3 reasons why Kenny Pickett could start in 2022

Will Kenny Pickett start in 2022?

By: Jake Rajala

The Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Kenny Pickett has turned heads this off-season and it’s clear that Mike Tomlin will have a difficult choice in picking his starting quarterback. After Pickett edged out Mason Rudolph for second-string reps in training camp, the former Pitt signal-caller had a dose of first-team reps five days ago. Mitchell Trubisky, also known to the world as the QB that was drafted ahead of Patrick Mahomes, is penciled in as the starter. Nonetheless, things could change at the QB1 spot for Pittsburgh soon. With that stated, I’m going to untwine three reasons why Pickett could start.

  • Pre-season performance

The Steelers rookie QB Kenny Pickett has certainly been a stud this pre-season. As PFF nicely noted this morning, Pickett has completed 19 of 22 passing attempts, thrown for 171 yds, unleashed 3 passing touchdowns to 0 interceptions, and unveiled an impressive 138.6 passer rating. Pickett isn’t only making impressive darts to his pass-catching weapons, but he is also taking care of the football (which has been a flaw in Trubisky’s game).

Trubisky has only thrown 15 passing attempts in pre-season action. However, Pickett can hang his hat on being more productive than Rudolph’s production in August — as he carries a 106.3 passer rating (which includes 220 passing yds, 2 passing TDs, and 0 ints).

  • Ceiling

I believe that Trubisky is underrated, but I don’t think his ceiling is more impressive than Pickett’s (especially after Pickett’s off-season work) potential. They both share fine mobility, but Pickett has a bit better arm strength than Trubisky. He could really convert big-time throws in clutch moments – despite the pass rush and glue-like secondary.

  • Experience

The Steelers young QB can really learn the game of professional football by getting his feet wet and playing in his rookie season. He can absolutely develop his game throughout the season and potentially be a Pro Bowl-caliber QB in December. It’s also vital to get the 2022 first-round pick involved with the WR group that hasn’t broken apart yet – as Pickett could really shine with the toys.

Why Mitchell Trubisky is really underrated

Mitchell Trubisky is underrated in 2022

By: Jake Rajala

The signal-caller Jameis Winston struggled as a Tampa Bay Buccaneer in 2019 and then decided to get Bruce Wayne-like training and guidance under the New Orleans Saints during the 2020 season. Winston became wiser with the Saints in 2020, earned the keys to the offense in the 2021 off-season, and then unveiled his best seven-game span with the Saints in 2021. Mitchell Trubisky will look to follow a similar path as Winston – as he didn’t leave Chicago on a high note in 2020. After meditating and competing with Josh Allen and the Buffalo Bills last season, Trubisky will look to have his best season as a starter with the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2022.

Trubisky had growing pains as a rookie, as he recorded a starting record of 4-8. Although, he made the Pro Bowl in his sophomore season and had a very impressive record of 11-3. He also had a career-high 3,223 passing yards and a personal best of 24 passing touchdowns. His passing TD mark in 2018 is quietly higher than Derek Carr’s TD tally (23) in 2021.

He unleashed a winning record in 2019 (8-7) and 2020 (6-3), as well. He may have benefited from a Khalil Mack-led defense, but he certainly has made big plays in pivotal moments (as shown above). His winning percentage (72%) also compares well to the stat machine Kirk Cousins (50%) and the former NFC Champion Jared Goff (82%). Trubisky may not be Patrick Mahomes or a passing yard machine, but he has led his team to a similar success rate as unique, long-time starting QB faces in this league.

Most importantly, the hungry Steelers veteran QB is out of Nagy, aka Alcatraz island. He is in an unmatched culture and he has the best group of WRs (Chase Claypool, Diontae Johnson, and George Pickens) in his career. For the second time in his career, he has a hulk/DPOY winner on defense in T.J. Watt. I certainly expect the talented, clutch, and Steelers QB in a friendly system to be the next NFL QB to have a Steve Jobs-like career rebound and then sincerely unleash a personal best season.

3 reasons why the Steelers could return to the playoffs

Expect the Steelers to still be lethal in 2022

By: Jake Rajala

The Pittsburgh Steelers witnessed their long-time quarterback Ben Roethlisberger retire this off-season. Well, I still believe the exit of the Steelers legendary QB shouldn’t dismiss their potential progress from last season. With that said, I’m going to simply untwine three reasons why the Steelers could still return to the post-season next season.

Improved passing game

Mitchell Trubisky probably won’t lead the Steelers to multiple Super Bowl victories, but I believe he is actually an upgrade over the 2021 version of Big Ben. Trubisky (Pro Bowler in 2018) can utilize the deep-speed of Diontae Johnson and other explosive wideouts better than the Steelers legendary QB that had a career-worst 6.2 Y/A last season (excluding his two-game season in 2019). He is also quietly 25-13 over the past three seasons as a starter.

LB unit

The Steelers nicely inked Myles Jack, who should help a LB unit that has seen Devin Bush struggle in recent years. Jack cracked PFF’s top-32 LB ranking and he should strive to help a defense that already has T.J. Watt, Cameron Heyward, and Minkah Fitzpatrick. The Steelers also made a very underrated pick-up in Brian Flores, as Mike Tomlin was able to essentially get a former, talented HC to sharpen their young LB unit.

Baltimore Ravens

I believe Lamar Jackson (five missed games last season) will return to a potent QB at some point in his career, but I didn’t love the Ravens 2022 outlook. They needed to improve the WR position, yet they traded away Hollywood Brown. Rashod Bateman should elevate his performance and Mark Andrews should be an elite TE, but I believe they didn’t help LJ enough on offense. I wouldn’t be shocked if the Ravens yielded a Top-3 secondary in 2022, but I believe their offensive explosion and overall competitiveness took a step back in the loaded AFC.

Three biggest obstacles for the Steelers right now

What is the biggest obstacle for the Steelers?

By: Jake Rajala

The Pittsburgh Steelers (miraculously) earned a playoff ticket last season, but they will need to focus on unveiling success without their long-time quarterback Ben Roethlisberger next season. With that said, I’m going to simply outline the three biggest obstacles for PIT in 2022.

The ceiling of their starting QB

I actually believe that Mitchell Trubisky can throw around 25 touchdowns as the QB1 in Pittsburgh. I also believe that the potential starting QB Kenny Pickett, also known as the most pro-ready rookie QB, can make splash plays with the WR group and continue to make few turnovers (only 7 ints in his senior season).

Although, I don’t love the ceiling of either QB at this point in time. The lack of fireworks from the Steelers offense resulted in the Chiefs mopping the floor against the Steelers in the wild-card round. It will be a tall task for the new QB1 and the JuJu-less offense to upend explosive AFC teams.

The LB position

The Steelers should be able to unleash a quality pass defense without Joe Haden and I trust in the Steelers DL (T.J. Watt, Cameron Heyward) to continue to hunt down opposing signal-callers. Yet, I’m not exactly confident in Devin Bush in 2022. He hasn’t been a reliable starting LB (to say the least) and it’s unclear if Myles Jack can bounce back after being released from the Jaguars. The outlook of the Steelers LB group is quite hazy and they could really have a big swing in the success of the Steelers defense.

Cincinnati Bengals

The Cincinnati Bengals swept the Steelers last season and it’s clear Mike Tomlin needs to brew a superb plan to dismantle the Bengals in 2022. It would make a big difference if the Steelers could win one of their two match-ups against Cincy next season. The Bengals added La’el Collins and their offense should be overly prolific for the second straight season. The Steelers need to find a way to dissect the Bengals pass defense that isn’t even close to the same caliber as the Bengals passing offense.

Steelers QB outlook: what does Kenny Pickett bring to the Steelers?

Latest Steelers QB outlook

By: Jake Rajala

The Pittsburgh Steelers have officially begun their quarterback competition in the post-Ben Roethlisberger era. The Steelers inked the wiser quarterback Mitchell Trubisky to a $14.285 million dollar deal and they proceeded to draft former Pitt QB Kenny Pickett 20th overall in the NFL Draft. Last but not least (yet), Mason Rudolph is familiar with the scheme and he will surely aim to prove he is capable of being the heir to Big Ben.

RIP to Dwayne Haskins, who tragically passed away on April 9th, 2022.

The Steelers may not have their legendary signal-caller QB that won two Super Bowl rings but they will certainly have a QB performance that’s an upgrade over the 2021 version of Big Ben. Outside of Trubisky “having a growth session like Bruce Wayne in Batman Begins” as the QB2 in Buffalo, he was a modest signal-caller with a lesser talented Bears offense in 2020. He threw 16 touchdowns, 2,055 passing yds, and unveiled a 6-3 record as a Bear in his last season in Chi-town. Of course, he would be crowned the NVP, as well.

Trubisky will be a strong candidate to start given his combination of experience and arm talent. If he could improve his turnover habits and have a similar career turnaround as Jameis Winston (5-2 in 2021), he might look impressive with the Steelers weapons in pre-season.

The Pittsburgh royalty Kenny Pickett was the most NFL-ready rookie QB in the 2022 draft class and Tomlin stated that it was an easy decision to draft Pickett. Furthermore, Tomlin has stated that Pickett could honestly have a chance to start in Week 1. The NFL world knows that Pickett possesses nice arm talent, but it’s seen among many NFL scouts that he doesn’t have overwhelming upside. He could still be able to utilize the deep-speed of Chase Claypool and Diontae Johnson shortly after putting on his Steelers jersey.

The Steelers veteran QB Mason Rudolph will face an uphill battle to be the starting QB, to say the least. I wouldn’t expect Rudolph to start unless “Trubisky had TO issues/or was injured and Pickett isn’t able to grasp the playbook” well enough.

It isn’t clear which QB will start for the Steelers, but the Steelers nation is aware that an intense, exciting QB battle is on the horizon. Regardless of the QB’s jersey number, they should be a “capable game manager” in the Steelers offense featuring Najee Harris, Johnson, and Claypool at a minimum standard. Perhaps Pickett will even feel the hometown pressure/juice and quickly rise to become a star for the talented Steelers team.

Chase Claypool: dynasty outlook

Latest outlook of Chase Claypool

By: Jake Rajala

The Pittsburgh Steelers have a special long-term wide receiver in Chase Claypool. The 23-year-old from Abbotsford, Canada has already stated that he doesn’t care who his starting quarterback is, as he’s still fully prepared to be a reliable weapon for any QB in many seasons to come.

Claypool has been quite a slightly effective chess piece for the Steelers offense in his two seasons thus far. In 2020, he recorded 62 receptions (109 targets), 873 yds, and 9 touchdowns. After his rookie season, he notched 59 receptions and 860 yards.

Claypool will definitely have an increased role in the JuJu Smith-less offense in Pittsburgh. Diontae Johnson was a monster in 2021 (107/1,161/8), but Claypool will certainly attract his fair share of targets. He should also really help replace JuJu’s red-zone presence (9 touchdowns in 2020). I expect Mitchell Trubisky to be the starter in 2022 and he should be an upgrade over the 2021 version of Big Ben, too.

Trubisky may not be a true MVP-caliber QB, but he did help his mediocre Bears offense reach the playoffs in 2020. He reached the Pro Bowl in 2018 and I believe he could be an “a prime Andy Dalton” or “prime Matt Schaub” for the Steelers for a couple of seasons. If Pickett is groomed as the QB2 at the start, he should soon be the starting QB.

I honestly am a big fan of Chase Chase Claypool’s outlook. His WR partner in Johnson is ranked as the 14th ranked WR in dynasty PPR via Fantasy Pros, while he is cemented as the 35th best WR. I love the floor for Claypool, as he should be very involved and he could really be a secret superstar. If Pickett can be the “next Big Ben”, Claypool could have a tremendous career, to say the least. It’s time to buy the WR that was often compared to Calvin Johnson Jr. as a draft prospect.

Best breakout QB candidates in 2022

breakout QBs to watch in the upcoming season

By: Jake Rajala

The NFL is very entertaining largely because there are special stories of breakout players and surprising game outcomes. In particular, there have been utterly impressive QB introductions to the NFL. Tom Brady clearly has the biggest Cinderella story in the NFL as a sixth-round draft pick from the University of Michigan. The NFL has witnessed many other QB surprises in recent memory like Mac Jones (15th overall), Lamar Jackson (32nd overall), and Patrick Mahomes (10th overall).

With that enunciated, I’m going to outline several quarterbacks that will turn heads and take the next step in 2022. Let’s begin.

  • Mitchell Trubisky

I am a big fan of the former Nickelodeon champion Mitchell Trubisky heading into the 2022 season. Trubisky displayed growth with CHI in 2020, as he unveiled a 6-3 record and led his team late in the season to a playoff berth. Unfortunately, the silly mistakes by the young QB amid a “playoff team that needed Pro Bowl QB talent” didn’t allow him to retain a job after the season.

The Pittsburgh Steelers managed to make the playoffs with the 2021 version of Ben Roethlisberger and I believe Trubisky can be more than adequate to lead PIT back to the post-season. The QB that catches a lot of heat for being drafted over Patrick Mahomes will have Najee Harris, Chase Claypool, and Diontae Johnson to help him return to Pro Bowl form in 2022.

  • Trevor Lawrence

Trevor Lawrence is out of Urban Alcatraz Meyer island and he will also have a couple of new toys to help him succeed in 2022. I am not completely bought into the charisma of Lawrence, but he will have better weaponry (a healthy Travis Etienne, Christian Kirk, Evan Engram, Zay Jones) and a more prepared HC in Doug Pederson. The Jags also inked the elite OG/OT Brandon Scherff to help protect the prized QB.

Jameis Winston and Matthew Stafford were both former first overall picks that had personal-best seasons in 2021. It wouldn’t be a surprise if the 2021 first overall pick Lawrence has a monster turnaround in the near future.

  • Davis Mills

The Houston Texans QB Davis Mills had a quality rookie campaign in a brutal situation. Mills is still in a not so sexy situation, but he will have Laremy Tunsil and the underrated Brandin Cooks still in his offense moving forward. The Texans have shown trust in their QB that threw 16 touchdowns and 2,664 yards in 11 games last season.

Mills should also expect help at the WR position via pick 3 or pick 13th in the 2022 NFL draft. The former third-round pick can really rise up with a WR like Chris Olave or Jameson Willaims in his offense.

  • Daniel Jones

Daniel Jones is literally the cat with nine lives, as he keeps getting opportunities to prove his value. I don’t love Danny Dimes’s ceiling, but there are lots of reasons to believe he unleashes a career season in 2022. He has the rubber-like WR Kadarius Toney (who missed 7 games last season) and the highly motivated Saquon Barkley to help him be efficient. The elite, 25-year-old RB has stated that he feels like he has a lot to prove, as well.

Most importantly, the Giants are really focused on improving the OL for the Giants QB-RB tandem. They’ve signed Jon Feliciano and Mark Glowinski (both potential starters) and it would be ideal if they draft 1 or 2 stud OL. The former Bills offensive coordinator Brian Daboll should honestly be a massive upgrade at the HC position from Joe “run a lap” Judge, too.

  • Trey Lance

The game manager Jimmy Garoppolo is MIA for OTAs (as expected) and the San Francisco 49ers QB Trey Lance has the golden ticket in the Bay Area. Lance had a 1-1 record, 5 touchdowns, 2 interceptions, and 168 rushing yards in his rookie season. He will likely miss his disgruntled Deebo Samuel, but he will still have a few elite pieces in his o-unit and the genius Kyle Shanahan calling the shots.

Lance will still have 28-year-old George Kittle, third-year WR Brandon Aiyuk, superb RB Elijah Mitchell, and the fearless LT Trent Williams. Lance had the classic apprentice role as a rookie, but expect the “special athlete and in-sync QB” to be a Pro Bowl-caliber QB in 2022.

  • Tua Tagovailoa

The Miami Dolphins QB Tua Tagovailoa is really built to succeed at this point in time. Tagovailoa will have an ambitious, smart coach in former Kyle Shanan disciple Mike McDaniels brewing together creative play designs. He will not only have a new weapon in Tyreek Hill to make special plays with the ball after the catch, but he will also have the elite LT Terron Armstead. The former Pro Bowl Saints LT will help a Dolphins OL that allowed the 13th most sacks in 2021.

Tagovailoa has an incredible floor, but he could also pad on his stats with the electric WR duo of Jaylen Waddle and Hill against weak opponents. The AFC East should have at least a few fantastic signal-callers for many years to come.

  • Justin Fields

I believe Justin Fields is the perfect cherry on top of this breakout QB list. Similar to T-Lawrence, Fields will have a more wise HC and he should really hit the ground running with his new leader in Matt Eberflus. The NFL world witnessed Nick Fole’s Field’s magic with his legs (420 rushing yds), but he should finally put it all together in year two. Fields and his RB David Montgomery should benefit from better pass protection via the NFL draft.

The veteran Allen Robison may be gone to LA, but WR Darnell Mooney has really burst onto the scene (1,055 yards in 2021). The TE Cole Kmet is also a diamond in the rough, as he notched 60 receptions for 612 yards at 22 years old in 2021. The presence of the 35 year old TE Jimmy Graham will not be missed with Kmet in the building.

3 reasons why the Washington Commanders will sign Mitchell Trubisky

Mitchell Trubisky will be the starting QB for the Washington Commanders

The Washington Commanders have been aggressively looking around the candy shop for a quarterback in 2022. Ron Rivera has lobbied for Russell Wilson, Patrick Mahomes, and the other 30 NFL starting QBs. Rivera hasn’t found his new starting signal-caller, at least from our angle.

Rivera might have called former Saints head coach Mike Ditka about his decision to trade all his draft choices for Ricky Williams.

Rivera will certainly look at the free-agent pool and ponder drafting a QB in the 2022 NFL draft, as well. So, who should we expect Washington to ink as their new starting QB? Well, I believe it will be Mitchell Trubisky. The ESPN analyst Dan Orlosky also dubbed Washington as a very favorable destination for the former Bears first-round pick. Here is why Trubisky needs to be in a Washington uniform soon.

  • Top free agent fit

I wholeheartedly believe Trubisky is the right choice for Ron Rivera out of the other free-agent options. Mike Tomlin wants an athletic QB and I expect Tomlin to target Marcus Mariota or a QB early in the draft. I really believe Jameis Winston, who’s the top free agent QB, to pick the familiar, talented Saints as his 2022 home.

Trubisky is the best combination of talent and age after Mariota and Winston. He was also in the playoffs with a Chicago Bears team that is less talented than the Commanders. Not only was Trubisky showing growth in his last days as the Bears starting QB, but he grew physically and mentally behind Allen. Rivera also has ties to the Bills staff, so he will know the work ethic that Trubisky displays.

I really expect Trubisky to be head over heels to sign with the Commanders over a team like the Jets and Giants. I do have to admit that the Broncos could be the most competitive team to sign Trubisky (assuming Winston and Mariota are off elsewhere). He could prefer the top-end weapons on Washington and weaker competition in the NFC East over the AFC West.

Trubisky might catch a lot of heat for being drafted over Patrick Mahomes, but a slightly improved Trubisky from 2020 with the Commanders should be enough to pin them as a wildcard team (Perhaps over Philly).

  • lack of QB trade options

The world knows that the Commanders will not get Aaron Rodgers, Patrick Mahomes, or Kirk Cousins. A-Rod will likely have a say in where he lands and I expect him to pick the Broncos, Saints, or his positive home with the Packers. If they have an opportunity to get Jimmy G or Baker Mayfield, I expect Rivera to prefer signing Trubisky honestly. Trubisky isn’t only a potentially better QB than Garoppollo and Mayfield, but a Jimmy G or Mayfield trade would cost Rivera quite a bit.

  • lack of a top end QB in the NFL draft

I believe the Washington Commanders are shopping around for one big reason. They want a proven QB right now and they know that there isn’t an “Andrew Luck” or “Cam Newton” like QB in the 2022 NFL Draft. Malik Willis would be an enticing option, but I see a team trading up for him in the Top 10. They could grab Sam Howell at 11, but I still see Rivera handing the keys to Trubisky in year one. Orlovsky (ESPN analyst) wants to see the Commanders ink Trubisky and still draft a QB. If they go down that road, I imagine Trubisky winning the starting QB battle in “year one”.

Best potential landing spots for Mitchell Trubisky in 2022

What is the best landing spot for Mitchell Trubisky?

By: Jake Rajala

The former second overall pick by the Chicago Bears Mitchell Trubisky has 10,652 passing yards, 64 passing touchdowns, and 38 interceptions in his career. Trubisky escaped Alcatraz, also known as Matt Nagy island, in the 2021 offseason. The former Bears QB suited up for the Buffalo Bills as a backup QB in the 2021-2022 season.

Trubisky gained time to sharpen his skillset and football mind as a young, backup QB. After a season of playing in Bills Mafia, Trubisky is facing free agency and ready to show he’s capable of starting in the NFL again. Bruce Wayne went to the Tibetan Himalayas to gain wisdom and physical strength in “Batman Begins”. It was safe to say that Wayne returned home with more confidence and ass-kicking ability. It’s time for Trubisky to follow a similar path as the caped crusader that beats up villains in Gotham.

The Bills QB can return as a backup QB to Josh Allen in the 2022 offseason or he can opt to join a team where he has a better opportunity to start. Here are a few clubs that would make the most sense to ink Trubisky.

Cleveland Browns

The Cleveland Browns will more than likely divorce with Baker Mayfield this offseason. Whether or not the Browns draft a QB in round one, it would be smart for Andrew Barry to sign a veteran QB. There is a sharp idea that Kevin Stefanski acquires his old QB Kirk Cousins, as well. Trubisky would be the best value QB in free agency that would be on the table for the third place AFC North squad. It’s also not a stretch to suggest that Trubisky could be an upgrade over their recent QB ability. Interestingly, here is a closer look at how Trubisky’s performance from 2020 compares to the Browns QB performance in 2021.

Mitchell Trubisky (10 games):

  • 205.5 passing YPG
  • 16 passing touchdowns
  • 8 interceptions

Baker Mayfield (14 games):

  • 215 passing YPG
  • 17 passing touchdowns
  • 13 interceptions

Trubisky could take the reigns in Browns and potentially be a more talented version of Baker and himself. The former Bear would have Nick Chubb, Kareem Hunt, Jarvis Landry, and a defense led by Myles Garrett to help him reach the playoffs.

New York Jets

The New York Jets were so desperate for QB help in 2021 that they traded for their former mediocre signal-caller, Joe Flacco. The former Super Bowl MVP wasn’t the answer to their woes. The 2021 rookie Zach Wilson also vastly struggled last season with nine passing touchdowns to 11 interceptions. In Wilson’s favor, the Jets yielded a brutal supporting cast for the former BYU QB.

The Jets will need to add offensive line talent and a shiny weapon around their QB spot, but they will surely look to upgrade their QB position itself. Mekhi Becton, who was the Jets best offensive player in 2020, also missed 16 games in 2021. He has been rumored to be traded this offseason. The outlook for Wilson is very murky and they will need to bring in quality competition at the vital position. Flacco, who is 37 years old and many years removed from impressive production, is not the profile that should make Wilson sweat in a QB battle. The Jets should bring in Trubisky on a short-term deal and allow him to wreak havoc on his former AFC East squad. The Jets could even ink Trubisky’s former number one wideout in Allen Robinson.

Pittsburgh Steelers

The Pittsburgh Steelers are in a risky situation with Ben Roethlisberger retiring. Dwayne Haskins and Mason Rudolph left standing post Big Ben’s retirement, so the question mark is bigger than ever for Mike Tomlin. The Steelers have been linked to Kenny Pickett in the first round of the 2022 draft, but it’s far from a guarantee if he will be remaining on the draft board at the 20th pick.

The AFC North squad that was gifted a holiday miracle with their ticket to the playoffs, could look to retool and not “rebuild” in the 2022 offseason. They proudly boast the 2022 Defensive Player of The Year T.J. Watt and weapons around the QB spot on offense (Najee Harris, Dionate Johnson, and Chase Claypool).

If the Steelers have a quality QB in 2022 like the old version of Andy Dalton in his early Cincinnati days, or the Alex Smith in his Kansas City Chiefs tenure, they would hold a high chance of returning to the playoffs. The more mature Mitchell Trubisky could utilize the Steelers weapons well and lead the Steelers to successful seasons ahead. The question is: how comfortable are the Steelers with his ceiling?

Honorable mentions:

Buffalo Bills

The Bills have to love the idea of bringing back Trubisky as the backup QB. According to Pro Football Rumors, the Bills want Trubisky back as the number two QB. He’s one of the top backup QBs in the NFL. The Bills are also a strong Super Bowl contender and it is logical for them to want a strong replacement for Josh Allen if he faces an unexpected injury. With that stated, it’s also wouldn’t be a major surprise if Allen misses time from an injury. The Bills starting QB commonly runs with the ball, so he easily faces endures countless big hits in the open field. Nick Foles was able to properly fill in for the Eagles when Carson Wentz went down with an injury. Trubisky has the potential to be a backup QB that can win pivotal playoff games if Allen suffers a devastating injury.

If a team like the Jets acquire a QB like Jameis Winston or Marcus Mariota, Trubisky could consider returning to his current elite organization. If the Steelers or Saints feel comfortable with a rookie QB joining their current QB room, then Trubisky could be passed on by those potential suitors. Although, I do expect Trubisk to first look at joining a team where he can sign a big deal and have a strong chance of having the keys to the starting offense.

New Orleans Saints

I expect the New Orleans Saints, who retained long-time Saints offensive coordinator Pete Carmichael as the offensive coordinator, to keep Jameis Winston in the building for 2022 and potentially beyond. Although, there’s a chance that Winston is lured by a different team in free agency. If Winston is out, I would really foresee the Saints being aggressive for Mitchell Trubisky.

Carmichael would most likely prefer Trubisky’s pocket passing skills and age over the signing of Marcus Mariota or Tyrod Taylor. The Saints have been rumored to select a QB in round one for each of the past several years. They may need a talented rookie QB now more than ever, but they should ink Winston or Trubisky regardless of selecting a rookie QB in an early-round this year. They have a roster surrounding the QB position that is still built to compete for a Super Bowl trophy in the near future.

Does Mitchell Trubisky have any value in dynasty football?

Will Bills Mitchell Trubisky be a starter again?

By: Jeremy Trottier

As most NFL fans know by now, the Chicago Bears formerly believed to be franchise QB was not brought back to Chicago this offseason.  Instead, he found a home up north with the Buffalo Bills…the only issue is he is a backup behind an MVP candidate of last year.  His value in dynasty is pretty much nothing at the moment in drafts, however, should it be more?

In this article I will be reviewing some points as to why Mitchell Trubisky should have dynasty league value, or why he should be avoided at all costs.

Current Situation

Starting off with his current position, as I mentioned previously, being a backup to Josh Allen.  Now granted, in no world will he start over Josh Allen in 2021, as Allen has the playbook down pat in Buffalo, and also performed like an elite QB in 2020.  With that said, Allen does have a tendency to risk his body for the big play, quite often actually.

If Josh Allen keeps doing this and throwing himself into contact, the potential of him getting injured is definitely there, as we have seen before with other QBs who do this.  The first coming to mind would be Cam Newton, who ended up putting himself in too many of those scenarios and getting hurt.  If Allen does go down, Trubisky is almost guaranteed to take over for that duration of time, however long that may be.

Trubisky would be working with the system Buffalo has built too, primarily Stefon Diggs who led the league in receiving yards last season.  His value in that situation would skyrocket.

Potential Future Situation

After this year, it is more about his future in the NFL obviously.  Does he get a starting role elsewhere?  My guess is yes.  This situation is vaguely similar to that of Teddy Bridgewater sitting behind Drew Brees for some time to learn from him (despite Josh Allen being significantly younger now than Brees) and then being signed to a massive contract in Carolina.  

If Trubisky can get a few opportunities this year to play, especially in a 17-game season now, he should definitely get a shot with a QB needy team.  Sometimes just taking a year to soak in new information from a new coaching staff and with new players around you can hugely benefit your game.  Teddy Bridgewater only had to start five games in New Orleans before his huge deal in Carolina, if Trubisky can prove he has developed in his time with Buffalo he may get an opportunity elsewhere as a starter.

Conclusion/Dynasty Value

Overall Trubisky should probably be the sort of player you pick up if you have the extra roster spot.  Or if you are drafting fresh, pick him up in the last 4-5 rounds depending on how many teams you are playing against and just stash for awhile.  Once his value rises, someone will likely have claimed him prior to that happening.

What you want to do is be ahead of the curve and have him now, so if Josh Allen were to go down you have a decent player this year.  But more importantly, if he proves himself this year and hits free agency with that mentality, he could get the chance to be QB1 for another franchise again.

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