather than later however because up next, the Broncos take on the lowly Jags. The Jags of course were demolished by what many people think is the worst roster in the NFL in the Texans. With Denver more than likely taking a commanding lead in week two against Denver, Javonte may get enough run to put up gaudy numbers. 

This may be the last chance to get what could be a top ten back in the NFL over the next three years. If a team has any interest in selling, I am trying to buy Javonte right now. His schedule at the end of the season could make patient Javonte owner league winners. With Gordon’s history of getting beat up and missing games, this could be Javonte’s backfield to own by week 10. I’d be willing to offer a player like Chris Carson and a first-round pick to land Javonte. As I say, he won’t be cheap but he will be worth whatever it takes to pry him from your league mates hands. 

Courtland Sutton WR, 25 years old

Sutton had a bad game against the Giants. Lining up against James Bradberry is never easy and Jerry Jeudy was the star receiver in this game; until his injury. With Jeudy suffering a high ankle sprain and landing on IR, his entire season is likely toast. Remember Michael Thomas last year. Even if Jeudy comes back he will likely be hobbled the rest of the year. High ankle sprains are killers for playmakers. This is the time to strike on Courtland Sutton. 

Sutton of course is working back from his own devastating injury. Sutton blew out his ACL early in the season last year and will likely take a few weeks for him to regain his confidence and explosion. Sutton was on his way to becoming one of the best young receivers in the game in 2020. Coming off of an impressive 2019 season, Sutton blew out his knee all too early. Injuries suck. Sutton owners are likely frustrated and are wondering if Sutton will ever come back. He only had 1 grab for 14 yards on 3 targets. Steady Teddy Bridgewater will spread the wealth and he found guys like Tim Patrick, Noah Fant, and Albert Okwuegbunam against the Giants. Combined those three players had 13 grabs on 15 targets for 117 yards and two touchdowns. It seemed as though everyone but Sutton had a good game for the Broncos. 

Sutton may take some time but with Jeudy going down, Sutton has the opportunity to be a true alpha in Denver. Playing against the Jaguars this week, he could be in line for a monster game. I would throw out some offers for Sutton and see if there are any bites. Again, strike before the player goes off. Denver should manhandle the Jaguars fairly easily this week as 6 point favorites on the road. Both Williams (pricey) and Sutton (cheap) could be had for a discounted price but if they blow up against the Jaguars forget about it. Remember, human beings are emotional. Both good and bad. The strike will Sutton has put a bad taste in his fantasy managers mouth and your team could have a high-end WR2 this year and for years to come. 

Which Dynasty assets will skyrocket in value in the next 8 weeks?

Two WRs, a RB, and a QB to buy in dynasty

By: Zach Hurts

Who here values talent, opportunity, and good situations? I have a few people that I view as values right now with all the stars are aligning for them. This is what I call a buy window. A buy window is a moment in time that allows you to trade for a player at their current price and reap the benefits when they breakout and skyrocket in value. There are a few players that I have been watching during the NFL and college that just seem poised for a big season in the NFL this year and beyond. 

First up is Jerry Jeudy! This man is one of the best route runners in the NFL and I don’t say that about very many players. I want to break Jerry Jeudy’s rookie season down for you he had 52 receptions for 856 yards and 3 touchdowns. A very solid rookie season at face value. However, let’s take a look at some advanced metrics. Jeudy had 26 uncatchable targets last season which happened to lead the NFL. If you want a percentage that is nearly 25% of his targets were uncatchable. Now I know that Jerry Jeudy struggled with some drops last year and that is a small cause for concern. Teddy Bridgewater should change the inaccuracy problems with the Bronco’s QBs last year. Bridgewater finished 5th in completion percentage last season. Jeudy will be Teddy’s #1 WR and is on his way to being an elite option at the WR position. 

This WR has been shadowed by Justin Jefferson and Ja’Marr Chase.  Terrace Marshall is going to burst onto the scene this year. He is 6’3’’ 205 and a physical freak. When Marshall was at LSU without Chase and Jefferson due to Chase opting out Marshall commanded 28% of the receptions 33% of the team yards and 59% of their receiving touchdowns. 59% percent of the receiving TD’s is extremely impressive and with D.J. Moore and Robby Anderson not being big red zone threats Marshall fits perfectly. When he was the #1 on his team he balled out and we will see that translate to the NFL similar to Justin Jefferson’s transition. He is on a similar offensive scheme to LSU he will start as the WR3 but will have the opportunity to surpass Anderson and be a top 2 receiving option on this team. He is very underpriced in dynasty and it wouldn’t be a bad idea to send offers out on him. 

Similar to Jerry Jeudy this RB hails from the Alabama regime. Damien Harris ever since he has entered this league he has been an undervalued asset. In his rookie season unfortunately he sat on the bench all year and was not used heavily. Last season he was used in more of a starting RB towards the latter half of the year. He averaged over 5 YPC (Yards Per Carry) which is one of the better YPC in the NFL tied for 6th among RB’s. Last year Rex Burkhead and Sony Michel were involved in the run scheme and now they are both on different teams. Damien Harris will have most of the carries in this offense and will break 1000 yards on the ground this season barring injury. Cam Newton also took a large number of rushing TD’s last year making Harris’s TD upside limited. Harris is still being undervalued even with the backfield clearing up. He has little competition and could very likely see a three-down role. 

The last player on this list is a lean mean rushing machine that can also throw a deep ball with perfection. It’s not Russell Wilson, but It’s Jalen Hurts. Hurts was a beast in college who played very well in Alabama except for his first National Championship appearance which ended up losing him his job. He then came into the national championship the following year and led them to a victory. He transferred after he wasn’t the starter. He played lights out in Oklahoma and was second in the Heisman race behind Joe Burrow. This is very unmentioned. He had low accuracy in year one largely because his receiving core was bad.: Greg Ward, Alshon Jeffery, and Dallas Godert. His weapons are already drastically better. He was a beast on the ground having “12 rush attempts per game”. Hurts should continue to be effective. Outside of a new receiving core this year, he has had a whole year of training camp and preseason to develop and adjust to the speed of the NFL. He has the potential to be a top 5 QB in fantasy for several years to come but for some reason, he gets no respect. People love him in redraft but he will be a franchise QB, not just a 1 year transitional QB.

Overall all of these players have a lot of talent and have an immense opportunity to breakout. You want to buy them before the breakout happens. I am confident that all of these players have the situation, the opportunity, the talent to change their startup value by several rounds. As I always say send trades because Dynasty Never Rests!

Dynasty: 3 Sleeper WRs to buy

Buy Darnell Mooney NOW

By: Marcel Boudreau (@Marcel_BFF)

In order to get an upper hand on your opponents, it is important to buy values wherever you can. This article serves a purpose to highlight 3 wide receivers that have an opportunity to become fantasy relevant this season and moving forward. There were a lot of “sleeper” wide receivers that could have been on this list, but their managers are likely reluctant to let them go. Players such as Bryan Edwards and Marquez Callaway have been getting a lot of hype and would be easy to put on this list, but their managers will likely be asking for too much in return. Below is a list of three wide receivers that you can buy at a discount that have the potential to return great value.

Parris Campbell

Although he sits between WR64 and WR66 in dynasty Superflex start-ups, for leagues who have been established for over two years, the fantasy manager of Parris Campbell has likely been extremely frustrated with him on their bench or IR (injury reserve) due to his plethora of injuries beginning in week 3 of his rookie season that’s only allowed him to play in 9 of 32 games. So why should you go after Campbell? 

“Players are injury-prone until they’re not” – Jason Moore of The Fantasy Footballers

I have investigated the timeline and types of injuries that have happened to Campbell. They are very “freak” accidents and mostly un-related leading to a lower re-injury rate than most would expect. Aside from those injuries, were the timelines in which they happened, and without using my physiotherapy degree to go into too much more detail, Parris Campbell is the healthiest he has been since Week 3 of 2018. 

How about Parris Campbell the player? This is a guy who has 4.31 speed (faster than Tyreek) at 6 feet tall and 205lbs. That combination with above-average route running abilities and 66% catch rate (on passes from Philip Rivers and Jacoby Brissett) is something special. He was drafted in the second round and can play both the slot and on the outside. The Colts made it a point of emphasis to get the ball in his hands last year by targeting him 9 times for 6 receptions and 71 yards in week 1 before spraining his knee early in week 2 forcing him to miss the rest of last year. From the media buzz, it appears like Campbell and Pittman will be the starting receivers in 2 WR sets, and Hilton will come in for 3-WR sets, which means plenty of snaps to match what we saw last year being on the field for 83% of offensive snaps. 

Darnell Mooney

Mooney will not be the cheapest of buys, but when combining his rookie season on-field metrics with hopeful better QB play going forward, Darnell Mooney just might be a diamond in the rough. This is a team that after only 2 regular seasons games, decided to shift Anthony Miller’s target to Mooney, and coming out of their week 11 Bye, Mooney has become the clear-cut WR2 on this team, demanding 8 targets a game over the last 6 weeks. Mooney never had a “shiny” box score game, which helps disguise his true value, as he never once topped 100 yds, or had a multiple touchdown game.

The main reason Mooney failed to have explosion-type games was due to QB play. He was targeted the 11th most in the league deep down the field and was 10th in unrealized air yards, which is a clear indication that the team trusts him on these high-value fantasy targets, but when checking the film, he was vastly under or over-thrown on these deep targets. Being completely transparent with Mooney, he could have had better success on some catches, but this was a rookie who never had the chance to build chemistry with his QBs as the team continued to flip flop the starter between Foles and Trubisky. Yes, Andy Dalton is set to start week 1, but once the QB shift to Justin Fields happens, we are going to see the offense settle into a rhythm, which was barely established last season. 

Mooney has sub-4.40 speed and is a crisp route runner. Justin Fields has the arm strength, talent, and pocket escapability to extend plays and make monster gains downfield. It’s a pairing that will grow together over the next couple of seasons, which may I mention that Allan Robinson may be out the door after this season, leaving Mooney at the top of the WR depth chart. Yes, they are likely to bring someone in, but that newcomer will not have the established chemistry that Mooney and Fields will be building. Mooney is currently being drafted as the WR50 (118th overall – 10.10), and with a concentrated passing attack from the Bear’s, he’s not only going to pay off in re-draft, but he’s going to make a lot of dynasty manager happy they acquired him before the breakout. 

Josh Palmer

There are many reasons to want Josh Palmer on your dynasty roster. Over the next 4 seasons, two things will remain true: He will be connected to a stud young QB in Justin Herbert, and he will never face the opposing top corner as Keenan Allen is under contract until 2025. Another fact is that former first-round pick Mike Williams, the current WR2 on the roster, is likely not returning to the Chargers following this season. 

Josh Palmer’s athletic metrics are less than exciting, but he’s a very good route runner who was never fortunate enough to have a great QB throw him the ball. That will all change in LA. Palmer’s ability to get open and secure catches all over the field and through traffic is something that will draw the attention of Herbert as the year progresses. This is also a team that has made little investments in the tight end position, hopefully leaving more of the market share in favor of the receivers. Austin Ekeler is not going anywhere, and between him and Keenan Allen, they will hog around 45% of the targets, but that is more than okay as their talent will draw a lot of attention off Palmer, leaving him with more single coverages and increased target efficiency. 

Josh Palmer was drafted in the middle-to-late third round in rookie drafts this summer, which is a steal of its own, but you can attempt to use this leverage to either buy him cheap, or you can swap him with an aging player that may carry name value such as AJ Green and T.Y Hilton who the opposing manager may believe have better chances at 2021 production. 


This article was not written in the sense of broking your team’s bank to get these players but is to highlight some players that are going undervalued in drafts for what their ceilings and futures could be. Stats and data were provided by,,,, Thanks for reading!

Dynasty: Three sleepers RBs to trade for

Kenneth Gainwell offers lots of potential

By: Keith James

I love making deals. Don’t you? Dealmaking is the greatest part of dynasty fantasy football. Sure, there are deals to be had in redraft, but in one-year sample size, most league managers are leary to trade. In Dynasty, however, trades are an important tool for building your league dominating squad. In this article, I will showcase three under-the-radar running backs to trade for in your dynasty league. 

Trading is all about perceived value. It’s taken me a long time to understand how to successfully trade. Trades need to be fair but as a fantasy manager, you need to find value before it pops. We know that running backs have about a 3-4 year window before they fall off a cliff. Take a look at Leveon Bell and Todd Gurley. They were no about it top three picks just three seasons ago, now they aren’t even on an NFL roster. The greatness of running backs falls fast. In order to get out of an aging running back room is to find young talent that is ready to start making waves on game-day. 

Here are three running backs that fit that profile. They are being drafted with low ADPs and due to injury or ineffectiveness can be dynamic fantasy assets you are able to acquire for a cheap price. 

Darrynton Evans RB55, Tennessee Titans (ADP-220, Sleeper)

I like to target running backs that have high upside and are buried on the depth chart. Evans has both of these features. Not many people are aware of Darrynton Evans, but he is an explosive back, that ran a 4.4 forty coming out of college. Evans was the Titans 3rd round pick in 2020 out of Michigan beating Appalachian State. Due to injuries last season, Evans barely saw the field. 

Evans is no doubt buried on the depth chart. He is running behind one of the greatest power backs the NFL has even known. Derrick Henry is an alien. At 6’3 and 240 pounds, he is a dude that may very well buck all the trends of running backs dipping in production at age 27. But in fantasy football I play the odds and the odds say his cliff is coming. What usually ends up happening is injury. Henry is now entering his 6th NFL season. He has over 1,200 NFL touches. He is a great player and in standard leagues should be a top 3 drafted player but time catches all kings. 

When Henry gets dinged, Evans could be a league winner ready to catch passes and offer a different look to the Titans. Try to scoop Evans as an add on to a bigger trade and he could have league-winner potential. 

Chuba Hubbard RB50, Carolina Panthers (ADP-136, Sleeper)

Christian McCaffrey (CMC) is one of the best players in football. Not just at the running back position. He is an overall top 3 talent in the NFL. CMC also was dinged, a lot last year. He had multiple injuries that lead to him only playing in 3 games for the Panthers. I say that to say this, CMC has been brutally overused. He was such fantasy goodness for so long because the Panthers quite literally ran their entire offense through him, and he played every game. Last year was the first year he showed kinks in his armor.

CMC has over 1,000 NFL touches in his four years in the NFL. Much like Derrick Henry, he has been pounded and it showed up last season. CMC never missed a game until last year and my fear is that once star RB’s begin to get banged up, the injuries usually don’t stop. 

Enter a once shining star, Chuba Hubbard. Hubbard would have been a 2nd or 3rd round pick had he come out in 2020 but he chose to stay an extra year where he drastically disappointed NFL scouts. In 2019, Chuba Hubbard wowed at Oklahoma State. He rushed for 2,094 yards in 13 games. At 6.4 yards per carry, he was a big play waiting to happen at any moment. He also had a blazing 4.36 forty clocked at his pro day. Due to COVID and other factors, Hubbard had a down year that leads to him being drafted in the fourth round of the NFL draft.

Chuba is explosive. He can take a crack in the defense to the house on any play. Built-in the shape of Raheem Mostert, he is a slim, fast, break-away threat. If he hits a hole, he’s gone. If the injury bug continues to nip at CMC’s heels, Hubbard could be a weekly fill-in player that may look to do damage of his own for your team. By year three, Hubbard may own the backfield in Carolina.

Two years from now CMC will be hitting his age 27 years in the league and will be due for a decline. CMC is not built like Henry, he is smaller and shiftier. Great for prime running backs years, but once the injury bug hits it tends to hit again and again. 

Offer a 2nd round pick for Hubbard and see if anyone bites. If not, again try to grab him as a throw-in to a bigger trade and walk away with a piece that will pay dividends for your squad down the road. 

Kenneth (Kenny) Gainwell, RB45, Philadelphia Eagles (ADP-122, Sleeper)

Saving the best for last, Kenny Gainwell is an afterthought back that will provide fantasy results immediately. Gainwell was the reason Antonio Gibson didn’t get much run at Memphis. Gainwell was too good for the Tigers to take off the field so Gibson was used a receiver. Kenny Gainwell’s traits remind me a lot of Austin Ekelar. 

He is a shifty, satellite back that can catch the ball out of the backfield and do some damage. Gainwell is set to have a long career in the NFL. The area where Eagles starting back, Miles Sanders, struggled last year was in the passing game. This leads me to believe Gainwell will get run starting week 1. He is not only a guy waiting for an injury to get his chance, he is also a dude that can do some damage in his rookie year on 7-10 touches per game. 

Gainwell fits what Nick Sirianni did with the Colts. His profiles are to be used in the same fashion as Nyheim Hines was last year. For those of you that forgot, Hines was RB15 on only 152 touches last year and brought a lot of good fortune to fantasy teams. Gainwell could do the same this year. I don’t believe he gets enough looks to be an RB2, but he could easily be an RB3 and used often in a flex spot. If an injury happens to Miles Sanders, watch out for Gainwell to have himself a year.

His ADP of 122 has remained fairly stable this offseason. He is being drafted in the 10th round of dynasty leagues and usually in the 3rd round of rookie drafts. This is where a fantasy manager finds value. He was not a high-end asset but with the passing volume continuing to rise in the NFL, pass-catching backs like Gainwell are becoming must-own fantasy assets. Look to get Gainwell on your team by offering low draft capital and watch when he becomes an annual RB2 you can have locked and loaded for the next 4 years. 

The time is now to find sleeper RBs

Value plus volume equals fantasy success. All three players on this list offer little value to the uninformed league owner. Get a league owner excited by offering a solid player like Chase Claypool, ask for a player ranked slightly below Claypool like DJ Chark, and attach Evans, Hubbard, or Gainwell to the trade.

Five middle round players that will win your dynasty league

Mike Williams can be a steal for your dynasty team

By: Keith James

The word sleeper is thrown around often in fantasy football. The truth is there aren’t many sleepers to be had these days. With the proliferation of websites, magazines, and data most fantasy football players can read about any player at any time. Instead of thinking of “sleepers”, think of guys that are drafted in a similar round that are better than the guys drafted before him. In this article, I will identify five middle-round players that will win your dynasty league.

Dynasty is great because once you draft a player he is yours as long until you decide he’s not. You can manage your players for 3 years or 3 months. You can keep players, trade them, drop them. Once you draft a guy, in that league, he is yours to manage however you would like. The thing about dynasty is patience. Should you wait on a guy to flourish in a year or two or should you trade him? 

It’s easy to fall in love with your first 3-4 picks. This will be your core and should love your core. They will be the reason for your greatness or for your failure. The core is what matters in sports. The same applies to fantasy football. Your core will likely produce 80% of all your fantasy production barring injury. I always say the core is how you score, the rest cleans up the mess. If you are able to draft guys in the middle rounds that enter that core, you will be able to better manage a top 60 fantasy asset. 

For the benefit of this article, I am considering the middle rounds, rounds 8-13 and I am basing my ADP off of sleepers’ latest ADP (August 1st). The start of round eight is player number 85 in 12 team leagues. So the top 85 dynasty assets are off the board, the queue is getting slim. There are guys you love but who should you draft while you are sifting through the tiers. 

The following are 5 guys that are going in round 8 or later that will help you win your dynasty leagues. These are players that may not hit WR2 in 2021 but the future is bright, a little luck and they could pay off this year. Mostly, you are waiting on these guys to develop in 2022, 23′, 24′, and beyond. They are green bananas that you have to give a little time and in a year or two they will be ripe for eating. Grab them in your startup drafts, HODL them, show them care, and wait for them to develop. You will be winning many fantasy games if you choose wisely. 

Laviska Shenault (ADP 86-Dynasty)

2020 may go down as the best fantasy football draft year of all time. With top players at all positions, 2020 may rival 2017. The same draft that had Mahomes, Watson, Dalvin Cook, Kamara, CMC, and George Kittle may be rivaled by the draft that produced Jonathon Taylor, Antonio Gibson, Cam Akers, D’Andre Swift, JK Dobbins, Justin Jefferson, Jerry Jeudy, Joe Burrow, Tua, and Justin Herbert. 

There are many more 2020 names but one name that has slid this offseason is Laviska Shenault. Laviska Shenault was drafted by the Jaguars in the 2nd round at pick number 42. Shenault was seen as an athletic freak coming out of Colorado but he had injuries that derailed a good portion of his career. He is not a blazer but he is seen as an AJ Brown type of physical receiver that can do damage with the ball in his hands. 

Shenault battled poor QB play and while missing two games he was WR46, putting up 157 PPR points at a little over 11 points per game (PPG). Known as a big play waiting to happen, Laviska has strong hands that snatch the ball and look to do damage with his large 6’1 220-pound frame. 

His current ADP is going at 97 (round 8 in 12 man leagues) and he is going as WR35. 

I’m looking for Laviska to be the focus of Trevor Lawrence’s targets this year both on intermediate routes and short routes where Shenault can work in space. With the crowded Jaguars receiver room consisting of DJ Chark, Shenault, and Marvin Jones it is hard to imagine Shenault owning the Jaguars target share in 2021 but in 2022 and beyond this will be Shenault’s team on the receiving end. 

DJ Chark is a free agent and Marvin Jones is 31 years old. Shenault is on a team-friendly deal for 4 more years and there is already talk out of Jaguars camp of “building the offense around” Laviska Shenault. I built a model that highlighted the top 12 receivers from the last 7 years. I looked at height, weight, draft capital, year in the league, and many other variables. Shenault fits the model of a WR1 to a tee. He has the build, the athleticism, the wow factor to chew up yards on easy catches and he should be between 20-25% target share once Chark moves on after this season. 

Grab Shenault in the 9th round of your start-up drafts and look for him to be a sound WR3 this year and build toward one of the most dynamic receivers in the league over the next 3-5 years. I also believe Shenault is worth a 2022 first-round pick if you are looking at assets to buy heading into this season. Make offers now, because his price may be much higher after an electric 2021 season.

Rashod Bateman (ADP 83-Dynasty)

Bateman was a case of COVID-19 derailing his momentum. If he was able to play in a full 12-13 game season last year he would have been a top 15 pick. Covid-19 hit and the Big Ten was only able to play in 6 games and Bateman caught the virus and was not able to finish the season with the Gophers. 

Make no mistake, however, Bateman can ball. He is another prototypical receiver that fits the making of a WR1. Taken with pick 27 by the Baltimore Ravens, Bateman has been a victim of where he landed. The Ravens are a run-heavy team. They lead the league in rushing attempts last year and were last in passing attempts. With Lamar Jackson’s skill set, they have created an offense around Jackson’s strengths. 

Jackson however has never had a receiver with the talent of Bateman and these two are about to tear up the AFC North for the next five years. Bateman is another prototypical WR1 in the making. As a rookie, his volume will likely keep him in the WR4 or WR3 category. Moving forward, he will be a problem for opposing defenses. At 6’0, 190 he is smaller than average WR1’s but he explains how he battled COVID last year and his weight is a little light. 

I believe he plays more around 200 pounds this year and in future years. Bateman runs a 4.43 forty (pro day) and has great hands. Watching his tape he reminds me of Reggie Wayne, I’m not saying he is the Great Wayne Manor but that’s what he looks like. Bateman runs clean, crisp routes, and tracks the ball great. He has great hands and he is open often. 

Bateman is currently being drafted at ADP 130 (WR43) behind Will Fuller, Henry Ruggs, and his teammate Hollywood Brown. I like Bateman much more than his current tier of WR’s in dynasty. Bateman figures to take a year or two before becoming an annual top 24 WR.

I love Bateman in round 10 earlier than he is being drafted and stashing him for upcoming stardom over the next 2-3 years. Bateman was my WR2 coming into the 2021 draft and I believe he would have been drafted in the top 15 if COVID didn’t ruin his season. Draft Bateman with glee and attach him to an established MVP QB who needs a big body, clean route runner, to improve his passing efficiency. Bateman is that guy for Lamar Jackson and he will be that guy for your fantasy team. 

Terrace Marshall (ADP116-Dynasty)

Terrace is a player that had some late injury concerns and was caught up in the wash of other great receivers playing at LSU at the same time as him. Terrace was a five-star recruit who took some time to establish himself after Ja’Marr Chase and Justin Jefferson were no longer around. Playing in an LSU passing attack that was a far drop from Joe Burrow’s historic 2019 season, Terrace established himself as his own big play waiting to happen. 

Marshall stands at 6’2, 200 pounds, and runs a 4.4 forty. The other thing I love about Marshall other than his size/speed combo is he did damage primarily from the slot in 2020. That is where I believe he thrives for the Panthers in 2021 and beyond. Marshall will be the 4th option on his new Panther team. With CMC coming back healthy he will eat up a lot of the targets both Robbie Anderson and DJ Moore (DJM) had last year. CMC is still the focus of that offense and will be leaned on in Sam Darnold’s first year. 

Anderson and DJM present a problem for Marshall in year one, but his understanding of the slot will help his cause seeing the field. Marshall has star potential written all over him and with Robbie Anderson likely leaving via free agency after the 2021 season, Marshall should be set to take control in 2022 and beyond.

I am of the belief having great players on the other side of you helps your cause, and does not hinder it. DJ Moore is set to become a household name and if the Panther’s offensive brain trust can unlock Sam Darnold’s talent then Darnold, CMC, DMJ, and Marshall will begin to push for annual top ten offensive productions. There is a lot of talent on that offense. 

Marshall is currently being drafted at ADP 116 (round 9) and at that price you are looking at another potential top 24 receiver that can help your squad this year in spot starts or at the flex position and if there is an injury to either Moore or Anderson, watch out, Marshall may become the next Chase Claypool. Marshall’s size and athletic ability make him a matchup nightmare especially with such skilled receivers as Moore and Anderson on the outside, lining up Marshall against smaller nickel backs in the red zone is money in the bank and will cash checks for your fantasy squad. 

Mike Williams (ADP134-Dynasty)

Mike Williams has become a hair puller. He’s a guy with immense talent, a size/speed combo with high draft capital that has not been able to consistently put it all together. Williams had a 1,000-yard season and a season with 10 touchdowns and he is fully capable of being a dude that has both this year. Working with Justin Herbert, Mike Williams will undoubtedly be the 3rd option behind Austin Ekelar and Keenan Allen but with a superstar QB that 3rd option will be deadly. 

Another reason I love Mike Williams this year is he is entering a contract year. With the Chargers knowing they will have to drop a bag for Justin Herbert in a couple of years, it is more than likely that Williams walks and can take over as an alpha receiver for a new team. At only 26 years old, Williams is entering his 5th year and he is in a prime position to help dynasty teams this year and the next 3 years. 

Williams stands 6’4, 220, and is prone to the deep ball. He can go up and get it. Williams is not a YAC guy, he is a jump ball, the contested-catch nightmare that is a perfect complement to Keenan Allens and his superior route running. Williams needs to see more targets to be a consistent performer but with the Chargers investing in the offensive line for the first time in what feels like forever, Justin Herbert should be a top 8 fantasy quarterback for the foreseeable future. Williams had 85 targets last year and 90 the year before, with the extra game I can foresee a 100 target season with 68 grabs, over 1,000 yards, and 9 touchdowns. I am predicting a breakout for the Clemson alum in his walk year so that another team can pay him next year and you can cash in 2021 and the next few years. 

Williams ADP has been moving up, the word is out. Camp reports say that Williams looks great and he is establishing himself with Herbert to be a true number two in LA, this should correlate to a top 24 finish, or better in 2021. Moving forward, when Williams balls out this year, teams will get a sense of how best to use Williams. He is at his best in jump ball, contested-catch areas of the field. Even with below-average speed (4.58 forty), Williams is still able to get deep. Williams has a 16.7 yard per catch average in his career, so he is looking to beat you to the outside and win a contested ball. 

Williams will man the X position in new offensive coordinator Joe Lombardi’s offense. This was the same position Michael Thomas played under Lombardi in NO. Williams will see an uptick in targets, use his skills on the deep ball, and be a jump ball receiver looking for a layup down by the goal line. The is the year Williams breaks out and he will ride that wave for your dynasty team now and into the future. 

Darnell Mooney (ADP 124-Dynasty)

With all the reports of Darnell Mooney lighting up Bears camp, his ADP has remained stagnant all summer. It’s shocking that a receiver who is the Bears leader for rookies in receptions with 61 last year has not budged in ADP all off-season. Here’s the deal, I’m a big Bears fan and I thought the after-season hype was more than I expected out of Darnell Mooney but with a much-improved QB situation in Chicago, Mooney will be able to get deep with his 4.38 speed. 

Mooney is also an intelligent player that uses smooth transitions in his routes to get open. There is a Twitter GIF showing Mooney’s skills when he duped Jalen Ramsay and got by him deep only to have Nick Foles overthrow the ball. Foles was under heavy pressure by his own goal line, but I digress. Mooney has the skills to become a star in the league. Reports are that Mooney was attached to Allen Robinson’s hip in the offseason and with a full year to grow in the offense, having a true NFL training camp, and refining his skills Mooney is set to go to the moon. See what I did there?

Mooney’s ADP is currently 122 (WR41) so you are getting a younger version of Tyreek Hill about to be linked to the most talented, productive, experienced quarterback prospect the Bears have ever had in Justin Fields. Fields is a dynamic deep-ball thrower, which will play perfectly for Darnell Mooney’s speed. What Mooney needed was a QB that could unlock his ability to get deep and make a game-changing play. Fields will be that guy. I believe Mooney has star potential and could become a top 20 WR and he can be had for a 10th round pick. Get him now and grow with him, watching your dynasty squad become elite.

Middle of the Road

No matter the drafting format, finding guys that hit in the middle to late rounds will always be a winning formula. In Dynasty, these guys are your future. They are your playmakers or traceable assets that can set you up to succeed for a half-decade. 

Laviska Shenault, Rashod Bateman, Terrace Marshall, Mike Williams, and Darnell Mooney are all guys that have an open window of success in the present and the future. They are all a little different but the best thing about this group is they will not cost you high draft capital. These are middle-round gems and if you can walk away with 2-3 of these guys you will have a top-flight receiving core that your league will have to contend with. These are playmakers that will be consistent names in rounds 1-6 for the next four years. 

In fantasy football, I am always looking for volume and value. What the five guys on this list present is high value with anticipated volume to increase their profile. What I like about all five of these guys in their ability to make plays and get in the zone. Touchdowns are the great decider between a top 30 WR and a top 15 wide receiver. Managing players that can be target hogs on their team and find the endzone will bring fantasy happiness. 

Find your way to the middle, look for these names and start to put together your wide receiver core while building the rest of your squad in earlier rounds. You better hurry though, talent wins in the NFL and each one of these players is getting buzz at their camps. These may be middle-round picks in 2021 but these are not middle-round players. They will go much higher next year and beyond. Go and get them on your dynasty teams and win bragging rights for years to come.  

How To Navigate Injuries In Dynasty

Cam Akers injury is very unfortunate

By Jesse Moeller (Twitter: @JMoeller05)

Yesterday was a vivid reminder that the NFL is a brutal sport, and injuries all too often have a significant impact on which teams in both the NFL and fantasy come out on top. The dynasty community saw one of its prized pupils in Cam Akers. The dynasty RB7 sustain a devastating Achilles tendon tear. It shifted the ground in dynasty, as teams dependant on Akers anticipated production immediately went looking for a replacement. In contrast, teams with Henderson received a massive boost for the championship aspirations this year.

It’s necessary to understand that not all injuries are the same. This is a major blow to Akers dynasty stock. Running backs who suffer an Achilles injury do not return to the form they showed prior. There is a fantastic thread from Edwin Porras on how difficult it is for running backs to return from this injury in particular. Based on the information provided, we know it is not your typical lower-body injury. The only running backs to have come back to any fantasy relevance after suffering an Achilles injury were Jonathon Stewart and Mikel Lashoure. Stewart is a true outlier in this scenario, as he put together six seasons with 180+ touches and over 700+ yards.

So What Is My Next Move?

Now, to the more focal point of the article. How do you manage injuries in dynasty? In the offseason, forcing yourself to fill a team need before the draft or training camp can leave you in a much worse position. So let’s go over some of the strategies I use for determining if a player is a sell or buy candidate coming off of an injury.

Age:  Age is key to any player coming off of an injury. Suppose an older player in a dynasty suffers a significant injury. In that case, it likely tanks any value that player has, and they will never return to that pre-injury value. A player that falls under the category is Odell Beckham. Unless Beckham can produce WR1 seasons, he will never crack the top 24 dynasty-wide receiver ranks again, given his age and injury history. He is far more likely to continue his slide as he turns 29 this year. Beckham is a player I have little interest in dynasty due to this history. Beckham has only played 16 games once in his last four seasons and has only one season of WR2 play in that timespan. The lack of production partnered with him coming off a significant injury is why I’m out on Beckham.

Talent: This can be tricky as talent is subjective, but the more talented a player is, I am far more likely to invest in the player recovering from a significant injury. If this player is a true difference-maker at the position, you will likely receive a discount on that player due to said injury. For the elite players such as CMC, Saquon, and others coming off of season-ending injuries, the teams who paid the discounted rate to acquire them last year are set up for success this time. Having the patience to wait through a lost season for elite dynasty players is a potential boon for your roster.

Roster Construction: The third option can be just as important. If a team in win-now mode just lost one of its starting players and did not have a viable backup at the position, this is when teams get desperate trying to compete for a championship each year. They will likely accept a worse player at the position to try and content. If you have foresight and depth, you can upgrade your overall long-term outlook. There are numerous players this could describe, such as Dak Prescott, Joe Burrow, Nick Chubb, Michael Thomas, and George Kittle. Adding any one of those players to your roster boosts the overall product, especially when it comes at a discounted price via trade.

Injury Severity: This is about knowing what type of injury the player has sustained, how severe the damage is, and how long the absence will be. If a quarterback suffers a shoulder or elbow injury such as Big Ben did in 2019, what are the chances of the quarterback returning to full health post-injury? Can any running back recover from a torn Achilles? Did the receiver completely blow out his knee? These are essential questions to ask and help you understand if an injured player is one you should be targeting or fading. Remember, each injury is different, and some players recover faster than others. Using the timeline guides for each injury can help you understand when a player should be close to returning.

There is no proper solution for targeting injured players. With the advancements in modern medicine, athletes can come back quicker than we remember. Ten years ago, Adrian Peterson shocked the world by coming back from an ACL in December 2011 to play the following season. Not only did he do that, but he also put up over 2000 total yards. Peterson proved that the timeline on ACL recoveries was not as long as had previously been thought. This transitions us back to Cam Akers and the torn Achilles he suffered yesterday. It is a much more difficult situation. You have almost no information on players at the running back position who have successfully returned to have a successful career outside of Stewart. I came across this thread earlier and thought it was vital information to share as it is eerily similar to Akers situation. I highly recommend you read the Twitter thread and conclude what to do on Akers.

Cam The Ram

Those of you moving Akers, here is how I would go about it. If I can get a WR2 in return like Higgins, Aiyuk, Claypool, Lockett, or Woods and something added on top, I would be ok moving Akers in a trade. I’m not going to sell Akers for only a 1st round pick, as that does little to help me at the moment. Akers value is currently as low as it will be for the next few months. You should be in no rush to trade him away until you find a deal you are comfortable moving him in. You could also package him and someone like CeeDee Lamb for a genuinely elite running back if you choose to go that route in dynasty.

For people looking to buy low on Akers, I would start with rookie players and see if you can get someone to bite on a Michael Carter or Rondale Moore. These rookie players will never offer the upside of an Akers in dynasty, so I am comfortable moving them with the chance Akers comes back healthy. If unsuccessful, try a more established veteran like Damien Harris or Ronald Jones plus, which may be the route. This will be the much easier route, with the narrative surrounding Achilles injuries, the majority of the community will be out on him for the foreseeable future.

QBs to trade away in Dynasty Fantasy Football

Trade away QB Jameis Winston in dynasty

By: Jake Rajala

The dynasty fantasy football season is always in progress. Improving one’s fantasy roster and gaining a step ahead of your opponents doesn’t rest in the 365-day dynasty fantasy football course.

Everybody’s quarterback spot is always being monitored and rightfully so, the QB spot needs to be sharp and consistent. Just as seeking QB talent is the utmost necessary, it’s important to find out which signal-callers should be shipped away. There are many opportunities to deal a QB with smaller compensation with aim of acquiring a much better long-term QB.

In this outlook, I’m going to lay out two notable names that should be avoided in dynasty leagues. Let’s take a deep dive into this dynasty QB piece.

Jameis Winston – New Orleans Saints

I stand by my claim that Jameis Winston is the “most overhyped QB heading into 2021”. I feel strongly that hefty paid Taysom Hill, who shined when given the starting role, will reclaim the duties when Week 1 is underway. Personally, I feel like Hill and Winston are not the long-term answer for Sean Payton’s offense, anyways. Payton wants his guy and a talented guy with that. I believe the Saints will make a strong effort to trade up for the right QB in next year’s draft. I don’t foresee Payton acting as Andy Reid did and trying to get by with a QB like Alex Smith or Donovan McNabb. Payton likes to light up the scoreboard and oust routine Top 5 offensive performances.

If Winston does earn the starting nod in 2021, he’s still the same QB that threw 14+ interceptions in nearly every season for the Bucs. If Winston does start and manages to be modest (appears most likely), I see Payton trusting himself elsewhere instead of signing Winston to a monster deal after Winston’s one-year deal finishes after this season. I simply believe there is far too much risk all around for Winston’s ability to shine with the Saints.

Take advantage of the insane hype with the former first overall pick, former passing TD and passing yard leader, and player that is often shown working out intensely. I believe trading Winston with potentially some draft compensation or player for the likes of sleeper QB Daniel Jones, or stud Matthew Stafford, or rookie Mac Jones, it would really be a great move.  

Kyler Murray – Arizona Cardinals

The Arizona Cardinals have a talented QB in Kyler Murray, but he would be the perfect QB to trade away. He’s ranked as the actual third QB in dynasty right now. He’s a talented dual-threat QB, but I believe he’s one of the most controversial Top 3 dynasty QBs in the last several years. I believe he’s the perfect player to trade away.

Murray will be a Top 5 stat machine, but I don’t love his ceiling. He doesn’t appear to have his team in the ring for the NFC West prize and he’s not shown the ability to bully divisional defenses (Seahawks, Rams, 49ers) when he must. Murray may have gotten multiple additions to his offense, but they won’t propel the unit to an elite passing machine.

AJ Green is on his last legs and Rondale Moore doesn’t appear to be a lock starter yet. I personally believe an underlooked factor is that Kliff Kingsbury could likely be out the door after this upcoming season or next year if the Cardinals don’t compete strongly in the NFC West (as they appear to be fourth place favorites right now). If you could get a talented “Joe Burrow or Trevor Lawrence out of Murray AND quality draft compensation”, give it the green light.

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